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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Im one of the people who suffers from nightmares, this has been the case for years now... and i must say mine are quite creative! I do my prayers and sleep, it usually happens that i get those nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night, trying to calm down and think that it's only a dream... no harm!
Sometimes i dream of ugly animals... white or black long worms or cockroaches, so it's either this or that... but there are times when it might get a little bit more creative and i'd have a combination of both.

There are times when i dream of bombs, killing, blood, wars - or it's more like in 'Saw1/2/3'... and this is when i start thinking that as a kid, i used to watch every single news, seeing all the things happning in Palestine affected me so deeply... I keep thinking of all the children nowadays, i'm not with isolating them from what's happening in the world and make them live in a barbie world, but at the same time parents should pay real attention and believe that it's a critical phase of a child's life... so they should take into cnosideration the fact that what children see will stuck in their minds, and i'm definitely against children seeing horror movies!

While you sleep, your brain doesn't just turn off. It goes through several sleep stages, including REM 'Rapid Eye Movement', sleep. During this stage of sleep, your eyes move back and forth under your closed eyelids. During REM sleep, you have dreams and sometimes those dreams can be scary or upsetting.
About every 90 minutes your brain switches between non-REM sleep and REM sleep. The amount of time spent in REM sleep increases with each sleep cycle through the night. The longest periods of REM sleep occur towards morning. If you wake during this REM stage, it is easier for you to remember what you were dreaming about. That's why your most vivid dreams - and nightmares - occur in the early morning hours. And this is exactly what happens with me, i always remember those annoying dreams.

The following is a list of some of the more common nightmare themes, with suggested methods of transforming the dream to achieve a positive outcome.

1. Theme: Being pursuedResponse: Stop running. Turn to face the pursuer. This is in itself may cause the pursuer to disappear or become harmless. If not, try starting a conciliatory dialog with the character or animal.

2. Theme: Being attackedResponse: Don't give in meekly to the attack or flee. Show your readiness to defend yourself and then try to engage the attacker in a conciliatory dialog.

3. Theme: FallingResponse: Relax and allow yourself to land. you will not really die if you hit the ground. Alternatively, you can transform falling into flying.

4. Theme: ParalysisResponse: When you feel trapped, stuck or paralyzed, relax. Don't allow anxiety to overcome your rationality. Tell yourself you are dreaming and the dream will soon end (this also happens to me)! Let yourself go along with any images that appear or things that happen to your body. None of it will hurt you. Adopt an attitude of interest and curiosity about what happens.

5. Theme: Being unprepared for an examination or speechResponse: First of all, you don't need to continue with this theme at all. You can leave the exam or lecture room. However, you might enhance your self-confidence in such situations by creatively answering the test questions or giving a spontaneous talk on whatever topic suits you. Be sure to enjoy yourself. When you wake up, you may want to ask yourself whether you should actually prepare for a similar situation.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today was one of the crazy days at work! We had this 2 days off for Easter (I wish we didn't), because in this field it's not acceptable- 'days off' means heaps of work piled for you to do later on. So it's usually during your 'vacation' when you start to panic about the 'after-vacation'.

My day started with this mad traffic in Shmeisany infront of 'arab bank', where I get to suffer every morning. The lights go green-orange-red and then again red-orange-green with nothing happening and no cars moving!

Having our phones system on at 8.05 am the first call we got was at 8.07, so you can imagine all the fun we have especially when we get such calls in the morning before even getting your first nescafe.

Three major problems occured today, first one was with this woman who lost 60000 points from her Miles and More program and 'without a notice'- the way she describes it. (She changed her PoBox 2 years ago and started to blame us NOW after the points got expired for not getting any news), no surprises we are always blamed for everything! She went crazy knowing that she can get 4 free tickets to Europe with those lost points.

Second case was with this woman who keeps coming sweating to our office because she comes walking from Jabal Amman- Shmeisany since she doesn't like to take taxis! I don't blame her for that, but anyway, she won this auction ticket to San Francisco and want to go to do an operation there, had everything scheduled.. and when she came to check with us bang bang!!! She Discovered that there are no seats avaiable.. YES and we're still in May! Shocking i know...
I wonder how more stress there will be starting from June (the beginning of the high season).

Third case was with this M&M member (they always think by being members they own the Lufthansa and the staff) he wanted to fly to Denver and again no available seats, but I admit he was a nice guy saying ok he'll postpone his return trip from the 21st May till the 03rd Juli.. weird? :S I thought it's weird too! :)

As this all was happening- in the background, all our lines were ringing the whole time, and people were waiting on the queue, some of them got sick and decided coming to our office is easier and the rest who were waiting started to send us e-mails. I have 35 unread e-mails in my address and guess what? I don't have time to read any...

I had this lady calling asking about her Hamster, she wants to take the Hamster with her and wanted to make sure he'll get attention, food, and all the special care... this is when i started the stress relief exercises I learnt in one of the courses!!! Take a deep breath, think of something nice and just ignore...

Crazy day at work means forgetting the cheques inside the photocopier by mistake! It also means the refunds are reported (IN - bank operations) instead of OUT by mistake too... It means lots of running in the office, and sometimes forgetting people on means your mobile ringing without having time to answer, or simply reject and then forget to call back! I know that it's a crazy day when I have 3-4 people sitting around me waiting for their turn and me talking to one of them and on the phone with Germany at the same with 5 other things i'm wroking on simultaneously... my office is so full of papers that sometimes i keep having papers falling down with every move i do, or with every move passengers do when sitting anywhere close to my desk. And then i'd be thinking i have to arrange this mess soon... someday soon, but it never comes! Work never ends.
So I thought it's silly, a person must separate between the two (his personal life & work life) but here i am sitting at home with papers and work that i need to complete so as to start a hopefully calmer day tomorrow.

Now it's the Lufthansa world we live in, one of our bosses said something really interesting the other day, he said each one of us repeat this word so many times in each and every day! Oh so true! And now I pay extra attention... pens, pins, stickers, uniform, beach towel, flip flop, calenders, key chains, wallpapers, toys, caps, nescafe mugs, radio, alarm, bags, hair band, socks, even my tooth brush...everything says Lufthansa... !!! And what happens later when a person leave? They ask him to get everything back, the yellow ID and even the USED uniform! Everything! Or keep the uniform but give them all the buttons with the Lufthansa Logo... you're not part of it anymore... :) Hard Luck!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A piece of ART

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, thought it's a way to keep memories alive...I loved photographing and believed it's the most expressive kind of art...

But the way Sabri Hakim takes his shots is incredible, I admire his work and blieve in his great talent.
His pictures are taken with passion, I enjoy his work and think his last Jara picture was one of the best things I've ever seen.

The way the colors mix and the look on the clown's face with the red hair all combined with the clothes and the background, I see it as a piece of art... it's so maigcal!

This is a picture taken in a Ren Chai Kitchen, he reflects things in an artist's eye. Everything is photographed in a unique way... it's amazing.

For more of his awesome work visit All pictures are published with Sabri's Approval, Im so proud to have them on my blog, seeing these two photos makes me SMILE :) So full of life! Life would be a thousand times more beautiful if seen with those eyes!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A day in Dead Sea

The days pass without me keeping any track of time, day, month or year! Im not really sure whether this is good or bad, all i know is that i'm scared if i'm used to spend my life living with so much freedom, a time will come when even with all this freedom i won't be able to enjoy anything anymore... Sometimes you think being hyper and keeping yourself busy, hanging out... etc is good to forget your pains, yet there are times when you realise some pains are so deep and running away is not of any solution... you have to face it and accept reality no matter how hard you try to escape...

Dead sea is my favorite spot- though according to my sister it gives you bad energy!!! Maybe it does, but that's only because you'd feel like going back again!

I don't really feel like writing, so i'll just put the pictures- and you can come up with matching words for each one.

pictures taken by and life goes on...®

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

29th May 2004

Two years ago I have experienced an unforgettable painful event! And even after all this time I still remember the whole thing, as if it happened yesturday.

It was the 29th May 2004, a Saturday evening around 18.30, I was in a taxi with my sister and aunt, the taxi driver (as usual) was talking on the mobile carelessly and was driving crazily, we hit the block that separates between the two roads and the car was upside down. I remember closing my eyes in an attempt not to panic, and saying my last prayer... I thought we’re all going to die, it was similar of being in a roller coaster’s when you feel powerless and when your body becomes nothing but a weak useless shell.
People gathered around us, my sister and aunt were unconscious... I wish I was, this at least would protect me from having all those memories carved deeply in my head and so fresh!

I remember knocking on the window and looking around for someone, anyone who can take me out of the smashed car... i remember seeing blood everywhere, I can still feel the pain in my left eye and the blood covering my hair and face. My sister was sitting next to me, and from the amount of blood that was covering my clothes, i remember the confusion i had not knowing if it was my own or my sister’s.

People succeeded in pulling me out, and i was lying there in the middle of the street with my mobile in my hand, asking everyone around if my sister is still alive.
I remember calling her name, and begging them to go check on her... i remember hearing those little whimpers from both my sister and aunt, and was wondering if they will stay alive.

I can still hear the sirens of the ambulances, and was transfered in the first one to the nearest hospital. I remember not being able to move a muscle, I thought im turning to a statue.

I had 40 cosmetic stitches as a result to a deep wound above my left eye, and can still feel the horror when the doctor started to open the wound and collect all the small pieces of glass...
I remember the tears in my dad’s eyes, and him although he’s a surgical doctor refusing to be there during my operation. Just from the memory my eye starts to hurt and i feel that horrible ache... It took me ages to drive again and it took me even longer to be in a taxi again.

I remember celebrating my birthday in hospital, and then my sister’s birthday in hospital too! Family and friends are what made us stronger, we had them around us all the time, even at night... the hospital’s room was turned into a colorful garden and this only gave us hope and yearn for a brighter tomorrow. This is when you start to appreciate life more, when you realize how precious it is being healthy, I still have bad thoughts and images... what if i suffered from worse injuries? What if the window’s broken glass affected my sight? What if i had a broken jaw? what if... what if...Those thoughts are the ones that make me say ‘al hamdullila’ for saving me from the worst, ‘al hamdullila’ for being healthy, ‘al hamdullila’ for having those guardian angels around us at that tragical time... and made me believe that guardian angels DO exist.

Life is ironic... 29th May 2006 I will be flying to Germany, but this incident will always be there to remember no matter where I am or what i'm doing... to remind me that life is PRECIOUS.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Haifa's WaWa Song!

So after all- Haifa's new song might not be as bad as it seems :)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who said it's hard to satisfy a girl?

This was my favorite kind of sweet 10 years ago and still it's my number one!
It doesn't only look delicious but tastes good too!

This post is for you Ammar (((hint... hint)))!


This is extremely weird! Ive been working for two years and i'm already interviewing people and testing them...the decision is completely mine to employ or not to employ them! Which makes things hard... what if she's in need for the job? for the salary? what if i'm not fair...! what if i'm misjudging!

Which reminds me of how i felt two years ago about people who do this, never was shy but i gave them this look with the thoughts that they're the ones with the power swimming in my head!

I have to do two interviews today, first one is in 30 minutes and still didn't chose my questions... part of me believes that i should make it hard, the other part thinks it should be SIMPLE..

Wish me luck... I'll keep you updated with how it goes!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jubilean TALENTS

I really couldn't wait for this to be blogged, looking at the photos I couldn't stop laughing ... Oh my God! Guys you are really talented! Today was one of the best days in my life, I had a full schedule! Went to school (Fridays are always spent there... it's a habit now) and then to Seeven ... YES seeven, we brought food and had a night sha67a! It was awesome! Then spent the rest of the night at shireen's... where it was so much fun that by midnight i still didn't feel like going home! And now after this supposedly tiring day Im so hyper and have all this extra energy that i don't feel like sleeping... can't believe Fridays are more like a real WEEKEND! Working for 6 days a week, i always look forward for our unique Fridays...

You can see Ammar playing with his hand up in both pictures
Inventing a special Ammar's way of playing basketball :)

No wonder why his arm got hit later on! hahaha

Mais is part of the team and proving that by playing solo the whole time:)

Notice Miso is strongly involved in what's going on! hahaha

Shireen in an attempt to break the ice between me and Ammar, and YES Ammar i'm still mad at you in case you're wondering... :P

A group photo! After all the playing we had... you can see how tired I look after all the cheerleading ;)

And this is when a dance session started... those photos are HILARIOUS!

Ammar 3am bi7amy! First steps are always important!


Now the real fun, look at the next photos... filem hindy! Please pay attention to (tasalsol il 7arakat) in order to enjoy their creativity! hahaha

Wow shireen, what a pause to end the dance! I love you guys! Shireen, Miso and Ammar Im giving you the honor and dadicating tonight's post for you :) 7abeeebty Shireen your new nickname would be Shireen il farasheh... :P you keep impressing me walla!

This I must admit was taken by Ammar to complete his collection but since it was taken by my camera i have the copy rights 3amroush-sorry! This was taken in Seveen (for those of you who don't know what Seveen is, it's a cheap restaurant infront of the University of Jordan)

I love you guys, thanks for making my DAY!

Friday, April 07, 2006

The other side of the Story

Checking out all the novels in dubai's airport duty free on the way back, I've chosen (the other side of the story) for Marian Keyes. And that was for two reasons (I had no time to read the comments on the back cover) so I just picked it up depending on 1. The fact that it was a bestseller 2. The cover- thought it's different and funny. Covers really make a differece especially when it's a 647 pages... you'll have it with you everywhere! Hairdresser, work, Goethe, even in the bathroom... so it should be cool.

It turned out to be a wonderful, hilarious and nearly impossible to put down novel that makes you bubble up with happiness inside.
It talks about two main characters Gemma and Lily who were best friends until Lily stole Gemma's BF. (don't be surprised- not so weird, can happen in real life too)

It starts by saying that 'Life is a circle, and what goes around comes around'
Gemma writes her own story -painfully and hilariously-... it's when sad things happen in life and you start to turn those events and twist them by making fun of the whole issue, as if it was a stupid silly joke.

Gemma's last words to Lily were very strong 'remember the way you met him because this is how you will lose him', and it's the guilt feeling that killed Lily from the inside...she felt she's cursed!

And she says 'Even though I made my choice, I shall never forgive myself. This sounds wildly melodramatic, I konw, but I mean it simply as a statement of fact. There are many times- to this day- when I wish I had never met him. Its the most dreadful thing Ive ever done, and even now, though we're together I keep waiting for a catastrophe. Building one's happiness on someone else's misery is no foundation for long-term stability'

It's a great novel, that combines all the elements (thrill, romance, mystery and fun)... it feels sad reaching the end, so im saving the last twenty pages for later... it's so rare to find a book that can have you in tears and laughter at the same time.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

for all .. 'sea lovers'


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shireen's RETURN

There are people who comes to our lives and makes a DIFFERENCE! Their existance would be most appreciated when they move to live far away for a reason or another.

Shireen's return, means fun, fun and more fun! Life is beautifulwith all her creative crazy wild plans! She's one of my closest friends, and she's the ONLY one who knows it all... all my failures and mistakes, my darkest secrets, everything!I am blessed to have such a person in my life, there were many times when i needed to share things, and many other times when i felt i need someone I can trust who can just listen without asking any questions...

There were times when she warned me about certain things, and there were many times when I disagreed and when I went mad, and thought how can she be cruel... she can't see me happy!
But then I realised she was right, and after all our fights and argues... all my failures, ups and downs, she was there to support me! Never ever said 'i told you this will happen'- never blamed me for not listening!

She thought my trip to Dubai last month and not mentioning meeting her was MEAN, but it's only because for me she's all the FUN in AMMAN! Seeing her there was painful and what hurt even more at that time i didn't know she's coming back, so coming back to Amman without her made the world looks darker, and Amman without her is not Amman.

She's one of the few people who can make you smile ALWAYS, no matter how shitty you feel! A kind supportive soul, one of the few people who gives and waits for no return!
Welcome back Shireen, your return makes me happier, crazier and a thousand times stronger! :)

Shireen, Me, Amr and Lana (enjoying yesturday's sha67a)

Shireen, Me, Laila and lana enjoying the great weather

Shireen's specialized bag for (sha67a), the only thing she got with her from Dubai
Enjoying the view....

Girls you have to try this...

Shireen started this (her ideas of enjoying the sha67a) and her sleeping bag

sunset with only the butterflies...

Sha67a completed with our visit to school, old memories yet very precious

Those were the days my friends... we thought they'd never end!

Where we used to have our breaks and meals

Jubilean's Creativities

Wael at school with his Deutsche football shirt