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A star or a rainy cloud,,, realistic or a dreamer,,, tough or emotional,,, a butterfly or a dolphin,,, it is all about me reflecting the transparent me!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I can't be more SURE

There are things in life that end but with no justified closure.. no real ending! And you feel there are lots of issues that are still stuck.. and you need to find answers to so many questions or at least explanations to some!

Today, I got this amazing feeling, being certain about issues that happened in the past, dead aweful stories but which are still there, they exist and you just want to have the golden key that would bury them forever..
I am so happy, God gave me the weapon , the greatest gift that made me open my eyes.. made me realise that im on the right path and im doing the very right choices ..

There are times when you feel you're not so sure.. or when you keep clinging to certain events - a dark past... Today, finally i feel im free... it's the best feeling in the world..
Nothing is attaching me to the past, but with only one sentence in my head.. 'what the hell was I doing living that kind of life...!!!?'
It's funny how sometimes you think you're happy, yet in the future you experience strong feelings that make you doubt everything that you've ever felt before! Make you discover that you have so many things you can offer and give... you are willing and capable of loving, giving and enjoying.. not only that but being appreciated in the sweetest ways for all and everything you do and for who you really are .. and that would make you thank God for where you are today ..

There's nothing more precious than a sign or a hint that confirms all your doubts.
A comparison between the past and the present that makes you realise how lucky you are!

Today is a special day.. it made me certain that 'I can't be more sure'!
It's a day to treasure forever!

Season Changes

The fact that we've switched to Summer timing now makes me extremely happy! I have no clue why.. it's just the feeling that we're getting close to summer..

I feel like changing everything now.. having a new look, a new closet, wooooooohooo! and just enjoying the coming months to the fullest!

Everything about summer is just so exciting.. ! Summer fruits are the most delicious, the way the day is longer, summer fresh bright colored clothes, the glittery flip flops, late outings, and all the energy we get I dunno how or why.. this all adds to it a unique cool taste!
The sun's effect in making you want to just keep going without wasting any minute sleeping.. I can't remember feeling lazy when it's summer.. no way! It gives you every reason to be hyper and happy..

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Even with the fact that kids would be having their summer school's holiday and they'd be running crazily and noisily- blocking the whole street while playing football .. this doesn't make me like it any less!!!!

So this is my summer greeting to all of you.. may the summer of 2007 brings you joy, happiness and makes your dreams come true! May the sunshine showers you all with many blessings and delights. May the pure blue skies give you positive energy and bring you a step or two closer to your goals.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You asked for it,,, TAKE IT- a SLAP in the face

Subject: [Simply ME...] New comment on Difficulties in dealing with Women.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Difficulties in dealing with Women":

Life goes on…

Interesting post, allow me to comment…. I don't want to shock you or break you down, but it's for your own sake believe me, get real …face your destiny… wake up, not every one will have his wishes and dreams, through my analysis to your posts I can tell you that you still and will live in your futility, I am not saying that you don't have a self confidence actually you do have ,but sorry to inform you it's based on unstable imaginations and every instable thing sooner or later will collapse , you are posting every day a new (wording) posts but bottom line of all your posts is hiding you real personality (The Uncertain Personality)….

Life goes on… get therapy as soon as possible, time is running out, I hope soon I can add to my list of those people I helped to get a life…..As always think well and don't take my advice aggressively and if you do ,I don't blame you every one in your status will, but if you start your rehabilitation soon enough you will be grateful to me.

Sincerely Yours


This is what happens to men who struggle on a daily base with their perverted minds -with the girls around them and all those girls not giving them the light of day. So, with their frustration and misery of not having what they desire the most, and satisfying their appetite they simply resort to being malicious scum of low-life, where the sewers and drains that carry waste are still higher than them. Their level of thinking and ideology of themselves believe they exist in the elitist category of mankind therefore offering advise to others that they can never attain or be with.

2 cents of advise to this low-life scum, get a mirror and have a deep deep look at yourself, then go have a talk to your mother if she can get you married to a strong woman to sort your head out. Alternatively as opposed to throwing the pressure of your handicapped mind onto others, perhaps Psychotherapy could be the answer. If-7ais is the one and only answer for you, and for your kind.

All the best in future endeavors at developing a social brain,

Ps:- Please do consider flushing yourself down the toilet, as that is closer to where you belong than infront of a computer screen surfing the web, and leaving comments reflecting your sad image and nature as a sordid pathetic low life.

[interesting post response - curtsy of your husband to this shit]

- I have nothing more to add.

What was I thinking!!!?

One of the funny moments which I believe will stay in the memory for a long while, is my speaking IELTS exam.
So i was asked in the IETLS speaking test to talk about a walk I did,,, and I was really dissapointed as for me this wasn't the kind of topic I expected for a 2 minutes talk! I thought for a while and said the first thing that crossed my mind.

'well I used to walk with my fiance but before we got engaged

It's either the woman didn't like the 'HAHA' part, or as a friend suggested she came from a conservative background.. because I didn't get a good greade in that section!

now when I think of it, I have no idea what on earth was I thinking at that time.. I guess it was not a very smart attempt from me -trying to shift her attention and make her ask questions about something I can keep on talking about for hours and hours without stopping.. my 'T' ! But that of course didn't happen.. anyway,,, im done and this is what really matters though this funny incident would stay on my mind whenever I hear the word IELTS!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What took YOU so long!?!

I remember when we used to gather -me and my friends, sharing our thoughts and dreams..
We had only one idea in mind.. when the ONE (prince charming) finally shows up, one question would immediately pop up.. 'Why the hell were you so late.. what took you so long'!?!

And now remembering those words, it just cracks me up!

When he's finally there.. all would be forgotten! The world would have a new meaning, and happiness would have no sky or limit...

I truely believe in God's big plan, it's having the right thing happen at the right time in the right way.... it's causing the weirdest coincidence turning one's life upside down.. it's erasing the word 'Never' from one's dictionary,,, never say Never - cause you never know!

What's late.. is WORTH THE WAIT!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Difficulties in dealing with Women

Recently, Im finding it really hard to deal with women! YES.. WOMEN!
I always thought having to deal with men who occupy high positions is easier.. the smarter a woman is and the more professional - the hardest to deal with she becomes and the more she complicates everything. I have no clue why!!!

I've been totally avoiding to organize or plan my wedding with women! Even for the flowers Im going for a male florist, they just tend to be more cooperative not only that but they have more patience, they listen carefully to you and then after you get over with all the blah blah talk, and take all the time to do the whole blah blah with all the little details included (as I have a perfectionist mom who pays extra attention to the smallest details including the fact that there should be flowers on the ribbon that holds the back of the chairs.. not the ribbon only -but the flowers on that ribbon too, )!
After getting done with all your requests and done with the special requests too.. the florist gives you an advice- if there is any- and then he'd just stick to exactly what you want without forcing you or isisting that you do a particular idea or thought..

Then there's the DJ, Im glad to say that the guy im dealing with gives me every reason to look forward to the whole event.. he'll be responsible for the lighting too.. he has so many brilliant ideas and he knows 'what's good for what' kinda thing.. luckily I don't have to worry about this part!

Many people say that the DJ and the photographer are the most important people in the whole occasion,, the DJ because he'll be creating the mood for everyone to jump and dance (though with the kind of friends I have even a bad DJ would be more than enough and won't stop them) and then there is the photographer... to treasure the memory and capture the precious moments.

I find it very hard to deal with women because with all that I need to do, women who are involved in those kinda thing tend to be extremly bossy and have very strong personalities that makes me want to go away and never come back... although I am a real feminist yet i believe in some situations women can be so hard to deal with and must be avoided! I can't tolerate the way some women act .. and at this time this is the very last thing I need to handle.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tagged By Gardenia :)

1- If there was a fire at your house and you could save only one thing (item) what would that be?

Nothing... I've been in a serious car accident three years ago and I know for a fact that when such things happen a person just run to save his life, no matter how smart you think you are! In critical situations and real life your mind wouldn't function, your whole body would go numb! Nothing would be taken.. this is a fact,,, you'd panic and hardly be able to move.

2- What is the most embarrassing situation you have been in?

Many embarassing situations.. I can't remember the most embarassing,, I have a very lousy memory, though there's a fresh one that happened this month with my 'friend' who was supposed to be parking her car..

3- If you can do over a part of your life, what will you change?
meeing certain people.. being sincere with those who don't deserve, trusting those who are unworthy, and having faith in losers..

but when I think of it from a different angle, every part of my life made me who I am today!
Every experience I've been through -even if bad- has added a lot to my personality...
Meeting bad people makes us appreciate the good ones.
Going through shitty events makes us enjoy and cherich every single great moment.
Giving to those who don't deserve makes us more careful in our decisions and the way we deal with different people later on.
Being naiive and making wrong choices at some point helps you to be wiser and more mature.. gets you to put your goals high and to set your dreams.. makes you appreciate the importance of having the right ONE who'd walk with you,,, give you all the support you need to achieve them.

Every painful incident builds a stronger you.

Nothing would be changed.

I now tag whoever feels like being tagged!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unspoken Words

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when Im there at your place expecting you to show up any minute...
when Im driving alone imagining you changing the channel..

when Im trying to make up my mind about a decision or make a choice and feel im all by myself..
when I miss laughing so hard that my stomache starts to ache..
when I look at my mobile and wait for it to ring...
when the world looks dark and the music is no longer heared..

when your voice becomes the sweetest sound to my ears,
when my day is your night
and your night is my day

when the songs become plain unrhymed words ..
when sleeping is rare
and the dreams are postponed
when waking up would be just to get me a step closer
when the seconds are hours
and the months are years

when June is no longer my favorite month
and July is all im waiting for

It's then when i know that Im terribly MISSING YOU!

Monday, March 19, 2007

my new friend!!!

So I found a new friend now.. someone I'd be thankful to for quite a long time! And I mean it...

despite the fact that I had my mouth open for almost 2 hours today, and the feeling of pain which is getting not only on my nerves - it's affecting everything even my thinking.

despite the fact that I still need to go there for another two hours or so tomorrow.. and the feeling of hunger and not being able to open my mouth to eat or drink...!

despite the ugly feeling of the very long needle and having to go through its pain twice as one time was not enough to get that part numb.. ( I have no clue why!)

I can't say that I got over my fear, but there's a big imporvement as the dentist is becoming my new friend recently.. Im seeing him quite often! So for those who miss me we can meet there !!
why not when he'll give me the 'perfect smile'.. this is what they say! I've never had problems with the whiteness degree of my teeth,, but i wouldn't mind the extra white.. to get the sparkle and shine!! no one would mind that!!!

I just need to wait for a week or two to get the final magical result.. and YEAH YEAH.. it works! I know many people who tried it before and they got it!! THE PERFECT SMILE... once im done,, i'll keep smiling!!! i'll just start from now... so as to get prepared for the real action and fun.. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

GO, get a LIFE

I don't get it.. some people are just so pathetic! They think by chasing others and trying to do what others did, they just MIGHT get a life .. or might get somewhere !

If you say black, they say white.. it's not as if there's a meaning behind it or any value, they say anything even if it has no meaning at all, even if it makes them look so dumb just for the sake of getting some attention.

But why? If you try to live your life thinking you're someone else, or to do something thinking that this way you'll get the feeling that you're ahead then you'll keep yourself behind.. you'll keep yourself low -the way you were and would always be, not only this but you'll be a real joke for everyone else!

it's truely sad to live your life doing things not because you want to do them but because you want to live the life of others, to try what they do... there will come a time when you find that nothing of what you made is considered to be a wise decision,,, you did it out of stupidity! It's not a game your playing.. it's your life for God's sake!

If there's a point to be said or proved then do it directly and clearly, no need for hints ... How pathetic!
And for once... once only try to get a life of your own for a change!

Why I hate snow

I just hate when it snows.. ! Winter makes me depressed.. rain makes me depressed, snowing doubles the dose... I have no clue why

no TV (you need to go fix it every hour or so)
no driving (I get scared when it rains.. when it snows I just drop the whole idea)

you'll end up eating more.. I can't count the number of strawberries I've eaten today!!!

no nothing.. just sitting home and waiting for life to get back to normal again
I hate the feeling of being trapped!

and then people ask why I hate when it snows?!!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To all of YOU...

Now I feel there's more about blogging than just writing posts!

It's much more than that.. when I was new to this, I had only one reason for creating this blog as I needed it so badly.. and it helped,,, really! more than I wanted and much more than I expected!

But then as I moved a big step from where I was to where I am, and as I became more attached to this place... to my place... as I became more aware of how important this place to me and to what I want to be.. I now treasure it more than any time before!
It's been a little over a year now since I wrote my very first post! It sounds crazy when I think about the past year and how a person's life can turn to a wonderful thing in a very short time.. I just become more attached to my 'SIMPLY ME'!

I find it a little bit surprising to see people deleting their blogs! Hopefully no matter what happens, I would never let this thought even cross my mind.. I won't be able to delete a thing that makes me happy or helped me to get over a dark cloud.

A Year ago, I started 'SIMPLY ME' for a reason, but now Im holding to it for a totally new reason and a new cause!
What's ironic is that the thing I never thought would be one of my interests last February, is what Im enjoying to do the most nowadays... I found a new thing that's greater than writing a post.. and deeper than finding the words to express feelings.. I find a great joy in reading others' posts and leaving comments, then later on reading the replies!

It's surprising yet very impressive the fact that I start my day checking some of those blogs while drinking my morning nescafe! It's so exciting when Im out somewhere and then I come back to read some of the posts which I've commented on earlier and read the replies from all of you...
TO all the bloggers who contribute to making me start a new fresh day with enthusiasm and a smile on the face..

Thank you!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guys just Don't KNOW

Do you have the slightest idea how great we feel after a long day spent at the mall?

How amazing it feels when you walk around with so many bags or when you ask for help trying to fit them all in the car!?

Or when you buy a lovely thing on sale and feel smart that you didn't buy it a month ago when it was way too expensive?

Or when you come back home confused on what to try on first!?

How exciting it feels when you drop all the bags on the bed and make the biggest mess!?

How awesome it feels to shop for everything at the same time.. make up, clothes, nail polish, pjs, novels.. everything!!

Well It feels great,,, more than great... so refreshing!!! And now It's time to start with my new novel.. I waited for this moment for weeks... it's finally happening.. the best way to relax,,, the coolest self treat!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

no mOre

Finally.. now I can relaaaaaaaaax! Im done with IELTS and got the grade I need.. no more worrying!

I don't want to hear about it.. read about it.. be asked about it.. no more IELTS!


It's a great feeling when you spend two weeks waiting... expecting the worse (just in case)_ then voilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

and now what?

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Does anyone have an idea how hard is it to do Governmental paper work?! How stressful, annoying and irritating!?

One visit to get any of such done is not enough, there should always be a second and sometimes third one with the complete required papers, each time you think you're almost there they just come up with new stuff and ask for new things.. when you think you can see the light they get you back to the first step,,, where you've started!

And now what? It's not enough that I have no idea why but those places are almost only for men, and when ladies go there they get stared at from everyone to which they'd feel leaving immediately is the only option.. and if someone is sent with those papers without you being there the whole thing would be rejected! I don't really get it? Are women allowed there or not? And if they are, then why all the weird looks? This is confusing...!

And how come everything becomes so easy (a process that needs a week would be finished in one day only) when there's a 'wasta'!!! What would people who don't have it do?! sit and wait for a miracle to happen?!!!

Why is it that people nowadays complicate everything and makes life harder? It seems the word 'simple' does no longer exist in our dictionary,,, and the more you complicate things the more efficient and professional you are!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


As I got out of my car, waiting for my two friends to join me, I saw the back of my friend's car as she was trying to park... so I stood there in the middle of the street, giving her directions..
Waving to her,,, a little bit to the right, nooo nooo nooo that's too much, to the left, now come closer... yes, go a little bit straight and again...

and here I felt like getting more into the action- and was too excited so started to knock on the window (to tell her to stop right there.. as it looks perfect from all sides with a huge smile on my face), just to see a guy coming out of the car to ask '3afwan eish il mushkileh... fy ishy?'

It was way too embarrassing, I had no idea that she already got to the place and gave her car to the valet!!! I seriously scared that guy today, he was too shocked.... poor guy!

Friday, March 02, 2007

MEN should follow

I was chatting with a friend- who claims to be a wise philosopher when it
comes to girls and relationships- and he just told me a sentence that he came up with and strongly believes in..

' get the woman on ur side, and the men should just follow,,,'

ummm... is it really true!?!!