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A star or a rainy cloud,,, realistic or a dreamer,,, tough or emotional,,, a butterfly or a dolphin,,, it is all about me reflecting the transparent me!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ever wanted something so badly...

... that you can't concentrate on whatever you're doing and can't even think of anything else?

This is exactly how I feel now, I want cramel popcorn with salt (it's 'T's fault for coming up with this combination).. I can also feel the taste, close my eyes and dream.. im THIS desprate,,, I know!!!

It's getting worse...

oriental-arabesque's TAG

I was tagged by oriental-arabesque , simple and straight to the point :)

بعد ما تموتي (نشالله), شو رح يصير لايميلك؟
After im dead... I don't care what happens.. why would I!?
اعطيتي الباسوورد لحدا من قبل؟
yes and won't ever do it again :) because I lost many e-mail accounts from this, each time I change the password I just forget it, has a very lousy memory :S
طبيعة علاقتك بهدول
who? what? !!
24 will be 25 in June
مجال دراستك؟
IT (CS)_
نوع شخصيتك؟
very sensitive, high tempered, forgive easily, never frogets

Very moody :S
السفر بالنسبة الك؟
it's like breathing
it depends, if it's morning or everning, night or noon, sunny or rainy, summer or winter, spring or autumn, cold or hot, working day or weekend, if we're close to my birthday or not, if i have an outing at night or not, it all affects my mood.. everything! so it's hard really to discuss this matter!
شو بتعملي بوقت فراغك؟
surf the net, run (this is very new to those of you who are surprised :$) , read.. read .. read.. i hardly watch tv! actually i don't have time for TV!
الاكلة المفضلة؟
(mansaf, chicken pie, ikhyar ma7shy, shawerma) from mom, chicken curry and yalanjy from my mom in law
الصفات الي اخدتها من ابوك؟
his dark eyes, his tenderness and sensitivity, his kindness and the strong feel of responsibility.
الصفات الي اخدتها من امك؟
her obsession in cleaning, being a perfectionist (to a certain extent), the way she dresses and organize everything.
6 اشياء ما بتحبها؟
LIARS! i hate liars, once a person lies then he's on my black list without hesitation! cheating,,, disrespect, hypocrisy, black nail polish, red color.
6اشياء بتحبها ؟
'T' :$, my pink nail polish, CANDIES, Shopping, camping, travelling, flying
.الشغل بالنسبة الك
fulfilling some of my ambitions, a way to shine and excel. the greatest way to be independent and responsible
الكمبيوتر والانترنت شو بالنسبة الك؟
entertainment.. and my blog was the best therapy ...............

I now tag, Nido and Noura (smile)... Enjoy :)

months ago...

I remember months ago, I kept teasing 'T', as I knew his dad likes to write poetry.. I used to say why don't you ask him to write a poem for me, and at that time I remember exactly the way he used to look at me! As if to say- what on earth are you talking about..

And now it's just happening... first time his dad has seen me he wrote me one, and today as I was having lunch he came up with another..
It's a feeling that's hard to describe.. I feel so precious and valued! All my prayers are answered, never asked or dreamt of more !

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Now I know what being tired exactly means.. it's nealy 10 and im still wearing the unifrom, though i didn't have time to go to work today...!!!!! weird ha!?

Uniform all day long since 7 and no work... ummm,,, how sweet!!!

I wonder what would my colleages say if they saw me.. haha

It's when I consider a 10 minutes nap the most precious treasure that I start to feel there's definitely something wrong.. I tried on 8 different dresses today, and ended up with nothing.. then I was dying for choco.. and as I was in no mood to chose between Twix and Snickers, I simple picked up both.

I need to sleep so badly... why am I blogging? my life is so confusing lately ... but again it's what I call the 'sweet mess'!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I can't

- I can't study the day of the exam! I don't understand how some people do that.. If you didnt' do it earlier then how on earth would you be able to save yourself and not get even more confused when it's just too late.

- I can never watch a movie again. What's the use when I know the whole story and i can even repeat the words!?

- I never read a book twice... and I refuse to do that, it's a total waste of time! If you didn't get it the first time, then you just didn't get it... why to waste time over something when you had the first time to get it right!!! Repition is just not the solution to everything!

- I refuse to repeat myself.. if I fail to deliver the message when the time was right and I was clear, then it's over now... a different message with a different approach might work then! no?!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On being romantic

So my 'T' the other day was picturing how romantic our life would be, sharing his ideas and thoughts with me... and as I was listening with all the excitement in the world, trying to open up all the channels to my imaginary pink world (now, I believe I shouldn't do this more often, because when I do, it seems that I just end up in places that's just too far away from anything real) :)

Then he said with a huge lovely smile,,, you know the sweetest part Dima,- and this is when I opened my eyes and started blinking,- well you know, the most romantic part is that we'll be having two different laptops and we'll be sharing a printer!!!!

Oh how sweet that can be!!! My sweet, most romantic, adorable, definitely unique 'T' :$

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cute... no?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sparkling my SKY

picture taken by and life goes on...®

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Im going GAGA

Is it possible for one to have a weird confusing mixture of so many complicated contradicted and sometimes madly undefined emotions!?

This is exactly what Im going through right now.

Im happy, sad, mad, excited, down, dizzy, worried, confused, busy, tired, exhausted, hyper, have a thousand things to do, wish the coming two days would end fast, hope the coming week will end even faster, wants the 5 next months to end quickly, yet at the same time I really wish that for once- time wouldn't fly!!!

I can't, and I strongly avoid saying GoodBye! How would I have enough courage to do that now when it's just so very hard? It's like a piece of my heart would get torn!


Friday, February 09, 2007

a little of this and that

This week, we had a dinner at one of the most delicious restaurants in Amman, the food was too yummie that even with the existance of our Area German Manager and the serious business atmosphere and with the fact that I was sitting next to him (this is after him telling me, you can sit next to me -I don't bite, which was EXACTLY his same sentence to me a year ago) ,

I was too relaxed and enjoying every single bite.

The fillet veal was a true delight, something I need to do again sometime soon.
This business meeting was the best ever, I talked and talked and discussed all the issues that bothered me for two years now. Maybe because Im leaving soon, I didn't really care.
But well I was shocked that I left a really nice impression.

When saying our goodbyes, I was speechless to hear him telling me 'Stay as nice as you are, I won't forget what you said tonight, and I promise i'll do my best'.

That sentence made me astonished!

I didn't really expect things to happen this fast, but well, it did.. I have always shared this with my friends, my wish to have a quick engagement and wedding.
And it's happening!

If you're with the right person then why to wait!! A year would be more than enough for you to make a serious move.. why? Because it' doesn't need exlpanations! You can spend 10 years or even more with someone then discover that he's not the one, and you can be with someone who everyone around you loves- to discover later on that he happens to betray all the people including you.
What makes the real difference is -your inner deep feelings, and your senses. Those don't lie...
just listen to all the voices in your head!

Time is irrelevant. What really matters is the spark, mutual respect, understanding, and for you both to share the same ambitions, goals and dreams. Those are things-if not found- can destroy any relationship. And it's what makes love grows... real love... true love... (yes, like the one in movies)

Tomorrow is a big day for me and a real turning point, I'll be Mrs Faris Uraidi. Im too excited. Heared many girls talking about how hard it is, but I feel so relaxed and peaceful.
Im expecting to get a little nervous though, but it all depends on 'T'. So we'll wait and see... it's funny because when we're together we don't stop laughing, and when we have something serious -like family formalities- it feels a little bit weird and awkward.

Time flies. This week was hectic, as I couldn't sleep, part of it was from the excitement I guess, but the big part was because we have so many things to do in a very short time.
But this is what I call the best, most fun '3aj'a' -fuss- anyone can have.

So next time I will be blogging, it will be with a ring in my finger with my beloved's name engraved on it... umm wonder how would that feel...!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Surprise... NO,,,It's definitely much more!

'T' told me he's planning a surprise for me... but it was much more,,, far beyond anything that i've ever expected or wished for-! I have thought I know what it means to be happy.. up till today! When I realized that happiness has a different taste..
so very sweet -and since im too emotional,,, it brought me to tears.

It was a truely special day... one of the days that will stay in the memory forever...

My future father-in-law gave me the most precious gift, he wrote it and read it for me,,,

I am incredibly blessed to have two dads now...

Im too excited... it's even hard to go to sleep!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Smart ASS

I feel sorry for the ones who waste their time on something that I personally see as pathetic- Trying to hide behind a transparent mask by choosing a fake name and identity in a stupid silly attempt to hurt others' feelings.

First because it's a total waste of time as it's nothing but a reflection of how sick they are and unworthy.

Second which is more important is the fact that they don't make the slightest difference. They're too small to even be noticed.

For me, YOU don't even exist. If im seen as bored and lonely, then I see you as disgusting, a loser and a coward. YOU want to make a point then show me who you are first...
I feel sorry for you, REALLY!

You are nothing but
A bug that should be flushed down the toilet... bacteria that can't be seen not even with a microscope...

Guess what?

YOU want a 'clipart' that's related to the subject, here you go... I can't find anything that suits you more... YOU sick smart ass!