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Monday, November 27, 2006

Buying A ...

Im going to the bank today to arrange it all... Im buyin a CAR!

Thanks to the one who taught me how to start saving... I realised that spending money wisely is not only good but makes me happy too!

After two working years, it's time to stop shopping crazily! And to feel satisfied.. really satisfied with everything I have.. and some of the things that are there but not yet worn!!!

I can't wait... !!!!

Pets on Board

I got this call today and it cracked me up!
Pets are important, cats are important.. I understand all this! But having them doesn't mean you being weird!!! Too weird and annoying!

+ I want to fly (to the states) and have my cat with me in cabbin. Where would it be? Sitting on my lap?!
- No, it would be on the floor.
+ Aha, can you be more specific please.. the location really matters to me!!!?
- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ I want to buy my pet a ticket to the states- last destination is HONOLULU, how much would the pet's ticket cost?
- A pet gets a reservation booked and confirmed with you but there's no such a thing that's called (a pet ticket)!
+ Ok, so Can you tell me the kind of crate I can take with me... wood, cartoon, metal??
- Oh, we can request one (LH crate) for you, but you need to tell me earlier cause it takes time for it to be delivered.
+ But what kind of crate?
- Solid Cartoon.
+ Oh no! This doesn't help because my cat is so nervous she'd leave it and start running everywhere! Poor my cat, she'd be eating and peeing in the same crate... right?!!!
- !!!!!!
+ Ok, so tell me what should I get from the vet?
- well you need a vaccination certificate.
+ Can you tell me the names of the diseases?
- !!!! The vet would definitely know!
+ Oh how weird, it seems you're a new staff.
- not so new, NO!!!!!!!
(Was she serious when she asked me to name the diseases!!!!)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friday (cooking day)

Cooking today was lots of fun... we got there at 1 and left at 10.30!
And im so full that i'll find it hard to sleep tonight!

It took us ages to get the table prepared, and we couldn't do everything we had on mind.

So we just had the salad, chicken stroganoff, lasagna and apple pie with ice cream! But that was TOO much!

For more of our 'cooking at As' pictures, click here.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cooking at A's

So here's the menu for FRIDAY!!!!
Im just so excited! Cooking is my hobby (oh, just kidding)

Any suggestions???!

Choco at work

I've got chocos today.. and it's just amazing! Especially when it's not expected... what's so funny about our office is that it's always full of chocolates!

Our favorite passengers' gift is choco!!! well, we don't really mind... you know!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Check it out...!

My colleague was in Cairo and took this picture (which I really like).

The picture has a little story.. We got this forwarded e-mail with some really cool pictures, and when she saw it she said one day i'll have my own... i didn't know it will be too soon though...
GO GO GO Nancy!

Check it out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

What part of it is so hard for you to understand!!!

No, i won't give you my mobile number...
Is it so hard for you to get it?

A guy has been chasing me for a while, coming to the office, calling me at office when Im so busy and made it clear so many times that i don't want to talk to him again and No he can't get my mobile number!
And now what? im off and he just makes a girl call and says she's my childhood friend and has been away for a while and she needs my mobile number.. this is SICK! Why is it so hard to accept being rejected!??

Some guys-esp the ones who have it all- think that they can get anything they want.. including a girl's heart.. which is so untrue! Face reality.. you can never buy feelings with your money!! Money can buy you other things.. but not Love!~

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The words I've long yearned to HEAR

Whenever you are in a relationship you promise yourself that you'd try your best to draw limits, to create boundaries, not to make the same old mistakes, and to put your effort and energy so that it would work ... and then gradually you get back to the starting point without realising, the point where you take that person for granted.
It's when you go on with using and abusing and deep inside you, you'd know (or think you'd know)- he'd stay there no matter what you do..

The more he gives the more he's taken for granted, the more he reveals his feelings the more arrogant you become... and it's just this way all the time. With time you start to have a dead part inside you that grows... and you reach a level where you just can't show any feelings! You go calm and numb. Sink into a deep silence.

But what annoys the most is when you don't appreciate what's there unless it's gone... when it's too late! when there's no way back.. when it's just impossible...

When you have the person close to you, so close to your heart, you just go blind... all the laughters, the nice unforgettable moments, the shared feelings, the fun, the 'love', the joy and happiness, the sharing, everything turns to something normal.. to 'no big deal' And when it's all gone, then you'd start to value things.. you'd start to have the clear vision and you'd start to blame (him, you, it doesn't really matter...)

It's painful how the words you yearn to hear for so long, can only be heared and read when all the doors to your heart are closed! when they're just sealed...

And you'd be thinking why now? why not then!

You spend lots of time waiting for them to be said, for you to feel appreciated, for you to feel valued, and when those words are finally out... they become like nothing! when it's too late.. it's just too late and you can't look back!

I was once saying goodbye in FRA airport to a very dear friend, someone who made a difference, a print that would last forever, in a really short time, (when we both knew that it's the last time we'll be seeing each other).. as I walked in the other direction to the gate and he was walking to his,,, with all the tears and pain i felt... I never looked back,,, and later he told me how bad he felt as he looked back when I didn't... I said a person has to learn to move on!

Why is it so hard to tell the precious ones what they mean to you when they're still there, when they're loving, when they're giving...?! Why is it that- what's lost matters and what's there is hardly seen?!!

No matter how cold a person can be or can get to be, no matter how dead he is from the inside... this should be learned.. it's considered to be from the basics... make them feel special, give them the credit they deserve as you might never get that chance later, make everyone know how important they are, how much you appreciate them being part of your life at a time when they're still there, not when it's just too late...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Being a MultiTasker

There's not a single day that passes when i don't feel im doing a thousand things at exactly the same time! I would have one ear on the phone, the other one with one of the passengers sitting next to me asking questions etc, eyes would be concentrating on the screen, the mobile ringing... a message that says 'CALL ME', and a cheque to be paid, an invoice to be prepared, a free ticket to be authorized, a list to be checked and cleaned, e-mails to be read and replied to, updates to be made, groups to be booked, waitlists to be confirmed, all at the same time. With a thousand thoughts on my mind!
And I don't deny that I like to work under pressure! Can't work but under pressure.. If i have one thing at a time, i would just feel im too free and consider it a waste of time. And would start to look for extra things to do,,, (maybe to read a blog or two)!

This all happens at a time when some really annoying people try to act as if they are important... as if they are the only ones there!
The other day I had one telling me to open the box of M&M applications and to get all the applications out for him so that he can chose nice numbers ... what use would a nice number do to him? And as I explained to him that it's temporary and will be changed to the permanent one, and that it's not really like chosing a nice mobile number, he said 'are you sure? 100% sure? because if you're not, then i have no problem at all to make you repeat the whole thing for me'.
At this exact moment I had just one idea crossing my mind, as i was trying so hard to stay calm and act as if everything is under control, I thought - oh, now i can see a great idea behind participating in the 'Dubai's anger management workshop'!

To Start the morning with phone calls and people screaming is not a really nice thing! Because of the FOG -which we have absolutely no control over- the flight didn't take off, and was postponed. And guess what? It's not our fault!
A man comes to our office today, and he was so pissed off, extremely angry.. and my colleague who's responsible for the baggage claims was late.. and I had no idea what to do, as i keep telling them i'll do anything as long as I don't get involved in this issue... why? it's quite simple- maybe because I still didn't figure out or come up with a nice way to say 'sorry, but your bag is lost'!

And then he started with his story which turned out to be short but quite interesting, he had a baggage claim since monday and thought we'd deliver his bag without contacting us, and he's here for his wedding and would be staying for only 8 days... 3 days already passed without him getting his bag and the suit he's going to wear for his wedding is in that lost bag! With everything that happened during the day, I just started to laugh ... and whenever he tried to talk again or to explain more, this just made things worse and It made me laugh harder! Weird ha? what a reaction...!

It's a thursday night, and I have no energy left to do anything.. I just feel like staying home and sleep early ... it's a thursday night... so what?!!!? who cares!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A reservation.

Whether it's a restaurant or a coffee shop, summer or winter- it's all packed over the weekend.. this is the way it's been lately in Amman. I think it's because with the long working hours during the weekdays, the weekend is more valuable to us now, and it's more like an escape from all the stress we have at work etc...

I called this place today for a reservation for TOMORROW- this is the only way it can be done, a day earlier... though even with this, you can't guarantee that you'd end up with one- and I asked them to do a reservation for 9.

- I want to do a reservation for 9 people, for tomorrow.
+ sorry we can't, 9 is just too many!!!
- Oh, what?!! are you serious.. you're joking right (as in trying to sound cute)
+ No, it's just that we can book for 6 maximum.
- oh really, then book a table for 6 and another one for 3, and when we get there we'll get the two tables together and make them one.. hahaha
+ let me transfer you to the manager..

And with the manager it's the same story again! they can only book for 6, and then he finally was so generous and said ok we'll make a reservation for 9 but it depends on your age, how old are you??!

Is this normal?!! I mean what does our age have to do with a stupid reservation, and what's with 'the too many' , 'you can only book for 6'!!!!??

It's funny how you go to a place, to eat or sit or whatever, and you PAY, yet they make you feel as if you're not welcomed at all! What a policy...!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I heard of choco addiction, of mansaf addiction, of bateekh addiction ... but I have a totally different type of addiciton! Im addicted to SLUSH... yes S- L- U- S-H! so no matter where I am or what I do most of my days should end with one... if im in a formal outing i just end up picking up one, a casual one i'd be in one of the places where they have it!

And lately i've been mixing two flavors together.. so strawberry alone would be fine but when im in a light mood otherwise then it's mixed either with lemon or mango, but i prefer the lemon! and it has to be from both sides with strawberry in the middle.

I remember while in Dubai, I felt i need to get a slush RIGHT NOW, and the 'right now' meant for my cousin and her husband to look everywhere... I still can't believe it's hard to find it there! And if they do, then it's BLUE. The only flavor they have is BLUE! We have it in all colors but blue!

Winter or Summer.. my favorite drink and my weakness point is SLUSH! I think at some point i'll have to get myself one of those machines.. it would be easier i guess!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

'In The Meantime'-... Memories

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I can't remember the number of times I had to stop, think, recalculate, think again and just go back, fix and change my priorites!

I've always had priorities... people that come first, things that come first, goals that need to be accomlished first because they have the highest priority, steps that need to be reached and things to be achieved...

But it's hilarious.. when i think of all the times i changed my list of priorities, it makes me smile! It's like everytime i think oh here it is, im coming closer, things that i don't expect happen and I look back and start from zero again... from scratch!

And i just figured out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with starting from zero, and there's nothing wrong with changing a plan or with recreating your dreams and setting your mind to believe and accept new priorities.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christstollen... yummie!

As we're getting close to Christmas, we had this delivered to us from Germany today... and those are GOOD! so GOOD that i couldn't stop eating ... yummieeee! I just love it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

For you... My guardian ANGEL

Some people come into your life.. and leave it or get kicked out faster than you can imagine and those are the ones who are easily forgotten! Some people come to your life... and leave a print then leave but the print stays forever.. ! Some people come for a reason, a cause... to make you learn something or teach you something and then when it is achieved they leave, those might leave an impact... big or small - all depends on how much influence they had and how much interest you showed to receive and perceive... and some people come to your life, they stay, and stay forever and then you'd realise that you wouldn't imagine life without them simply because they are a big unseparable part of it... those are the irreplaceable... (the very rare)

I believe Im one of the few lucky people who's been blessed with knowing what it really feels like to have a guardian angel... someone who's been there for ages, and is still there... i've been asked this question a thousand times before 'how can he still be there', and i'd just answer 'I, myself don't know how or why, you can go and ask him'.
It is a real mystery for someone who has problems of his own, who's extremely busy and successful, who has a thousand things to think of, and so many priorities, to find the time and be there...

With everything that happened, all the madness and craziness... the ugliest moments in my life, the highest limits of rudeness I can reach, the most depression phases, the worst moods, the shittiest feeling of being so down, the darkness and lonelines... with everything, and he's still there!

I know him forever now... and it's so strange but it's like grwoing together,,, supporting each other,,, living each other's sad and happy moments.
And the bond becomes stronger with each passing day!

Just the thought of having someone to listen for hours for whatever you say and even if it was nonesense, absoloutely nonesense...crap... anything you say, anything you feel like saying, or even speaking your mind out loud... thinking loud... definitely gives you a reason to be happy!
It's the times I can be myself, and be happy about it knowing that I am loved and cared for!
It is something I cherich and value more than anything I've ever had or experienced.

For my guardian angel.. thank you for today, yesterday, all the years that passed and yet to come.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The 'famous conversation' // latest trend

We had this passenger today... and as i was away, came back to my desk just to find him sitting there waiting for me... he had some issues with the mileage and stuff, and then he was waiting for his ticket to be issued at the counter so he said he'll wait for it here.
It felt so uncomfortable to act as if he's not there.. answering the calls and doing what i have to do... as he kept looking and staring...

Then finally he started the 'famous conversation'... first it starts with the usual questions, how old are you, what did you study, what's your last name, ... and after this comes the second part: you know I have this son and he's done with "NBA", studied business abroad and he's so handsome (when they say this i would be thinking based on what.. what standards!!) ...blah blah blah... and then instead of ending it he just went on with giving me all the other details for his two other sons. And then when he was done with this... he just said it bluntly.. i believe you and my son are compatible!!!!!

This was the funniest incident i've ever had.. I've always thought moms are the ones who take care of those issues.. but for dads to get involved too... this is hilarious!!!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Im in this phase where I just can't blog! Or read! Both of which i don't really feel like doing!
I believe it has to happen to everyone at least once in a while.. im one of the people who can write when im so down, and i use it as a way to let it all out! It's strange how people can express sadness in so many ways but can't find any way to express happiness.. and it's unexplainable how a sad topic would draw your attention and a sad poem or song can affect your mood and everything for the rest of the day... while a happy memory would be easily erased by an old pain!

I believe everything happens for a reason, and it's all planned.. it's what gets us to where we are now and to who we become... and you have to pass it all in order to survive! The most important thing is how to handle each situation and be smart enough not to fall...
There's nothing like 'oh this happened but it won't affect me, or Oh this happened but it means nothing', everything affects you in a way or another.. and people who come to our lives make a change... they come for a reason,,, no matter what that change is, they all leave a unique print...
As we give our time, emotions, attention and thoughts... we get more and more involved.
The more we give, the harder it is to let go...

And at the end we all look for stability... we look for a solid base to stand...

I was out with friends tonight.. and it feels strange but in a good way to see how different we are now.. how each one's experiences added something to how he thinks or how it changed the way he looks at things.. two years ago we were nothing like who we are today!
They were talking about 'there's nothing like 'giving to the person who deserves''... there's nothing as 'a person who deserves', this should be said in a different way... 'giving to the person who gets along with you, who understands you and accept you for who you are - and sees you as a PACKAGE... ',,, as a person who 'doesn't deserve' can be someone who deserves in the eyes of a person who's more compatible.

I believe love is to accept someone and look at him as a package. The more you categorise the far you are from what love is...

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In Black & White

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