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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Question/ Answer

I've been tagged by the sweet oriental-arabesque

1. What is your middle name?

2. What color pants are you wearing?
Pj's pants, bright orange with white starts everywhere and pink buttons.

3. What are you listening to now?
Nothing, even if Im home alone Im not a music person. I like the quietness more than anything else.

4. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Breakfast juice.

5. Do you wish on Stars?
Not really.. why would I?!!

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

7. How is the weather today?
it's sunny and very refreshing.

8. Last person you spoke to on the phone?

My adorable mom.

9. Do you like the person that sent this to you?
Very! I love her writings, and there were many times when I read her posts and would be nodding my head. And although I don't know her personally (only through her writings) I feel that we have a lot in common. I enjoy reading her posts the most. Especially when she writes from the heart.

10. Favorite drink?
Nescafe, Hot choco (as in hot). And Pink 7up as in Cold.

11. Favorite sport?
SWIMMING. of course.

12. Hair Color?
Honestly right now, it's a MESS!! You can see all the different colors at the same time! It's a little bit of everything but mainly it's light (because of Amman's summer, swimming.. etc), though will make it one color ( brown ) sometime soon.

13. Siblings?
2 beautiful sisters.

14. Favorite month?
June, June, June. It's the best month of the year. It's the month I keep waiting for with all the excitement in the world and then when it's over I start to feel a little bit depressed. But July is not so bad after all.

15. Favorite Food?
Spicy Thai, Chinese, Sushi, Turkish Donner, Tom Yom Ammany noodles, TimTam, and wara' 3inab.

16. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Knocked Up, and tonight we're going to watch No Reservations.

17. Favorite day of the year?
4th of June & 9th of July.

18. What do you do to vent anger?
I let it out, try to talk to someone who's willing to listen to everything I say till the end without suggesting any solutions. I like to talk to people who listen when Im angry. Sometimes I write it down or blog it. I rarely keep things inside, because I know if I do, with time It'll get a 1000 times worse.

19. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Barbie, I used to play with my sister for hours without getting bored. I remember having the Piano as the house, and us fighting over Ken.

20. Summer or winter?
Summer without hesitation. Winter depresses me.

21. Hugs or kisses?
ummm this is a hard one! Depends on the time of the day, the situation, the mood. But all is good .. and they're inseparable anyway. They should always come together as a package!

22. Car or motorcycle?

23. Chocolate or vanilla?
Choco. Only if it was Choco or caramel, that would be Caramel.

24. Do you want your friends to do this survey(tag)?
I enjoy reading it, and I enjoyed doing it, so why not.

25. Who is most likely to do this survey(tag)?
everyone, but I like reading the ones with some creativity and suspense.

26. Who is least likely to respond?
someone who doesn't like to be tagged.

27. When was the last time you cried?
Saturday night! After calling my parents.. but no more .. no more!

28. What is under your bed?
Nothing, I hate to have anything under the bed. Ewww!

29. Who is the friend that you have had the longest?
I have 3 close friends. miso, shoush, and ranoush. I've known Rana for ages, almost 10 years, and the others for 8.

30. What did you do last night?
had a 'decision making' lecture till 9 then walked back home with a friend. Oh now i remember, after that I did some ironing, ate popcorn and donuts and went to sleep.

31. What are you afraid of?
DEATH. To take away those who are close to my heart. Or for my family and friends to get sick.

32. Plain, buttered, or salted popcorn?
Buttered and salted together! Caramel-salted popcorn would be much better though.

33. Favorite car?
My black Tiida with beige leather seats. When I stopped in Dubai on the way here, and even now that Im here, whenever I see a Tiida I can't but keep staring~!!!

34. Favorite Flower?
I dont' really like flowers. I don't know if it's normal but well it's not something I ever wanted as a gift. But if I have to, then anything Yellow would be nice.

35. How many keys on your key ring?
Two. One for the first lock, the second for the second lock, linked to the security card that keeps on peeping inside the elevator!

36. How many years at your job?
almost 3. I miss it!

37. What did you do on your last birthday?
Since it was my last birthday back home, my friends arranged the sweetest birthday ever. It was so natural, we had what we call a 'sha67a' with lots of food.

38. How many states have you lived in?
2 countries. or 2 continents.

39. Did you have fun doing this?
quick. simple. and fun.

40. Who are you going to send this to?
anyone who feel like it...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Being AWAY.. the First time I CRY

Last night was the first time I cry because Im away! It's not that I don't feel down from time to time cause I miss people back home, but yesterday it was different.
The circle of people you miss when you're away gets smaller with time, and those who stays in your mind always and forever are the parents, siblings, and few very close friends. The rest will be there, but remembered only when certain incidents happen. Not more than that.
It happened.. The thing I was scared of the most! and It felt horrible.

So what happens is that I can be strong, I can be anything no matter how I really feel, and as long as people around me are happy. When I sense that my happiness would cause someone else's misery.. or that my dad is not feeling ok because he misses me, then this is when It hurts the most.

I don't usually pay attention to how I feel, as I see it this way, I gain my happiness from people around me. Their happiness means my happiness. As long as they're ok then Im ok.
And the fact that I love to be there.. if someone feels down as I'd strongly believe that it's my responsibility (even if I have nothing to do with it) to make him feel better, and me being away does not help in anyway.
It hurts a lot, when you have all kinds of different emotions mixed together.. you're sad because you want those that are close to your heart to be happy yet you can do nothing about it. You're confused, you're down, you feel useless. This is when it gets harder.

so I cried myself to sleep, and I thank God that today looks like a better day...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

'what smells I really like'

I have been tagged by Jasmina, and this one is quite different and funny ..

Ok, to make this short and straight to the point, 'what smells do you really like?'

I like the smell of cleanliness, clean laundry, clean bed cover, clean bed sheets, clean pillow, clean dishes.. it's always refreshing

I like the smell of a mowed lawn, mixed with some humidity.. it will always remind me of camping in England, where there was nothing but our tents and this smell that will always be related to that day 10 years ago!

I like the smell of mint lemonade
I like the smell of anything new

I like the smell of fruity hair shampoos. The smell would stick to the hair forever.. and it will just be everywhere..

I like the smell of coconut oil! I don't like coconut, and I can't stand bounty, but I love the smell of coconut oil.
Maybe it is because this also is related to a certain event.. to precious moments that will never come back again, and even if they do, it would still not feel the same.

I like the smell of hot 'mana'eesh'... to be more specific not only their smell I like, but Im missing the taste so badly.

I like the smell of fuel!!! I open all the windows in the gas station, close my eyes and enjoy...

I like the smell of bubble gum, especially when it's original - not fake- the one that makes big bubbles!

I like the smell of ice cream cones, they have this sweet smell that has only one meaning.. get an ice cream scoop now, and most of the times when I get one, it wouldn't really be for the ice cream but for the cone.

I like the smell of love when it's in the air.. who doesn't!!!? Whether it is reflected in two people under an umbrella walking in the rain, or in an old lady sitting in hospital next to her husband's bed.. holding his hand and giving him love and strength.

The tag is:
1. link to the one who Tagged you
2. Type at least 5 Smells you like
3. Tag at least 3 :)
4. Any language :D
5. Photos are an option

Nido, oriental-arabesque, HAYAT
You're tagged!!! ENJOY.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The reason why I love it

It's cute I know!!! But the real reason why I love it, is because lately I have no clue why but I got used to the idea that there should be a cookie after each single meal!

So this cooking jar, looks good and all but makes you feel guilty... whenever you open it, it gives you all the MOOING sounds in a really annoying way .. along with loud laughters and kah kah kah s in between..

Now that Im in a desperate need to start a real diet.. this thing will definitely make me think twice before any attempt to have something sweet... I'd be more like ok, ok Im not going to eat anything.. can you just shut up!!! iffft!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I was talking on the phone with a cousin, telling her that time flies here and I have so many things to do. And that from the day I got here, which was two days before my lectures started (as I missed the orientation period), I was busy!

So she said .. oh that's really good, so you got inside the washing machine.
This is when I thought I didn't hear what she said.. What washing machine?

And it's true, as the days pass by ... I get to know more what she's talking about! Im part of the washing machine, with everyone else.. spinning inside, and living each day with new things to do. As long as it's spinning, Im safe.. I miss everyone back home but Im still safe as there's no time to think, to miss.. or to look back..

The more it spins, and the faster it gets.. the more engaged and attached I become to the present.. to where I belong now!

It is one of the best things I've heard after I got here.. and now I know what it really means to be inside the washing machine..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

BABY's trolley

The way it goes here.. babies always get the priority! whether in a bus, underground or any other crowded place, a woman with a baby's trolley gets the seat.

What really impresses me is seeing elderly people standing up for a baby's trolley.. even if with the help of his walking stick, he would still stand up .. the baby's trolley is always getting the priority!

Friday, August 17, 2007

COLORS.. colors.. and more!

All the different colors, with all the crazy cool mixes, rainbow, glow in the dark, striped, glittery.. everything you can think of or imagine, it was all there in the Aquarium today.

All the different shapes and kinds of fishes, turtles, penguins, sharks and all the other sea world creatures were swimming all around!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

worst FEAR

What would you do if your worst fear came true?!

- asked by a close friend of mine.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Does anyone know this?!

I can't remember how Mrs Fields tastes like, but I don't care! I miss Gerards, but I don't care if I won't eat Gerards' ice cream or waffles for .. whatever it takes - as long as I have this!

It has the better taste on earth! You can share anything with me, even Casper and Gambini's unique Toffee pudding, as long as it's not this. It's the kind of thing you eat with your eyes closed for a better taste, or you would just wish that time would stop there at that exact moment and freeze!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

TOP secret... Shshsh

Ok another week proves it again, my recent haunting fear.. I used to feel it, or think it's true, but now there's no room for assumption.. it's a fact! Im the worst when it comes to cooking!!!!!

My problem in life is that im so impatient.. so now imagine me cooking.. it's the worst combination.. I put all the wrong things together, stir and stir so fast that whatever comes out when the mess is over would be something with no color or taste. I over spice up everything.. I put whatever I see and I always think that the more things there are in one mixture, the better the taste is.. and I realized it's not true in 99.999% of the cases!

The other day out of all the recipes I could've chosen from.. I decided to cook Thai food! Maybe because Im getting to love it .. or maybe because I thought noodles is much easier to handle than rice (I think I should get a rice cooker sometime soon).. but anyway, I have no clue why when I finally wanted to cook for the first time.. and try to show off some of my hidden talents, I thought Thai food would be the answer.

So we did this grocery shopping.. and I was so excited about the whole idea of cooking, I got all that I need.. I had my hair tied up and was wearing this lovely white apron... I had this extra energy ... I thought at least this way I won't feel guilty everyday when we eat out.. but after my big failure I think instead of feeling guilty I'll only feel relieved!!!

The problem started when I decided to use the wrong cooking pot.. I guess! Cause I ended up using hot water to get rid of the sticky things at the bottom. Then there was this issue with the meat.. I wanted to be more creative so I mixed it with a tasty sauce (which I bought earlier), then the very unexpected thing happened.. and there was this strange mixture of oil on the surface and the sauce was in all the other areas. It was the first time for me to see such a thing.. and the harder I tried to make everything mix together in one homogeneous mixture, the stranger it looked.

One of the funniest (in a weird way) things that happened lately is that as I was trying to heat up a toast... I forgot the microwave on the default power (which is 10- and I can't understand how 10 is supposed to be a default power degree), and all of a sudden the smoke started to come out .. and the smell was so bad that it took us 4 days of continuous torture (leaving the windows open and the fan on in such a cold weather) to try to get rid of it. We were lucky that the fire alarm didn't work with all the smoke!!!

Whatever I try to do, it just makes me more sure that Im not a kitchen woman.. I'd do anything as long as it's an out of kitchen activity!!! It makes me think of all the times back home when we all wanted different things to eat for lunch, and mom didn't want to make anyone upset so would just end up spending a whole day in the kitchen.. many things that were taken for granted back then are things that are more valued and appreciated now.. !!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have to do this biographical case study that will take 60% of the total mark for a leadership course.

So, I need to hear what you guys think.. who do you see as an outstanding BUSINESS leader. Someone who made a huge change! A real change in any business industry (technology, food, fashion, cars, oil,..) it doesn't really matter.. as long as s/he's well known in the business field so that it will be easy for me to find many online information from different sources. - this is the most important thing when it comes to a 3500 words case study.

Please no 'Bill Gates' suggestions. Half of the students if not more will chose him!

S/He doesn't have to be successful, it can be about someone who was considered a leader though s/he was a real failure (this will give me the ability to do a critical analysis).


Monday, August 06, 2007


We still didn't really start the semester and I already feel like taking a break! What I like about it is the fact that I chose to take my lectures at night. It suits me more since Im not a morning person and with this I'll be able to concentrate more on all what's given in the lecture and to have more time to study in the morning. During the past two or so weeks I came to realize that cooking is not my favorite part and that ironing is more fun than it sounds. And that you can't wash colored clothes with white.

Studying here is nothing like back home.. students have to do all the work and more.. there are some courses with no exams at all, but instead they ask you to work on a 3,500 words' project.. and it's then when you think, Oh I miss the normal exams' days.
Whenever it gets harder I keep thinking that in two years time I'll look at myself and say WOW this is the best thing I have done.

What's surprising is when we're out somewhere, and we decide it's time to go back home.. the minute we unlock the door, It feels nice.. home sweet home! So I already have this feeling of belonging to this place.. this is nice!

What I like the most about living here is that time flies, there are times when I miss it back home (not the place as much as the people- family and friends) - and it's shocking how the circle of people you'd miss becomes smaller with time and all the things one have to do ! I like the fact that there are so many things to do every single day and so many assignments to complete and books to read that this hardly leave me anytime to think about anything else, to be the drama queen, or to reflect my annoying emotional side.

Time difference can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but then again I think it's not that bad, as if there was no time difference I'd be confused trying to live two different lives instead of concentrating on the one Im actually living.
It's when you stop the counting, and live the present (not just living it but enjoying it) is when you can get your mind focused on the things you are doing, and this is the only way to get your future plans closer and more real.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

who doesn't love gifts?!

Getting married means getting lots of gifts.. not only spending so much money on one night..! This is something good.. I guess !

I got so many gifts, and all of them were really nice.. and so like my taste and all.. I like how some people succeed in doing that! cause I simply can't.. Im really bad when it comes to this, cause I end up buying things that have to do nothing with whoever I buy them to.. I don't mind buying a pink photo frame as a guy's gift .. or a glittery mug.. I end up getting what goes with my taste!

I like creativity in gifts.. or uniqueness.. it gives me the impression that it was bought after so much thinking and consideration and love!! I can't remember the number of perfumes I got in the past month.. it's funny but true! A perfume as a gift would be an option for me whenever I don't know what to get!

But of course I didn't leave anything behind.. they were all packed with me.. and flying all the way (with a long layover in Dubai) ! One of the loveliest, most creative, -so like my taste-, very unique gift I got was when we were on our way here.. We had a stop in Dubai so I met up with my very sweet special cousin.. I had this really nice neat wrap with a nice tiny ribbon.. and then when I opened it I was like it looks really nice but what exactly is this?

So guys here is the photo.. can you guess???!! people who already know what it is -already heard about it from me- thank you but you don't need to contribute. :)