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Monday, September 14, 2009

and yet, everything has changed!

I spent days/ weeks/ months looking out of the same window.. the view didn't change.. the sky was always blue and clear, even when it was rainy or cold, the sky was always blue. A rainbow would come and go.. I was lucky enough to have some photos taken a couple of times for it..

But just one day, everything started to look different.. the view was still the same, yet it was so different from all the other times. The trees were still there, the sky was still blue.. nothing really changed, yet it looked strange and a bit blurry..
No, it was very blurry

Another thing marked that day.. and I remember it vividly now...

There was a star..

The whole time I looked through that same window I didn't see a single star, and it just happened that day.. for the first and last time..
there was a shining bright star, looking back at me.. trying to convey a message.. a lost message... a message that will never ever be delivered..

The star disappeared, and with it the message is gone.
The bright light is no longer there.. though the blue sky and the trees are still there...
Nothing has changed, and yet, everything has changed!

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