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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On dress shopping

Since Im looking for a dress I was contemplating buying it from Amman but then I changed my mind!

I noticed that when dress shopping in Amman, you get to see some stunning dresses with all the blingy beads and stuff but when you try them on, the panic and headache starts!
And you'd be wondering whether it is you and the 1/2 extra kilos or the dress itself. Once you try it on, you'd feel like keeping it on the mannequin forever and never touch it again.

While in Sydney, you see them looking good.. you try them on and then you say WOW, Voilà!


funky.. different.. elegant

This is one of the websites that I find creative.. interesting and very different.
Very cool design!
I like how everything moves and drops all the time...

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back.. but I don't mind!

The G-shocks are also back.. but I don't mind cause I really like them. I remember buying one from the states in 1997!! I can't believe it's more than 10 years ago. I wanted it so badly, and I remember when I bought it, it felt so good that I couldn't stop showing it off.

And now I look at their new designs and think well I don't really mind having a new one. The Baby-G look really great in white and pink. I like!

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places and names

would you go to a restaurant that's called 'naughty chef'?

I wanted to take a photo of it today, but it was too late .
But I mean seriously, naughty chef!!! what a dodgy name!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How cool is that!!?

I wonder how would it feel to have one of these customized colorful plates. Ok, I might prefer color on customization.. especially if it's one of these pink plates. I wouldn't care what it says! Even if the letters and numbers are of the worst combination.. it wouldn't really matter!!

Till now, I didn't really see any. Maybe because they are just super new, but I can't wait to see one of them. I bet the beach areas would have all the different varieties!

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does it really exist?

Mom used to do this all the time.. when she cooks, she doesn't feel like eating! And I remember her having a very late light breakfast (bread and labaneh) at around 1pm- just an hour before lunch- so she'd find an excuse for not joining us.
I even remember her saying something about the smell.. it's like when you're cooking you don't get hungry because you get to smell the cooked food all the time, so that makes you full!!

And now it's happening to me too.. when I cook I really don't feel like eating! I thought it's just me.. but then we had friends over the other day and they were talking about the same thing.. they even call it the 'cook's curse'!

Movies and the Economic Crisis

Where did all the good movies go?! I thought those at least won't be affected. Or I thought that it's not fair for them to be affected! But well just like everything else, I guess they couldn't really avoid the negativity of this crisis.

A year ago I was confused looking at all the previews and thinking to myself I want to watch every single movie.. so I have to find the time. And now it's just the opposite.. I can't seem to find a movie that is worth saying Oh I really want to see this or that. They're just horrible. Low budget movies, and I really mean that.
Where all the scenes are taken in just one studio location and they are just too boring! I can't stop myself from thinking is it really worth the time.. is it worth wasting 2 hours? They're bad to the degree that I'd be thinking about other things while watching.. like when will it be over, or what would I be doing if I am not watching!!

Someone should really be doing something about it...!
Any recommendations people? Are there any recent movies worth watching?

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Monday, April 27, 2009

my very favorite spot

It is also the best souvenirs collector!

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Very bad combination.. WARNING

The worst thing you can do to your stomach and digestion system is to have this combination,

Tom Yum Noodles + Caramel Popcorn

I seriously can't learn the lesson.. when there is a movie at night this means caramel popcorn, and the tom yum noodles is the only thing I always feel like having.. no matter when or where- Amman or Sydney, so it's always on my mind!

Now I can't even make myself look at them! Let's see when will be the next time I'll have them again..

I feel sick.. *sigh*

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No, Yes.. a birthday present?!

I would say absolutely NO to this ↓ , unfortunately Im finding them back along with the Check shirts.

Taken from ESPRIT website

And it's hard to say which one looks worse, those vests or the check shirts!

However, I would say a YES to this ↓. It's the same concept I know, but still I can consider them more acceptable, more fashionable, practical and useful. In the kind of weather we are experiencing at this time of the year when it's between winter and autumn but with a very strong burning sun that can be hidden behind the clouds 50% of the time, they can be very handy. You'd want to feel warm and not get sick but at the same time you don't want to look like a total zombie in a huge jacket when some people are walking with shorts!

It is the kind of thing I would buy and wear with everything.. to get the casual or semi formal look! It really works both ways!

What do you think?

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it's hard to believe...

that THIS post for the 'wawa song' is the one that gets all the hits!
It is shocking the amount of people who google the name of this song and then log to read it from my blog just because I posted a caricature about it long time ago!!! ummm.. WEIRD!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

our little star


I keep imagining my niece in one of these!!

And now that she'll be one year old on the 12th of May, I can't but think of how much joy this little princess has added to our lives! She's the one we talk about in every single phone call.. and she seriously has the power of uniting the family in the cutest and sweetest possible way.

I've always heard people talking about their nieces and nephews and couldn't really relate. But now it all makes sense! It's a unique kind of unconditional love that is hard to explain.

She's a bundle of joy and hope. When I first saw her, I was in this numbness phase.. and she brought back all the positiveness I once lost. She made everything look right and bright again.. and as a premature baby she made me realize that health is what really matters.. she's a fighter- this is what her mom says about her- and she taught us the meaning of patience, thankfulness and gratitude.

Her 'rainbow eyes' dance and sparkle whenever she smiles, and she smiles 99.9% of the time! She's the reason why Im in love with palm trees. She claps, she laughs, she says 'la2' now .. she will always be my very precious touteh..
Happy Birthday sweetheart

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Friday, April 24, 2009

A 'greedy' wish

It's funny how sometimes you'd wait for something to happen for so long, and then when it finally happens you'd want more. You feel you won't be fully happy unless you get what you wanted and more.

What's good though, is to pause, take a deep breath.. and think that I don't want to have a greedy wish. To have a wish coming true is a blessing. Take it, enjoy it, and be thankful! You definitely don't want to have a greedy wish- it just takes away all the joy!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is there any other way to publish photos?

I really really really hate the quality of photos on!

The difference between the original photos I take and the posted ones is so shocking.. It is sad!

Does anyone know if there's any other way to do this? Do I have to go back to wordpress!!!

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my passion

Sunday, April 19, 2009


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Friday, April 17, 2009


I really feel like telling people..

If you don't have anything nice to say.. just SHUT UP!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

please don't come back!!!

Check shirts are everywhere nowadays! Please don't let it be the trend of the season.. I used to hate them -back in the nineties? I guess- and I still hate them. They are ugly, boring regardless of the pattern/color, and look bad on girls (all girls - fat, slim, .. any girl!). Ewww!

Does this have to do with the economic crisis? Fashion designers.. wake up and stop copying old creations. Hello!!!

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Fire Alarms

I hate fire alarms, they scare the shit out of me.. even with knowing that 99.9% of the times they're false, I still panic.

But what's even worse is the false fire alarm at 5 am! I mean how bad is that.. I don't even want to talk about the nightmare I got after I went back to sleep! It was one hell of a night.

I think by now I can actually start to write a horror book from the nightmares I keep having.. they are so varied, vivid and distinguished in an ugly horrible way.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

we were both young.. when I first saw you

I just love the first, middle and last part.


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

ha..? What are you trying to say?!

Some ads are seriously getting on my nerves. And the reason why Im saying this is because they're so desperate that they would say anything- and I mean anything- to get you into the buying mode. But the thing is no one would want to come close to products with those ads' quotes.

' if you don't eat chicken there's something wrong with you.. ' - chicken ad
What's with the 'there's something wrong with you' part. What would you say to all the Vegetarian people out there? Do you seriously think by saying this people would jump and go buy chickens! I'd say the opposite.

' Think smart.. get Fox***' - Fo*tel
So are you implying that 'otherwise.. you are an IDIOT?'
I would consider this an offensive kinda ad. I don't -and repeat, DON'T- want to ever get your Fo*tel.

And recently I came across this,

I like the concept of the Miche Bag, and appreciate the fact that it is there to make the life of women easier with all the different colorful changeable covers to minimize the frustration we all get with the accompanying need of buying different bags for all the different outfits. Alternatively, you can buy the one Miche Bag, and just change the covers.

But what I don't understand is this ↑ on their website. What's with the 'Good, Better, Best' presentation.. I mean Hello, those who will buy the Miche Bag are women and not school girls. So what's the difference between the best and good?
Is it with the quality of the bag?... clearly Not!!
Is it with the quality of the covers? ... No!!
It's only with the quantity and the fact that you will be paying more! So is this their pure understanding of what the 'best' represents!!! Based on what?!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sometimes it's easy to forget that the Arabic '3' or i3 sound cannot be pronounced by non-Arabs. Having said that, it's difficult to get the Arabic names when coming from foreigners!

In a BBQ the other day, we had this really cute baby, and everyone was looking at his cute moves. I had this hilarious conversation with a Romanian girl whom I met there,

R: 'where is a bed'?
D: 'A bed?' - while watching the baby
R: 'Yeah, a bed.'
D: 'ummm no he doesn't have a bed' - confused, thinking why the hell would she ask me about that baby! he's not mine.. his mom is there
R: 'no, Im asking, where is A BED.' - stressing on the BED part
D: 'He is playing on the ground. There is no bed'!- looking around me, trying to find someone who can help with this strange lady, who's insisting on asking a question that I don't have an answer for.
The baby is not mine, ask the mom.
And what kind of question was that, to get the baby's bed to the BBQ. Weirdo! Go away!

R: 'A bed did not come?'

And then it hit me.. and I was like 'oh you mean 333333333abed'
R: 'what?'
D: 'he will be back, he went to pick up something'
R: 'Is it right - the way I say his name?, can you teach me how you pronounce it?'
D: 'Oh forget it.. it's not a problem. You say it absolutely right'!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Photos of the day


My very favorite ad for the YEAR

Anything is possible..

Optus Whale song Ad 2009. It's worth seeing!
You can't be more creative than this. Don't forget to have your speakers on!

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for choco lovers

Talking about Easter choco and Easter bunnies.. this is a cool ad

Happy Easter

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Love Lock Down

The music is SENSATIONAL!

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im under your spell

She's so COOL

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

NO, I don't owe you an explanation

Friendship does not mean that I need to present an explanation for every single action or every single decision I make in my life.
Friendship does not mean that you are closer to me than my own family.
Friendship does not give you the excuse to be nosy.
Friendship does not mean that you have the right to know every single move I make, every single plan I have..
Friendship does not mean you have the right to always ask and push to know the why, how, when, where, ... etc
Friendship does not mean that I should condiser your opinion before taking the next step, doing what I think is right, being where I want to be or with whom I want to be.
Friendship does not mean that I have to take your permission first!

Friendship means you know your limits..
you need to know that I say what I want to say, and I let you know what I want you to know, whenever I feel like it.
Friendship means for you to treat me the way I treat you.. for you to respect my privacy and my desire to be private and personal about some issues in my life because this is exactly what I do when it comes to your life and your issues. Stop questioning, Stop investigating!
Friendship means that if my parents and sisters respect my decisions and support me in whatever then you should react in the same way. You are my friend but there are limits.
Friendship means that you are happy because I am happy. And that is enough.

Don't get me wrong, but I am avoiding you on purpose. And I will keep on doing that until you get it right.

Chinese letters

For the Chinese commenter can you please stop posting more comments? I won't post a comment unless I know what it means.. so it's either you translate it to English or stop commenting please.

It really annoys me when I keep getting them on every single post- and sometimes twice!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

life without my camera

I thought my laptop is the most important thing in my life. But now I changed my mind big time! Living without my camera is hard.. I thought it's a pain to have it as a carry on in addition to the laptop but now I can't stop myself from saying what was i thinking!!!

1- Going out is not as fun as it used to be. When there is no rain I can't but think I wish I have my camera with me.
2- I enjoy the major events in the city, but when Im home it would be over. There is nothing to look at .. no rush or excitement! I have always thought that what's more fun than being there is next day.. when you look at the captured moments in vivid colors!
3- I feel so light with my shoulder bag. Im used to carry it with my black crumpler - camera case. 4- I wanted to frame some photos. But I have no recent ones.. I had to go back to photos that were taken > 5 months!
5- I have to use my mobile camera which is not as half as good. It seriously makes me think twice before taking a photo. The other night I wanted to take photos of a place called 'dive' with a great diving sculpture, so I used my mobile. It looks ok.. I mean ok as in I can't use it anywhere else. It should stay on my mobile.. where it belongs!
6- Just like everything else.. now that I don't have it, I keep thinking about it all the time. Recently I had a thousand ideas of places to go and photos to take.. but it's not happening!

The only good thing though is that my laptop is faster.. no more big RAW photos. No more duplicate photos. No more 'edit', 'delete as soon as you're done', 'black and white', 'taken by me', 'personal' folders. Plus, my sisters' are more chilled and relaxed now that they don't have to worry about their inbox going full because of my super large photos.

I miss my D60. I seriously do!


I like. What do you think?

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Best Job in the WORLD

This is super cool and doesn't happen everywhere or everyday. It is the 'Queensland's (North Australia) Best Job in the World' competition which took three months and 34,684 applicants to get to the 16 finalists.

'The successful applicant will get $150,000 and six months to explore the reef and blog about the experience, acting as an international ambassador for Queensland tourism in the process.'!

This is tourism in the 21st century.. very creative! To live in an island for six months and then blog about it.. that's a wow! I remember spending one day in a magical island.. and I can't seem to get it out of my mind till today. I can blog about that day for years to come!

Applicants had to send a video to reflect their outstanding personalities. The chosen finalists wowed everyone and were super impressive.

'Brisbane girl Hailey Turner's 12-day, round-the-world trip to promote Queensland also grabbed attention.

New Zealand TV presenter Clarke Gayford, 32, impressed with his witty blog - as well as swimming with sharks during a media interview.

And physical education teacher Greg Reynen donned flippers and goggles and paraded around central Singapore to show selectors how keen he was for the job.'


Link to full article

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

this or that?

so is it the movie or the couch?

Lately Im finding it extremely hard to stay awake when watching a movie no matter what time it is! And I can't stop wondering..

what's the problem? dull movie or comfy couch!!!


Remember this?

Does anyone remember this? I wonder if they are still to be found anywhere.. I used to love them a lot when I was a kid.
I remember having one that looks exactly like this one with the same color and all.. it was my favorite. I loved the heart shaped nose and I kept on biting it the whole time.

It used to make me sleepy.. ummm it just feels weird when I think about today's Bratz and those Care Bears!

How come they don't make simpler more lovable stuff for kids? Why is everything getting more complicated nowadays...

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