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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i HATE to fly with a Stand BY Ticket!

The trip was amazing, and the workshop was great... everything went smoothly till the departure time (today morning)! I knew I'd have problems but didn't expect it to went this bad... I had two tickets and both flights were full! I was in the airport at 5 am and im not really a morning person, and to find out that the situation is this critical, i just felt worse!

I had to run between two terminals, checking with both airlines, then I thought if things don't get any better i'd just fly Lufthansa (meaning I'd come to Amman Via Frankfurt) which would take me around 9 hours without the time i'd be spending in the Airport.

I kept on praying, as I was really tired and felt like going home so badly... and they kept telling me there's no hope, but i just stayed there in the Business Class check-in Place wearing jeans and a butterfly flip flop (not really looking like a business class passenger) but who cares! Anyway, back to the subject, there was this really nice guy on the check in counter, and he said he'll try his best but still i need to wait... and before the departure with only 20 minutes finally he checked me in, I was there before anyone else and checked in after all the others! but this is when the real problem started, he said you need to run! I thought well i still have time, they will wait for me... i have a boarding pass so they should wait! but then i started to panic when it suddenly hit me, maybe the won't wait!... they were having the last call 'all passengers flying to Amman this is your last call' at a time when I was not even past the passport control. So this is when i started to run, I can't remember when was the last time I had to run this fast... but well everything has a first time!

The most important thing is that i got on that flight, when it was OVERBOOKED with 15 people! This was a big achievement!

I was skiing yesterday at the time when they had the Brazil game (I envy you medo for being able to be there in Dortmund and watching it from the stadium, but Im happy to see one of your dreams coming true), so I had the chance to watch the repetition in the flight.
Talking about the skiing lessonn it definitely needs a separate post as it was one of the funniest most adventurous things i've ever done.

The workshop was great, the presentation too! And again, the greatest part of all is as usual, getting to know new people, having new friends, and meeting old ones.

More pictures and posts are to come regarding the workshop and the skiing!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Tomorrow morning I will be flying to Dubai for a 3 days workshop. Three days are not enough, as there are so many things to do there! But the flight back to Amman is full, and im on the waiting list with two tickets on two different airlines ... so with some luck, I might get stuck there and stay one more night... or maybe two more extra nights, who knows!!!! And then i'll be there for the weekend!
This time there will be skiing in the Emirates mall for sure, and next time the safari.

Flying to Dubai, is awesome...
with all the things you can do, time flies so fast in a weird way! And the unique view you get to see from the flight when landing, you won't be able to see it when landing anywhere else...

It's amazing, the lands are divided in such an organized incredible way... all the long towers, and huge buildings with swimming pools! I'll try to get some pictures when landing... hopefully!

Preparations for the workshop took quite a lot of time, as there's a presentation that I had to complete before getting there... Im looking forward for it, we had a target of 50 new members and we achieved 188 so far! There's a lot to talk about... There's nothing I enjoy more than talking about victories, achievements and success!

This presentation was all what's in my mind for a week now, and I know it will stay this way till it's over... Im not scared of presentations anymore because with our working environment it becomes a normal thing, but what really matters for me is to give a strong impressive and interesting one... wish me luck!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is the way my office usually looks in a normal day! Im not talking about a high season... Im talking about just any other day!

I always try to get rid of all the files and papers I have, but well there are nearly 6 files that I always use, and when in hurry I just get too lazy and keep it around instead of putting it away! There are three different types of calenders which I hardly use but it just feels nice to have them. Then there's my glow in the dark brain shaped mouse pad with strong bright colors that don't really go with anything else around.

There's also all the other things I have there, with no real use... sometimes I think maybe it's because Im used to have this messy environment that I feel I can't work without! Everytime I try to make it look neater, it just doesn't work... piles of paper would start to spread everywhere. From every trip I get something for the office as if there's enough room! I remember two years ago how it looked and now whenever Im away on a trip my colleagues ask me when Im back how can I work with all those things... but then I feel every single item has a special meaning, it's a part of my existance,,, so I just change my mind and decide to keep it the way it is!
So there's a Camel from Dubai and a football player from Germany along with all the other things sticking to the screen!

Everytime there's someone sitting anywhere close to my disk I start to have papers falling!
I guess I have to find a solution sometime soon... moving some of the things back home or just trying to get rid of all the papers... work never ends, and there's always a new task, a new problem, or a new story...!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

02-JUN-2006 (IRIS)

And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
'Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Ticket to the SEMI-FINAL

How would you feel if you own this???

A guy came to our office today to buy a plane ticket to watch the semi final game!!!
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Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yesturday night everyone was wearing yellow shirts... the streets were crowded at midnight as everyone was heading home after the game!

Most people thought it was not a strong game, and they expected a better performance from the Brazilian side, but I really enjoyed it especially the first 10 minutes.

And thought as they got the first goal they don't really want to put more unnecessary effort, and save that for stronger more challenging ones.

So it's all about the world cup clothes and items now, it's everywere... and I found some really creative Mobiles' accessories. With bright colors!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup / Fußball-WM

After seeing all the crowds in Frankfurt airport gathering around big screens on the way back home, as I left at a time when everyone else was arriving there... which was depressing and dissapointing at the same time- I believe there's nothing more enjoyable than watching the games with the huge crowds in Germany's streets.

So Im going to pack again, and spend the weekend in Germany! Sounds a little bit wild i guess, but still it's worth it!

I'll try my best to take as much pictures as possible... I can't wait!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

ماذا تقـول لمن خـذل احساسـك ؟

Im so against blogging forwarded e-mails! But I just couldn' t resist this one! For the ones who were/are hurt... and for all the broken hearts, this will make you stronger! It looks long, but definitely worth reading! How very true...

ماذا تقـول لمن خـذل احساسـك ؟
عندما يخذلـون احساسـك الجميـل ويكسـرون أحلامـك بقسـوة
ويرحلـون عنك كالأيام في العمــر وينبـت في قلبـك جـرح بأتسـاع الفـراغ خلفهـم
ثم تأتي بهـم الأيام اليـك من جديـد
فكيـف تستقبـل عودتهـم وماذا تقـول لهـم ؟؟؟

قل لهـم انك نسيتهـم وأدر لهـم ظهـر قلبـك
وأمـض في الطريـق المعاكـس لهـم
فربمـا كان هنـاك أناس يستحقونـك أكثـر منهـم

قل لهـم ان الأيـام لا تتكـرر وان المـراحـل لا تعـاد
وانك ذات يـوم خلفتهـم تماما كما خلفـوك
وان العمـر لا يعـود الى الـوراء أبـدا

قل لهـم انك لفظـت آخر أحلامـك بهـم
حيـن لفظـتك قلوبهـم وانك بكيـت خلفهـم كثيـرا
حتى اقتنعـت بموتهـم وانك لا تملك قـدرة اعادتهـم الى الحيـاة في قلبــك مرة أخرى
بعد أن اختـاروا المـوت فيـك
قل لهـم ان رحيلهـم جعلك تعيـد أكتشـاف نفسـك
واكتشـاف الأشيـاء حـولك وانك اكتشفـت أنهم ليسـوا آخـر المشـوار
ولا آخــر الأحسـاس ولاآخــر الأحـلام
وان هناك أشيـاء أخـرى جميلـة ومثيـرة .. ورائعـة
تستحـق عشق الحياة واستمراريتـها

قل لهـم انك أعـدت طلاء نفسـك بعدهـم
وأزلـت آثار بصماتهـم من جـدران أعماقـك
وأقتلعـت كل خناجرهـم من ظهـرك وأعـدت ولادتك من جديـد
وحرصـت على تنقية المساحات الملـوثة منهم بك
وان مساحتـك النقيـة ما عادت تتسـع لهـم

قل لهـم انك أغلقـت كل محطات الأنتظـار خلفهـم
فلم تعـد ترتـدي رداء الشـوق وتقـف فـوق محطـات عودتهـم
تترقـب القادميـن وتدقـق في وجـوه المسافـرين
وتبحـث في الزحـام عن ظلالهـم وعطرهـم وأثرهم عل صدفـة جميلة تأتـي بهـم اليـك

قل لهـم ان صـلاحيتهـم إنتهت وأن النبض في قلبك ليس بنبضهم
وأن المكان فـي ذاكرتك ليس بمكانهم ولم يتبق لهم بك سوى الأمـس
بكل ألم وأســى وذكـــرى الأمـس قل لهـم
ان لكـل إحسـاس زماناً
ولكل حلم زماناً..ولكـل حكايـة زمانـاً
ولكـل حزن زماناً..ولكل فـرح زمانـاً
ولكل بشـر زمانـاً..ولكـل فرسـان زمانـاً
وإن زمنهـم إنتهـى بـك منـذ زمــن

قل لهـم انـك نزفتهـم في لحظـات ألمـك كدمـك
وإنـك أجهضتهـم فـي لحظـات
غيابهـم كجنيـن ميـت بداخلـك
وإنـك أطلقـت سراحهـم منـك كـالطيـور وأغلقـت الأبـواب دونـهـم
وعـاهـدت نفسـك ألاّ تفـتـح أبـوابـك> إلاّ> لأولئـك> الــذيــن> يسـتـحـقـــون

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Two Weeks

In the past two weeks I had the chance to meet different people... to build friendships that would last for many years to come! And on the way back, I was thinking of all the opportunities my job offers me... and how lucky I am, as I know for sure that this is the kind of job for me!

It's when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face- getting prepared for work, this is when you get to realise that you are blessed...

My job is my number one priority... It's what makes me go on!
As the course starts, each one would have his name and country infront of him... with time as each and everyone reflects his country and traditions, the country becomes to mean more than just a spot on a map... or a passenger destination/nationality! It would mean memories of people who shared meals, laughters, and tears.

Bucharest for me is Cristina and Delhi is Amrita... friends who comes from different backgrounds, different cultures and religions! Yet in a short time we were able to create a bond... and a promise to meet again in October.

As usual the 'good bye' would be the hardest of all... everything comes to an end, that can rather be seen as a start of a dream... a dream to meet again sometime soon!

To check Germany's (part2) pictures.

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Unexpected Return

It was so dissapointing, the fact that I left Germany at a time when everyone else is flying there. I had this unexpected change in schedule, and had to cut my 3 weeks stay to two! At the airport, there was this really big change... Im not only talking about all the world cup souvenirs which were in nearly every single shop (as this started two months ago), im talking about people travelling wearing teams' shirts... and about airport security and employees standing along with hundreds of passengers infront of the TV screens that were distributed everywhere! Everything had to do with the world cup even the normal tissues... the cabin attendants also had the football pin on their uniforms.. and this I found creative, a box that was given to LH passengers with two choco (football shaped).

The flight was ok, i really like flying at night.. im not sure if this is because im used to it by now or it's because I find it more conveniet as you'd end up sleeping...
Unfortunately a quite funny story happened today, as i was about to sleep, I started to hear this loud noise... I thought there's something wrong with the engines as the noise starts and stops then starts all over again! Only to find out after so many attempts trying to analyze the source of this noise, that it was the snoring of one of the passengers... I think he was the only one sleeping tonight, all the others were waiting for him to wake up so that they'd be able to sleep!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a day!

This is exactly how I feel after only four hours sleep, getting out of the flight to attend the eight hours course immediately!
Now I feel dizzy! But it was a great day, I got here to find a surprise! And this made me really shy, to have this done by ones who I met only a week ago!

They had a "happy birthday Dima' written for me on a big board inside the course room! I was astonished... And as I was sitting on my computer again I was surprised to see this on my computer!

The real shock was when the teacher came, she didnt only have a cake, but with candies and a rose too!!!

This year, I blew the candles twice, and I had to do two wishes... It took me a long time to think of any, as Ive got everything I want... and theres nothing more Id ask for... Im healthy and happy! What more would I want!!! Nothing... nothing more...

Monday, June 05, 2006


* Pre-Dinner preparations!

* Asem as usual has to be in every single picture

* Opening the gift...

* with sus, khaled and miso

I love the necklace... thank you! And I had a nice surprise, Y passed by... so I must say, I had all the people I love there in one place and at the same time... it was amazing!

The pictures were blurry, I have to get used to my new camera I guess, I definitely need to read the booklet when I have time!!!

4th of June 2006

With all the msgs, phone calls, ecards! This is how I felt... I felt like 'A STAR'
Pictures of my birhtday will be posted tomorrow from Germany as I have a flight to catch in 3 hours! It was definitely worth the 9 hours flight! Thank you for giving me the best birthday ever...

Sunday, June 04, 2006


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