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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a MAJOR change

I have always looked for a change, and needed a change... I remember saying the one and only sentence over and over again.. I don't need any change, it won't be enough.. I need a MAJOR change.

Looking at myself now, I can see it all happening and more! So im blogging using my new white adorable MAC, from my place -which is in the other part of the world- and with a new perspective on life and living coming not only from a wife and a student, but from a Jordanian who's living abroad too!

I remember getting here was difficult not only because of all the jet-lag and all the stupid stopovers we had to do but because I was still in a shock trying to digest all the changes that happened to my life in a very short period of time.

Saying goodbye was not easy- it's the worst thing I can think of. There's nothing harder.. or more depressing! The worst part and the hardest one was before the goodbyes! it's when you keep thinking of the all the times you'll miss all the ones back home even before it happens. After the goodbye, it becomes easier.. not because you'll stop missing all those who have this special place in your heart, but because it's happening.. you're living it.. there's nothing you can do about it.. but to wait for and dream of the time and minute that you'll all meet again.

Life is all about learning, and being a student again gives me this great fulfilling feeling of being useful,.. making a wise use of my time and life, and working on being someone not just anyone...

It is a whole new world! It is a MAJOR change.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

busy?? no.. SUPER BUSY!

The last couple of weeks taught me the real meaning of the word 'BUSY'. It made me realise that all the previous times when I thought I was busy... that was NOTHING compared to what I've been through recently!

I had many of the crazy moments that I won't forget, but now I know for a fact that planning a wedding is a hard- tough task! needs lots of time and efforts! Especially when it's done alone.. from A-Z
But Im just one of the people who wants to be part of the whole thing, as I thought this way I'd enjoy it even more.. I even went with a friend to help him in picking up a suit,, I went with cousins to shop for their dresses too ! And as much as it was tiring,, as much as I have enjoyed it all.. every single minute.. that was definitely another part that will be remembered and treasured.

I believe that what's so stressing about all this mess is dealing with people and trying to make them understand what's in your mind and do it exactly the way you want.
I had some funny incidents in the past couple of days, things that caused me so much tension but will certainly make me laugh when the wedding is over..
It seems that doing a summerish wedding is so much harder than any other time, as people tend to have a busy schedule and won't find any time to give you.. even if you're a bride, this still doesn't mean that you should have a priority!!
As I decided to get done with the final touches before my hubby's arrival- I called the photographer two days ago, telling him that I will pass over etc, and his reply was 'WHY'! just like that.. WHY! I said well maybe because we still didn't talk about anything yet and that I'd like to do the payment etc.. plus, which is more important, the wedding will be next week! All of this didn't seem to make a difference.. so he said.. well it's still too early, you see- in a week people can get to the states and return back!!!

I meet with the florist a week before the wedding and he asks 'will your wedding be in ***** hotel?'.. I was too shocked to answer!!! one week before the wedding and he still doesn't seem to get the wedding place right!

I insisted on being the one who drops the invitation cards as I wanted to be part of everything and to experience all.. The feedbacks that I got after this made me so happy,, flying, jumping! they all said one word.. had the same wonderful reaction 'ELEGANT'- this is what I kept hearing.
Now, I hope that next monday will be all that I wanted and dreamt of .. a reward for my efforts.. I hope it will be a day to remember.. I hope friends (especially those who are coming from all over the world just for the occasion) to enjoy it to the max and feel that it's worth all the long flying hours .. I hope it will be a day that will be engraved in the minds forever.. my 9th of July 2007!