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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Is this too relaxing or what? I like.. I like.. I like.

Especially when all the colors merge and the circles become bigger on one side while disappearing on the other. It's like I want to see more.. show me more. I just can't stop!

Make sure to have the speakers on!


Friday, March 28, 2008

W H A T -A- D A Y !

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileA funny morning, and a funnier evening.. !

I was walking to work in the morning, and a dog came running behind me with this little blue bone-shaped label hanging from its neck.. I thought his owner must be coming behind him or something, cause it's very normal to see unleashed dogs here..

But there was no one anywhere .. it was just me walking on the pavement and the little puppy running.. and just when I was wondering if someone will show up anytime soon for the strayed dog or something, the dog started to run toward the big main busy road...

The sound of the cars' breaks was too loud, and everyone started to look at me thinking it's my dog, since there was no one else.. and the poor little thing was so confused.. ! It was a big mess! I felt horrible .. not knowing what to do or how to get hold of it! So I just started to call, yell, signal, clap.. all at the same time! And it actually worked. Little puppy started to walk with me wherever I go. I thought about taking it to work.. and then I just had to leave it at the veterinary.. it was one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen. On the way back from work, I wanted to drop by and check on it.. I seriously felt there is this kind of strange adventurous connection created..! It was a wonderful morning..

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile

Just before leaving the lecture, -we have this thing online, and it's called 'blackboard' where all the lectures and assignments are posted-, so in my cute loud voice.. i asked the lecturer with a class FULL of students.. 'are you going to post today's slides on Facebook'!! And I seriously can't believe that I actually said that.. Everyone was laughing so hard, it was super funny. But the funniest part was that the lecturer didn't even know what we're talking about or why is everyone laughing.. she has no clue what Facebook is! Very Impressive!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

it's easy to tell

It would be more fun to get some exciting unexpected news from time to time.. but what I find extremely strange is that even those whom I lost contact with and now we're back in touch, I wasn't surprised to know their news.

Even for those who were with me in elementary school it was easy to tell who would get married early.. who would be having children by now, who is pursuing a master's degree.. who is leading a normal peaceful life as a housewife.. who is having a good career and who will stay where they are for years to come. It's either that all the signs would show from an early age of how each and everyone will want to live his life and where he will be.. or it's simply because people get what best suit them or what they can handle best.

I remember someone told me, 'I can't imagine you living where I am, and at the same time I can't imagine me living where you are.. !', and when I thought about it.. it is so very true. And it's exactly the same way I feel too.

What a positive thing to think about and remember !


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Facts and Figures (couples)

Jordanian couples living in Amman


Jordanian couples living abroad


* Couples- taken from my Facebook list with the avoidance of double counting.

* Couples = married/ or engaged

The first question that crosses my mind when I get a friend request from a friend that I haven’t seen in a while would be: where are you living, still in Amman?! Maybe It’s part of me wanting to know who shares the same experience.. etc, or how it is that life made us take different paths, and live in different parts of the world.. and it’s really shocking the amount of people whom I know and who no longer live in Amman!

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Has anyone been there?!

This will be on the very TOP of the list for things to do and places to visit in the States. It's always been this way.. I just love candies, and when I start I can never stop... And this is probably why I spent last summer at the dentist!

But I just lose it all, forget about the dentist, and go weak when seeing this! It makes me drool.

It is not just any other candy store.. it is about colors, art, cool designs, variety, and all the shapes and tastes that would cross your mind..

So has anyone been there? It is open in three different locations... someone must've been there.. No?!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To be remembered..

I got an e-mail from one of my colleagues, sending me kisses and hugs from one of the girls who was with me in a workshop in Germany.. and said that she mostly remembers my 6 pieces of baggage, which she helped me to pack before we left! It's funny, but I guess some things would never change.. so even for a two days trip I would still carry more than I need.. and I keep thinking 'JUST IN CASE'! The thing is that I don't use half as much as I take!

But you know what, I do believe that I would feel a thousand times worse if I needed something that was left home.. and thought 'I wish I didn't'! So better to have it all than to be sorry, though with the no more 'unlimited weight thing', this definitely shouldn't be the case. 6 pieces of baggage.. that makes me blush. Seriously!!! So it's not about anything that has to do with me or with the two weeks we spent there.. !!! How funny/ weird/ unexpected/ different/ odd is that !!!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Breath Taking

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Choco Bunnies

This is exactly what's happening to our chocolate bunnies !! It's always hard to decide from where to start when it comes to choco bunnies...

Happy Easter..

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What do you call this?!!!

It is not a coincidence.. this is just NOT normal!!

I was separating the clothes and preparing to put them in the washing machine.. so I was carrying this bundle of dirty clothes and I had no idea that this will turn out to be one of the incidents that would freak me out!!!

I heard some unusual noises, but thought it's not serious.. when the machine stopped, and as soon as I opened it there was this strong weird smell.. so I ran to the cupboard to check how many nail polish bottles are standing there.. and yes, there was one missing..

But how can a nail polish bottle drop and hide between the clothes.. i mean seriously!! What is the possibility this to happen.. ?!! -100000? The good thing it was a nice orange summerish one.. so no real harm was done!


Earth Hour

On the 29th of March, many buildings will be switching off their light in support of the Earth Hour. It is a symbolic act that started in 2007 as an initiative to raise awareness about the need for action on climate change. It has been embraced by communities around the world making the 'Earth Hour 2008' a global event. It's pretty cool.. isn't it?!



Im taking this Business Economics and Strategy course (it's a core, if it was up to me I wouldn't really come anywhere close to that), and I spent the first two lectures trying to figure out what exactly is happening! what are they talking about! It felt more as if Im coming from a different planet or something..

On the other hand this specific course made me realize how important education is.. I've been hearing a lot about different economical issues in the news lately and I never really understood what they mean.. or what's going on! I didn't know what does Inflation have to do with Employment and interest rates.. or what's the factors behind a recession.. or what they mean by Aggregate Demand or Supply, and why is it all important.

I think it is one of the most useful courses.. because in a masters degree there are many times when you get to learn things that you already know.. but this is something I had no clue about! And it is very essential to have this kind of knowledge, especially in a place where you hear the word inflation minimum once a day! I don't get to change the channel when they get to the economical part of the news anymore.. now it's all more engaging and interesting! wow!


Monday, March 17, 2008



Don't you feel good just by looking at this?!!

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my morning delight

... It is the feeling of cool wet grass while walking to work every morning. It is a truly refreshing thing and the best feeling in the world.. and this is a confession made by a non-morning person!

Which also reminds me of the -not so cute- anti-thong (flip flop) sign that was hanging on the door the other day.. it was a real nightmare! How can they have it when no one wears anything else.. It's crazy! i thought it was some kind of silly joke or something.. but it turned out that they're banned ONLY in laboratories.. It made more sense since no one would really give it any importance otherwise!!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

'creativity'... this definitely stands out

This is what I like about marketing.. it is about creativity, talent and uniqueness. The art of creating an artistic idea, that is different and new from what's ordinary.

The AdvertisingAge has ranked it as 'Creativity Weekly Top5: March 10', and I think it deserves it.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sushi Trains

I hate sea food. Sushi for me was not even an option.. I couldn't imagine myself eating anything close to that..I hated the smell, the taste and everything..

BUT, maybe because it seriously tastes different here.. or because I enjoy the whole experience and those funny cute small colorful plates.

Now Im addicted to Sushi trains!!

Sushi is my new addiction, it's one of the favorite dishes.. and one of the things that would cross my mind a couple of times during the week. I wonder if it really tastes better, cause as far as I remember I never really liked it back home! Weird!!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I will proudly be the first.. Jordan (BAJO)

I was so excited for this particular day, and I thought that no matter how busy I am (so busy to just remember now- at midnight that it's actually the 12th of March), so I will have to do this one post before I sleep. And It makes me more excited to be the first one to do it.. since we're ahead of everyone!!!

Being away makes me want to talk about what 'Jordan' means to me now.. the way I see it, feel it, and love it more and more..

Jordan.. It is the word that I enjoy hearing the most now that I am away.. It is the word I proudly say when asked 'from where are you'.. It is the word that has a unique sweet echo.. it is the one word that brings back the happiest memories, loving friends and family.

For me, Jordan is not only Petra and Dead Sea.. it is in the generous people... the security.. the precious feeling of belonging..

Jordan is not only in the mountains and desert.. it is in the warmness in its air.. the coziness of its streets..

Jordan is in what I feel each time the plane lands .. it is where I want to be buried.. it is the very one place that will remain in my heart no matter where I am...


Wednesday, March 05, 2008


... It is one of the craziest things to do...!!! For the simple reason that you'll end up buying more than you want or need. Not only that but because of all the funky stuff, and the cool designs and colors.. you would get what you already have just for the hell of it..

They are definitely using its huge size to their best advantage by putting the arrows on the floor to give you direction 'in order for you not to get lost'. But those arrows are not only there for this one purpose... THIS IS the best way to guarantee that everyone would check out every single department and see all the offers and discounts on the way.. and start to fill his Ikea yellow bag as soon as he sets his foot inside!

It is affordable furniture that is both functional and well designed.. you can mix, match, and combine in all the different ways by finding all the sizes, themes, colors and designs. So basically you can find all what you want.. imagine.. or think of .. and more!

The great thing about what they sell is that it's capable of proving that you can be excused for having a boring taste but not dull furniture. They offer creativity even in what's simple and plain!

Whether it is a photo frame, or a wall frame.. a bathroom mat or a brush.. a candle holder or a garlic crusher.. I just love it all!!!

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Messy kids. Noisy kids. Naughty kids.

In a shopping mall, park or street.. kids can be so funny and they really make all shopping experiences more enjoyable but only to the people who are watching and definitely not for the parents!

Being raised in a house where things need to stay in place, some closets are never to be opened and clothes must always stay clean.. it draws a big smile on my face when I see Messy kids. Noisy kids. Naughty kids.

But Im wondering if the too much freedom, and doing whatever kids want or feel like is always a good idea. As I was in K-mart the other day, a very sweet 4 or 5 years old little girl was trying out the black high heels her mom wanted to buy.. she looked so cute with her ponytail and small feet in the big high shoes, walking in a very funny way with the tied pair. It is a scene I will never be able to forget.. but that sweet cute incident started to turn to disturbance and real embarrassment for the parents as they wanted to leave and she just started to cry and scream refusing all their convincing attempts to take the shoes off..

Another funny kids adventure happened in Ikea today, as the parents were checking out the kids bedrooms, the children wanted to feel comfortable.. so one of the two sisters was jumping and the other one was covering herself with the barbie bed cover and actually sleeping in the displayed bed!

And this made me wonder whether the parents are really enjoying their uncontrollable children funny innocent behaviors.. or would they be enjoying it the first few times and then it won't be funny anymore especially when things get out of control and children just stop listening or behaving?! Does the too much spoiling give kids more freedom to enjoy their childhood.. is it the healthy way of raising a kid -the modern way- as some people call it!!!?