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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

29th May 2004

Two years ago I have experienced an unforgettable painful event! And even after all this time I still remember the whole thing, as if it happened yesturday.

It was the 29th May 2004, a Saturday evening around 18.30, I was in a taxi with my sister and aunt, the taxi driver (as usual) was talking on the mobile carelessly and was driving crazily, we hit the block that separates between the two roads and the car was upside down. I remember closing my eyes in an attempt not to panic, and saying my last prayer... I thought we’re all going to die, it was similar of being in a roller coaster’s when you feel powerless and when your body becomes nothing but a weak useless shell.
People gathered around us, my sister and aunt were unconscious... I wish I was, this at least would protect me from having all those memories carved deeply in my head and so fresh!

I remember knocking on the window and looking around for someone, anyone who can take me out of the smashed car... i remember seeing blood everywhere, I can still feel the pain in my left eye and the blood covering my hair and face. My sister was sitting next to me, and from the amount of blood that was covering my clothes, i remember the confusion i had not knowing if it was my own or my sister’s.

People succeeded in pulling me out, and i was lying there in the middle of the street with my mobile in my hand, asking everyone around if my sister is still alive.
I remember calling her name, and begging them to go check on her... i remember hearing those little whimpers from both my sister and aunt, and was wondering if they will stay alive.

I can still hear the sirens of the ambulances, and was transfered in the first one to the nearest hospital. I remember not being able to move a muscle, I thought im turning to a statue.

I had 40 cosmetic stitches as a result to a deep wound above my left eye, and can still feel the horror when the doctor started to open the wound and collect all the small pieces of glass...
I remember the tears in my dad’s eyes, and him although he’s a surgical doctor refusing to be there during my operation. Just from the memory my eye starts to hurt and i feel that horrible ache... It took me ages to drive again and it took me even longer to be in a taxi again.

I remember celebrating my birthday in hospital, and then my sister’s birthday in hospital too! Family and friends are what made us stronger, we had them around us all the time, even at night... the hospital’s room was turned into a colorful garden and this only gave us hope and yearn for a brighter tomorrow. This is when you start to appreciate life more, when you realize how precious it is being healthy, I still have bad thoughts and images... what if i suffered from worse injuries? What if the window’s broken glass affected my sight? What if i had a broken jaw? what if... what if...Those thoughts are the ones that make me say ‘al hamdullila’ for saving me from the worst, ‘al hamdullila’ for being healthy, ‘al hamdullila’ for having those guardian angels around us at that tragical time... and made me believe that guardian angels DO exist.

Life is ironic... 29th May 2006 I will be flying to Germany, but this incident will always be there to remember no matter where I am or what i'm doing... to remind me that life is PRECIOUS.


  • At April 12, 2006 , Blogger Driven said...


    I have known you for 8 years now and I always thought you were one of the smartest and most beautiful ladies I met and your style of writing, transparency and passion have only made me think that this is absolutely undisputed, I am enjoying your posts very much...the last one was very moving...keep it up girl

  • At April 15, 2006 , Anonymous hareega said...

    good to know you're doing better, salamat

  • At April 21, 2006 , Blogger Dar said...

    &amdellah 3ala salamtek , hope everything will bebetter in the near future , and troo7i belsalameh 3ala germany , good luck

  • At April 21, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Medo... thanks! I'm speechless!

    Hareega & Dar thank you guys, i'm better il hamdilla :) allah iysalimkum!

  • At March 31, 2007 , Anonymous redrose said...

    That was terrible..glad you are brave enough to go over this ..7amdilla 3a salamtek..I hope I am not late in this..It's the first time I came across this post..salamat again dear.

  • At March 31, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    redrose... never late :D thank you.. allah iysalmek.. such things when they happen it's then when you realise how precious life is!


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