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Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Regrets!

I don't really believe that a person can live and not regret a single decision, choice, act or even word he's said!

No matter how wise we are, strong or confident... a day comes when this would be felt- 'if time goes back, I would've done things differently or reacted differently in certain circumstances'. No matter how sure you were at that specific moment when you did this or that, there might come a time when you look back and say oh I wish I didn't...

People might waste years of their lives with the wrong person... the wrong career, the wrong choice... the wrong degree,,, and when they finally realize that it's the Wrong thing or one.... - they make themselves and others believe that lessons would be learnt from it all... nothing is wasted!
I agree.
This truely helps and makes it easy to comprehend and digest many of the things that happen in life and make us wonder... why did it happen in the first place!?

BUT deep inside.. there's always the 'IF'... no matter how hard we try ...

If I could go back in time, I would've acted differently... wouldn't say what I've said,,, wouldn't be as open as I was !

It might be true that letting things out helps in healing whatever there is to heal.. but I now firmly believe that regretting words that were said causes much more pain and sorrow!


  • At January 21, 2007 , Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

    Amazingly well said Dima, I couldn't agree more.
    The only things we really shouldn't regret are the things that were outside of our control. We can't regret an act of god, or nature. We had no hands in that.
    But we live to regret the choices we made and regret even more the compromises we had to go there.
    No matter how tough people think they are, not regretting is just sheer stubbornness ... and nothing more

  • At January 21, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Oh i like this 'not regretting is just sheer stubbornness ... and nothing more'.. yup that's the word :)
    by the way the 'I power Qwaider planet' goes really well with my pink background ;)
    If later on you'll be able to make a pure pink (different shades of pink) with no blue at all... that would be just perfect!!!!

  • At January 21, 2007 , Blogger MommaBean said...

    Very interesting. I have a slightly different take. While I might see in hindsight that a different experience would be better for me, each experience I've had (regrets or no) has made me who I am. Who knows what positives would be gone if I removed a negative choice I'd made. So, I tend to have no regrets because each experience I have is part of who I am... But, very though provoking, thanks.

  • At January 21, 2007 , Blogger manal yusuf said...

    well im a person that rarely regrets any dission i make...cause i realise that im a pesron that ask so many "what if's" so when taking any dession i really think good about it...but yes i did regret a dession once for a while but not anymore...and i do have many things worth regreting but i dont, maybe yes sheer stubbornness or maybe even worse

    wow good topic

  • At January 21, 2007 , Blogger Averroes said...

    To Err is Human, to forgive is Divine. Humans make mistakes, mistakes can be called anything..including victories, but there comes a time when those are revealed to their truths as being mistakes.

    Regreting doing something or not doing it is part of the "you learn" process, as you grow older, new prespectives, hidden corners previously invisible are revealed before your eyes, when that happens, you shed light on a long gone event, and's a healthy cleansing system..regret, as long as it teaches us not to repeat the same mistake in the future when we're faced with similar circumstances.

    History will repeat itself,it's our choice how to play our role when that day comes.

  • At January 22, 2007 , Anonymous Earth Child® said...

    i never regreted anything in my life, the action that makes you stop and realise what you did was wrong is the start of doing the right thing, so id never wish to go back so i'd take a different path, thus i wouldn't be me ;)


  • At January 22, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    MommaBean... I totally agree, every single experience is part of what made me who I am today! Who knows what positive would be gone if a negative choice was removed.. that's 100% true... but you see, thinking this way is what helps us in accepting so many things that happen and would be accompanied by all the exclamation marks :)
    And still- the mind (imagination) would always try to build the 'what if' scenario ... no matter what !
    Thanks for passing by :)

    manal yusuf... it's not about you regretting something and then stop, it's the fact that it happened even if for a very short while! I think it's something we can't control... and i do believe that it varies from one person to another.. :)

  • At January 22, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Averroes... I like your "you learn" theory!
    Maybe at a certain point... there will be no regrets! But still i don't believe this can be possible as there are choices to be made every single day, and there are always lessons to be learned!

    Earth Child®... ummm that's a nice logical explanation :)
    I'd say you're lucky then ;)

  • At January 22, 2007 , Blogger nido said...

    Its so hard not to regret...but I believe that since we always regret this and that, it becomes easier to forget the "mistakes" we've done. And life goes on! ...BTW, you have been tagged! check my blog:)


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