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A star or a rainy cloud,,, realistic or a dreamer,,, tough or emotional,,, a butterfly or a dolphin,,, it is all about me reflecting the transparent me!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

,,,Now, you can be seated downstairs!

Im talking again about the well known outing place in Amman... the one that has all this strange reservation policies....

And as we decided to go there yesterday... I was shocked as one of the guys who are responsible for all the reservation issues was explaining to us- me and my friend- how things work,,,

He said '' on the phone when you call to do the reservation, we wouldn't know you personally, and this makes it hard since it means we don't know your age... etc! And for this reason we tell you we can make an 'unlocated' reservation only...
But now since you are here and we can see that 'mashalla' ... your looks, outfits,,, you deserve to be seated downstairs... !!!!''

What a sick disgusting strategy...!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

When you have it all... BUT

There are times when you feel- you've got the world in your hands ... you want to fly and to let everyone know how happy you are... to share with you and live your happiness... you start to see the world in pinkish glowing eyes and you start to look at the ugliest things and think,,, maybe they're not that ugly after all... when you come up with excuses and explanations for everything and anything that once caused the biggest or slightest pain...
It happens so often that you think you have it all... the magical recipe... everything you wished for... that you can't be any happier or you can't imagine settling for less...

When you find reasons, form logic, create analysis for all the bad ugly moments and craziest mixed undefined feelings you might have ever experienced...


Still... it's always there even when you try so hard to push it away.....
the fear of losing it all.. the fear of the unknown,,, the fear of thinking that maybe... just maybe... this all- has just been a sweet fading dream... and now you have to wake up to the bitter taste of injustice and of living again as a poor pathetic 'victim'...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

To be treated like a PRINCESS

Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
I wrote sth, and then I started thinking of you ... and I thought you would care to read it !!!!
PINK says:
yes i would

Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
its my definition, of what does it mean to treat your woman like a Princess.....
PINK says:
Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
cuz most women want to be tearted as one .. They tell guys, Treat me like a Princess
Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
now Guys, about 99.9% dont know what that TRUELY means .....
or how to do it .

Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
in fact, 90% of Women dont even know what does that Precisly means either
so I was thinkign of it.,.. and of the women I feel they Deserve to be Treated in such fashion, and what it would mean to be terated in such fashion and I came up with the following ,.,,

Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
1ft of all u must respect her brains before her beauty
Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
then appreciate both equally ,.
Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
then teart her with all gentle, care, and delicacy

Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
and be the shoulder she needs to rely on to support her, the chest to lie her head on when she is pursuing comfort
the open arms she needs when she is lookig for warmth, and the heart she finds her place and love in
Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
yet, be the friend she needs to discuss her problems, interests and issues with.........
Dr.Mjalli 2 be SOON!!!! says:
and Finally give her space and time when she needs to .... and dont let her feel that u r doing that .

To have these words said by a guy.... it feels a little bit weird as guys are not as emotional as girls... WoooOoooW... this is new and cool!

Friday, December 22, 2006

One more week!

Now that we’re getting close to the 31st of December… a new year means to me more stress at work than anything else.. so at a time when most people would be getting ready to party and getting all the plans settled for the great event,,, I’d be stressed out… freaked out... and wanting this year to end as fast as possible... to get over with it and with all the accounting problems...

One thing I hate about being responsible for the bank reports is the fact that i cant take any days off in the end of December... everything has to be closed at the 31st... all the invoices should be paid, and the reports sent by DHL to CAI.

And what is so frustrating is when the fax decides not to work for two days ... or to be more accurate the lines to CAI are down... why? i have no clue... they (the telecommunication company) said that they also don't know what's the problem ...
For two days now i have more than 10 papers to be faxed (URGENTLY), 15 e-mails sent to say that this is URGENT.. sorry for the rush... etc. And the last e-mail that was totally ignored by me.. can you go for a bookshop where you can fax them to us... well NO!!!! Absoloutely NO! because when im done with work, it means im done... I don't want to take anything back with me, I don't want to spend another minute doing things for work... especially when i feel we're treated like nothing but machines... robots! And with ON, OFF buttons.
I spent more than 2 hours next to this stupid fax machine, getting 30 reports saying Negative, that I got to a point where I dont' want to deal with it for another month at least...

Yesterday I was in my jacket... wearing my scarf and gloves ,,, when 2 passengers decided that 5 pm is the right time for them to come and ask all the silly questions not knowing that 5 pm for me means 9 hours of continuous work and frustration... so they just see the look on my face and the attitude yet they decide to keep on... with the slowest pauses and the longest stories... ummm I am a senator so can you check why am I not getting an empty seat next to me when I fly... well why on earth can't you ask for an empty seat on the check-in!!!???

And when all of a sudden they discover that our network is down and we've been using the backup for I dunno how many weeks, who suggested that I would be responsible to take all the calls from CAI, Batelco and Germany when I have no idea how to deal with all the red, white, yellow wires and big machines in the server closet!

Anyway I really hope this year will end with the minimum stress... though so far, Im afraid all the signs show otherwise....!! Hoping for the best... !

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


When the silence is the sweetest music
and the dark turns to the brightest light

When the past becomes history
and the sadness becomes a word

When all pains are healed
and all tears are dried

When the heart misses a beat
and the feelings are sincere

When the stars are reachable
and the sky is touchable

When the summer is a winter
and a winter is a summer

When the colors of rainbow is all you see
and the light at the end of a tunnel is all you seek

When there is hope and faith... joy and peace and a reason to live for

When my world is upside down... inside out... through and around

When the future is no longer a mystery
and the dreams are reality

Then there's no one but you...
my one and only you...
and it's all because of you!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bling Bling

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Friday, December 08, 2006

I can't be any happier...

7th Dec 2006,,, a day to remember! I can't be any happier!!!!

I came back home today to find this waiting for me...
Here is MY baby...

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Light of hope in the Dark

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Stars... Stars... everywhere!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December Decorations

This is the right time to pay us a visit or buy a ticket!
I love the way our office looks in December... It's all in red, and the Christmas Decorations are awesome..

The tree's lights are stunning... we've spent the whole day yesterday decorating and it was worth it...

Now -at least- when people are waiting they won't be complaining ... :) They will be busy enjoying our Christmas Decorations...

pictures taken by and life goes on...®

Friday, December 01, 2006

- Hypocrisy -

There are great professional actors everywhere in real life.. it's shocking and truely hard for someone who sees and categorizes everything in black and white to accept what's in the middle..

I just can't accpet the way some of us show and reflect what's extremely opposite to what they hold inside.. I am the worst when it comes to this! The way I feel would be immediately interpreted in my smile, attitude and even in my eyes.. they're easily read...

I don't understand people who come to you and act as if they're your best friends when deep inside you, you know and they know- that the feeling is mutual... and it's far away from anything sweet!

The other day I bumped into someone, who i've last seen months ago, and there was a big (FAKE) smile drawn on the face of course (reflecting the fake 'missing you' sign) etc.. and tons of unnecessary annoying compliments that are based on nothing but lies.. only to discover that a couple of days earlier this same person bumped into one of my close friends and said the opposite of everything that was said to me!

It just made me disgusted... and if im to see this person again I'd clap my hands and offer an acting certificate of merit! It's unbelievable... I didn't ask you to say all the nice 'lies'... so why creating them and wasting your wild imagination? It's not worth it really!!!

Isn't it easier to show what's inside than to do all the effort and spend all your energy on pushing it down and hide it all behind a big 'transparent' mask?!!!

It's simple.... just a black or white...