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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I have learned...

* Ive learned that you can’t undo your actions or words, you can only try to limit the harm they do.
* Ive learned to be patient, it doesn't really help not to, it only makes things worse.
* Ive learned that it doesn't only hurt you when you lose people, it also hurts them losing you.

Ive learned that it's heavenly to be the moon in someone's sky, but it's more precious to be a star in everyone's sky.

* Ive learned that to be strong you need to have determination, and to have determination you need to have faith.
* Ive learned not to have big dreams or high hopes, but to live life day by day and enjoy.
* Ive learned to be selfish and to put myself first.

Ive learned that life is a circle and what goes around comes around.
Ive learned that I can never build my happiness on someone else's misery, it's just not right
and is never justified.
Ive learned that to have a clear/clean conscience is what makes you sleep the long nights.
Ive learned that to have inner peace, you need to have a clear mind, a pure heart and soul.

Ive learned that respect is a treasure, respect others in order for them to respect you.
Ive learned that you should never change for anyone, if they're good enough they'd accept you for who you are... and cherish you for who you are, otherwise they're not worthy.

* Ive learned that it's not right to spend your life making everyone happy, you'd end up with no energy left for your own.
* Ive learned that it's ok to do mistakes, but it's not acceptable not to learn from them.
* Ive learned that love is blind... love is what makes the person glow.

* Ive learned that being sensitive is a real torture to yourself and people around you.
* Ive learned that we all do things that we regret. The only thing, having done them, is to put them behind us, try to make amends, not to let them dominate our lives.
* Ive learned that you can't see life as white and black, you should see all the shades of gray too.

Ive learned that a lie is a lie, there’s no such a thing as a white, pink, yellow, red lie!
Ive learned that your job is what gives you your identity, existence and independence.
Ive learned that for people to love you, it requires- you loving yourself first.
Ive learned that life is too short, to be ambitious is what makes you go on.
Ive learned that being realistic is what gets you closer to maturity.

* Ive learned that life can be painful, you can get so many slaps, but it's you who decides how to hold your head high and stand still.
* Ive learned that what doesn't kill make you stronger. People's sad stories inspire you and give you a push to go on.
* Ive learned that you are the one with the power, who decides when to stop the miseray and when to heal the pains.

*Ive learned not to feel lonely, you’re never alone, there’s always God – hears your prayers and wipe all tears.
* Ive learned that to compromise doesn’t mean to give up, it’s to agree on a mutual understanding and it doesn’t in anyway show your weakness.
* Ive learned that everything happens for a reason, and God choses what’s best for each and every individual.

Ive learned to cherish the moment, and to treasure the memory... but at the same time to let go of the past and live the present with an eye on the future.
By Dima F.


  • At May 13, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Amazing!! i had to say it;) i enjoy reading your posts! they are the second i go through, after mais's;p keep it up dima, and never stop writing:)

  • At May 13, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    thanks nedo :)

  • At May 13, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My Dearest Dima,

    Reading your words, made me realize how much maturation, in your view of life , you have achieved in a short time. I am sooooooooo PROUD of you Pink , hehe !!!!

    We best learn from our personal experiences, especially the bad ones. I guess thats the only bright side of'em.

    I had great times tonight, thanks alot dear.


  • At May 15, 2006 , Blogger ABOUD said...

    That was amazing.

    Have no regrets, because everything you did you have done it with your own will.

  • At May 15, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Wael... I enjoyed it too! it was great!

    Aboud... I definitely have no regrets :) Not at all!

  • At July 03, 2006 , Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

    Ive learned that I can never build my happiness on someone else's misery, it's just not right

    That is wonderful !!

    This post is full of life, as are the rest of your posts Nida

    good day

  • At July 04, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Osaid Rasheed... Thank you! that's so sweet of you! my name is Dima btw :) :) :)


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