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Monday, November 06, 2006

For you... My guardian ANGEL

Some people come into your life.. and leave it or get kicked out faster than you can imagine and those are the ones who are easily forgotten! Some people come to your life... and leave a print then leave but the print stays forever.. ! Some people come for a reason, a cause... to make you learn something or teach you something and then when it is achieved they leave, those might leave an impact... big or small - all depends on how much influence they had and how much interest you showed to receive and perceive... and some people come to your life, they stay, and stay forever and then you'd realise that you wouldn't imagine life without them simply because they are a big unseparable part of it... those are the irreplaceable... (the very rare)

I believe Im one of the few lucky people who's been blessed with knowing what it really feels like to have a guardian angel... someone who's been there for ages, and is still there... i've been asked this question a thousand times before 'how can he still be there', and i'd just answer 'I, myself don't know how or why, you can go and ask him'.
It is a real mystery for someone who has problems of his own, who's extremely busy and successful, who has a thousand things to think of, and so many priorities, to find the time and be there...

With everything that happened, all the madness and craziness... the ugliest moments in my life, the highest limits of rudeness I can reach, the most depression phases, the worst moods, the shittiest feeling of being so down, the darkness and lonelines... with everything, and he's still there!

I know him forever now... and it's so strange but it's like grwoing together,,, supporting each other,,, living each other's sad and happy moments.
And the bond becomes stronger with each passing day!

Just the thought of having someone to listen for hours for whatever you say and even if it was nonesense, absoloutely nonesense...crap... anything you say, anything you feel like saying, or even speaking your mind out loud... thinking loud... definitely gives you a reason to be happy!
It's the times I can be myself, and be happy about it knowing that I am loved and cared for!
It is something I cherich and value more than anything I've ever had or experienced.

For my guardian angel.. thank you for today, yesterday, all the years that passed and yet to come.


  • At November 06, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    May your Guardian angel stay there for your forever .. that was a sweet read .. :)

  • At November 06, 2006 , Blogger Feras othman said...

    definitely gives you a reason to be happy!
    may god keep u for each other forever and u aslso be his/her angel too to fullfill the moments with happiness and care far away of lonlyness

  • At November 07, 2006 , Blogger madas said...

    That was a nice read. Like the others i hope things always stay rosy for you.

  • At November 07, 2006 , Blogger madas said...

    That was a nice read, Like the others i am glad you know how lucky you are and hope you will always stay lucky :)

  • At November 07, 2006 , Anonymous 3aBBaS said...

    Wow thats a really touching post! you made us rethink of the people we love! and think of losing them!


    I give you 10/10 for this one:)

  • At November 07, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Thaaaaankssss to all :) :) :)

  • At November 08, 2006 , Anonymous Lailoot said...

    Wow! That was really sweet!
    I guess u r lucky to have him! :)
    Just try ur best to hold on no matter what! Caz this is rare and I know u know that! :)

    Keep up the good work...It's always a pleasure to read ur nice posts...


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