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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Im in this phase where I just can't blog! Or read! Both of which i don't really feel like doing!
I believe it has to happen to everyone at least once in a while.. im one of the people who can write when im so down, and i use it as a way to let it all out! It's strange how people can express sadness in so many ways but can't find any way to express happiness.. and it's unexplainable how a sad topic would draw your attention and a sad poem or song can affect your mood and everything for the rest of the day... while a happy memory would be easily erased by an old pain!

I believe everything happens for a reason, and it's all planned.. it's what gets us to where we are now and to who we become... and you have to pass it all in order to survive! The most important thing is how to handle each situation and be smart enough not to fall...
There's nothing like 'oh this happened but it won't affect me, or Oh this happened but it means nothing', everything affects you in a way or another.. and people who come to our lives make a change... they come for a reason,,, no matter what that change is, they all leave a unique print...
As we give our time, emotions, attention and thoughts... we get more and more involved.
The more we give, the harder it is to let go...

And at the end we all look for stability... we look for a solid base to stand...

I was out with friends tonight.. and it feels strange but in a good way to see how different we are now.. how each one's experiences added something to how he thinks or how it changed the way he looks at things.. two years ago we were nothing like who we are today!
They were talking about 'there's nothing like 'giving to the person who deserves''... there's nothing as 'a person who deserves', this should be said in a different way... 'giving to the person who gets along with you, who understands you and accept you for who you are - and sees you as a PACKAGE... ',,, as a person who 'doesn't deserve' can be someone who deserves in the eyes of a person who's more compatible.

I believe love is to accept someone and look at him as a package. The more you categorise the far you are from what love is...

picture taken by and life goes on...®


  • At November 05, 2006 , Blogger Feras othman said...

    well u plz allow me to clap my hands for the woundefull post u made today ,without u know !!

    yes i do pass in the same moods and not being able to write or to read or even to publish written articles , but life goes on and cuz you are special and believes in ur self u do survive and try to spread ur presence world wide or larger that the city or the street or the building you are living in .

    this post descripes amazing feelings and a sight of emotions u descriped as a psychological advisor welldone :)

    u may pass by my blog and read a post called (masa2i ) you will know what i mean exactly !!

    be safe my friend full of happiness and ALIVE !!

  • At November 05, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    thanks Feras.. that's so sweet :)


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