Simply ME...

A star or a rainy cloud,,, realistic or a dreamer,,, tough or emotional,,, a butterfly or a dolphin,,, it is all about me reflecting the transparent me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

25th September... a very SPECIAL day!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I hate Leadership

I spent the whole day.. and I mean by the whole day from 10.30 am till now (9.30) pm, collecting references! I haven't started with the real assignment yet, Im just collecting references... How interesting!

I have never did any referencing!! and now I have to look for at least 20 for my biographical study and represent them in Harvard Style... iffft

It's too damn boring!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passing Clouds

This is the view I get when I open the window, but that day it was just awesome!!! And since my name means a rainy cloud, I love anything that has to do with them.
It looks more or less as if the big cloud is covering and embracing the small one which stands on a long tower.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Snap.. Snap

I've taken those yesterday from our place ! As my hubby left to get something, he called me to tell me to look at this..!!

Beautiful.... no?!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I love PINK,,, but

I don't mind PINK, in fact I love pink.. it's my favorite color.

I would've loved it if my laptop was pink cause it would go perfectly well with my pink mobile, but what I don't like is when Im forced to accept it.

The other day we noticed that my white laptop's back side is turning to pink! Only one side!!! it took me quite a while to figure out how it happened.. I tried to relate it to the table cloth, the sun that comes from the window, anything and everything.. and the real shock was when I reached this conclusion:

As the laptop gets hot, my pink pj's pants colors it!!! How original!
Weird in a funny way... no?!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Am I the only one who gets really disturbed and extremely annoyed when working, studying or even sleeping with a close ticking clock? Can anyone else hear the watch ticking while sleeping even with a hand under a thick pillow?

As I was doing a computerized multiple choice exam yesterday, a guy who was sitting right next to me decided to focus more on the exam by playing the tictac sounds but with the pen. He started slowly and then got more engaged with his sudden musical mood and this is when he went wild and combined between the slow and fast tic tacing.

It's one of my weak points. I lose all focus. I lose all concentration.. and my mind get numb when there's any kind of TiC^$@!#$%$^TaC.
I really envy those who just wouldn't care.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Dashboard

One thing I love.. and I MEAN LOVE about MAC is the F12 option! whenever I open my --->

I can't but press F12. It always makes me smile..
As I never really knew what a widget is or what it means.. and I know Im so not cool by saying this, and since Im new to all this, I've been driving everyone crazy!

And because Im the type of person who hates to see empty spaces and walls, so is my dashboard! So, along with the calendar, calculator, dictionary, I have... World Clock (which I call Home Clock) with Amman's timing.
Since I love everything that has to do with photos,,, taking photos, downloading photos, uploading photos, this is the greatest thing to keep the ones you love to see the most- always there.. and not only that but you can also change the colors of the frame to go with the photo!

Upcoming Birthdays
When it comes to Birthdays Im the worst. I had to memorize my parents birthdays before I leave, and I ask everyone if they want me to remember their birthdays to tell me a little story or just do anything so that the numbers would stay in my head. But not anymore. This is brilliant it's more like a countdown too!

I Love Lamp
This is ok, I love lava lamps, I really do! I would spend hours looking at them and admiring the light, the shapes.. everything, but to be honest those ones are ugly! the design and the colors are so not my style.. but well it will do, I guess, till they come up with something more creative.

Daily Comicsok, this is very sweet. You get to chose your favorite daily comics. So my list of course, has baby blues.. baby blues.. and more baby blues!!

I like the look!!! very expressive.

Apple Logo
This doesn't really do anything, It's a logo, but not any logo the Apple logo. It's just not possible to have everything on a MAC dashboard without this colored cute apple.. wouldn't really make sense.. right!?!

Whoopee Cushion Widget
This I won't really talk about, I mean it's obvious. But it's the most creative thing I've ever seen. It makes me smile no matter how I feel, and it has 12 different sounds. Imagine 12!! How creative.. short, long, with a musical background, all of them sound so real.. I can't wait to try it in a public place.