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Monday, June 29, 2009

MORE- on my PROJECT - 1

For those of you who wanted to know more, and see more.. here you go!! Enjoy - 3 more pages

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

real and clear

Photo of the day - it was beautiful! A magical moment.. one to remember.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

freaking weird

Ok, yeah.. there is the 'like' / or comment option on facebook status. you can leave a comment or just keep it short and click on 'like'. But seriously, is it this hard to understand when to hit and when you can't.. or let's say should not.

So, here is someone grieving the death of his father, and with such extremely sad unexpected news,, a 'friend' comes and clicks on this stupid 'like' thing!

This is freaking sick and weird.. it doesn't even look right!!! !!!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Anonymous

magnify this user (Mtc Gprs Networks) [Label IP Address]

Al Kuwayt, Kuwait, Kuwait, 7 returning visits

The 'this is the first time I read your posts' is a stupid attempt of a lie for the simple reason that you googled my 'dudettesblog' first to get the link, and for someone who has 7 returning visits in one day.. yeah right you are from the 'truly do not care' group.

Keep it this way, and stay AWAY!


I started to work on this personal project .. and Im feeling so good about it! At least now I wake up with the thought that I have something to do.. which is great.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funky Mini Cooper

Would love to have it as a car toy... it's just amazing!

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Hair Bows

I really like big hair bows..

You can have a crappy hair day, and still be in STYLE!!


Im changing my mobile number.. AGAIN

I think I prefer the old Fastlink we once had.. I prefer their customer service and the way they deal with complaints and handle everything else..

Before leaving I called Zain's customer service, to ask them about keeping my number (as I won't be residing in Jordan) and because I lost the only number I truly liked when I was here.. after they simply decided to do so without sending any notification, since the number was not used but nonetheless it was registered in my name..

So they kept giving me all the options I can do with the number I have but while residing in Jordan. And then they said that if I want to keep my number I need to send a message from Sydney every blah blah days.. which meant that I need to bother my parents and let them charge my mobile for me while Im here. It doesn't make any sense .. really!

The other thing they do in the most annoying way.. they keep sending those ad messages -regardless of the time difference- and basically there is no reason to send such stupid messages but to finish the credit you have.
So, Zain.. will you stop finishing my credit? and no, I don't want to win a car. I don't want to win anything..

Well you know what? I don't need your credit.. I won't even use this sim card again.. next time Im back I'll buy a new number and let people know.. but seriously that's the worst service ever!

I remember when I was in Dubai with my sister back in February, she lost all her credit without doing a single phone call or sending a single message because of the massive amount of meaningless messages sent to her from Zain!!!

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power or happiness?

'the power of all relationships lies in whoever cares less'

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

But the question is do you want to have power or be happy?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

It happens to us all the time...

'Are you the exception...or the rule?'


I do

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the light festival

funky lights

didn't change anything.. of how I FEEL

Being the most tender daughter in the family.. my dad told me
'it's ironic how you are the most tender yet you are the one who's living in the furthest possible place'!,
and then I was getting really emotional before leaving that he had to 'again' for the 1000 times remind me that there is life and death.. and that I can't live like this.. I have to love them and miss them less, maybe!

Yet, his words didn't change anything.. and even their attitude - encouraging me to leave earlier, and the way they had to be tough - somehow, and make me feel as if I am not really welcome.. all their funny comments about the luggage and the messiness.. this didn't really change anything of how i feel..

It's funny how parents - and regardless of how they truly feel, have to act in this way sometimes..

I love them more for this. I love them more for all the support.. for knowing what's best.. for wanting us to be happy.. and for hiding their true emotions, no matter how hard that can be- to pretend their strong enough - in order for us to feel better.. relax.. and just enjoy.

For all the parents out there.. your strength, makes us stronger.

Love you mom & dad

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Fly too high!

They usually come and go.. you can't capture the moment and you can't get it right.. not when they fly too high and too fast.. but this one made sure to be there at the right time and in the very right spot.. I love you birdie!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

seasonal.. to the extreme

I have always considered summer my favorite month of the year- being born in June and spending all my childhood and school breaks swimming, and believed that I have this bond with the sun. I can spend hours sitting and reading under the sun without ever getting bored or burnt.. it's like my body itches when Im not getting enough of my daily dose of sunlight.

But what's bad is the depression I feel when it's winter and cold. If there is no sun I don't feel like getting out of bed. I become so lazy and just want to hide beneath the big warm covers. Even my morning coffee would not feel as good...

And now that it's summer in Amman, and winter here.. not only winter but it's getting down to 0 degree.. Yes, 0 degree in Sydney- how weird is that, this makes me want to be in Amman. The hot dry desert weather, where the sun is so shiny and strong..

I really think Im taking it to the extreme! And there is still a long way to go until the sunny November..!

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it's mad

I don't understand when people add you to facebook - and I mean they would look for me and add me - to put me on limited wall access!

Like seriously how can the wall be more personal and private than the photos!? I don't get this..

And why would you add me to put me on limited.. to deal with this, I used to add them 'mujamaleh' and then remove them after two days or so. But now I added a group VERY LIMITED- NO WALL.. so welcome to my new group!

It's funny how they think that having a big friend list gives a nice impression, I think so far I removed more than 50, so called 'friends'!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

our butterfly

Saturday, June 06, 2009

no photos- ok?

So this lady unblocked me recently.. well i can't say she unblocked me really, because the truth is I haven't seen her online for over a year or so, and she appeared out of no where today.. and I thought how strange is that..

but then after 3 or 4 sentences I realized that just like everything else.. she's there for a reason! Apparently she wants to see my sister's wedding photos.. well, for those who have the same thought in mind.. there will be no posted photos anywhere.. not even on facebook.. so stop asking. it's no use.

I don't understand people's curiosity.. not to mention all the people who go to the photographer's place daily to ask for those photos!!!! Or someone who's not even close, wanting to postpone her flight date.. hoping she can get a copy of the wedding DVD when it's ready.

why?!! it doesn't make sense! it's just insane.

how ironic

yesterday I had to do last minute shopping, and was complaining to my sister that I don't want to spend my birthday in a mall.. just after saying this sentence we had to rush to the hospital to check up on a cousin who got injured!

Life is irnoic!
Regardless, it was a sweet 2*. hehe


after the recent Air France tragic accident, being on a flight makes me nervous. No, to be honest I started to get in this unusual state months ago.. from bumpy flights and flying in weird weather!

But today - while having a seat just close to the exit door, the wing and the noisy fans - 5 cabin crews kept looking out of the window where I was sitting to check the wing.. and they kept giving those mixed looks.. I seriously started to panic.

The silly thing was when one of them said.. oh don't panic it's nothing. How on earth would I not panic... it was a nightmare! But thank God Im over with the first part of the trip.. still 2 more to go!

May God be with me..