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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Being an Airliner

Saying 'Goodbye' was never one of the things im capable of doing. There were many times in my life when I'd meet people and when we get close to the 'Goodbye' part, i'd just disappear! It's not as if i'm proud of myself, or that I believe this is right... it's just a way or an attempt to save myself the burning pain in my throat as i try to suppress my tears.

Disappearing just for the sake of not saying 'Goodbye' to people I won't see again, people i loved and was loved by.
As I left Frankfurt Airport heading to Amman, I was looking at that huge building... the building whom I shared with so many sad memories. Remembering all the times I walked so fast with tears in my eyes trying to hide... trying to accept the fact that this is life,,, our paths crossed at a point, but it's time for us to continue with our separate roads... if we meet again then we're blessed, otherwise it's the memory that will stay there... memories can never be forgotten or erased! Memories of laughter, of joy, of sharing... memories of tears!

The building that witnessed my sadest moments, with its chairs... the ones who were my only rescuers when my feets felt weak and cold... when my eyes were blocked by tears!

And it's truely amazing that some people just happen to bump into your life for a very short while, yet they affect you so deeply in many different ways.

'You don't look as a friendly-outgoing person', this is what he felt when he first saw me stepping infront of him, taking his place in the quite long queue, pushing my bags inside the bus... 'You changed the idea that was in my head about people who live in the middle east after I've known you... Dima you're a really nice person to know', this is what he said minutes before departure.
One of the hardest moments in my life was saying 'Goodbye' to Ziyaad... but I shall not say goodbye, I'd rather say see you my dear Ziyaad in South Africa.

The way you speak English, with this unique South African accent will stay carved in my head. And my yellow camera case will always remind me of the sweet you :)

It was your choice, and Im happy for you! Being home where you wanted to be...

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