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A star or a rainy cloud,,, realistic or a dreamer,,, tough or emotional,,, a butterfly or a dolphin,,, it is all about me reflecting the transparent me!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Has Anything Really Changed?

Nothing much really since I left.. except for more people complaining about the prices going up!

What really drew my attention though, is the changes in menus and prices in all the outing places.. and the attitude of people working there..

Ok maybe for some this is considered marketing, but for me, I personally see it as a very disturbing way, that would make me think twice before going to that place..
So after lunch, I went to meet with friends in one of the coffee and wireless internet places.. I ordered a small hot chocolate! Who can order more than that directly after having a big day3a meal..

So I was there to pay for my drink, when the cashier asked me.. Would you like any of our cakes with it.. NO
Do you like some marshmallows on top.. NO
Do you like to take another drink.. NO
Do you like to change the size.. NO
and the very last question was : Do you like to order water with your drink..
this is when I thought I can't take it anymore..

And .. well I don't really want to say what happened next!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I can't pretend

The major mistakes that I have done and Im still doing is all because Im not being able to pretend. Not being able to make myself like someone if I learned to hate him.

Not being able to pretend the things that pissed me off did not happen.

Not being able to act normal or look them in the eyes when there's something bothering me.
and not being able to be just like them.. act innocent and loving, when Im not.
Be nice and caring, when I hold all the poisoned feelings and thoughts inside me.

and I often wonder.. why can't I just fake it?! be like everyone else..!

Monday, December 10, 2007

saying goodbye to singlehood,,

It's just like a disease, saying goodbye to singlehood makes you want all your friends to share the same state, same feelings, same experience.

You see it happening, those who just got married want everyone around -old and new friends- to get married too. It's part of sharing the same thing I guess, or having more things in common.. maybe!!

And it often happens, these kind of conversations would take place.. different opinions and thoughts between those who are single and those who are not... each wants to look at it from their own perspective.. explain it the way they see it... yet there's is no right or wrong in relationships! It's all about what suits you the most.

* Falling in love is part of the human condition. Without it you're only living a half life. Everyone needs a partner, it's a basic human need.

- It's not a need. It's a want. And what I want, more than a person to argue with over who loves who the most, is absence of pain. Falling in love leaves you open, relationships mean pain.'

Marian Keyes- Last Chance Saloon

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Can you imagine it happening!?

Can you imagine this happening!?

Being in a country for the first time, and a woman comes to you with a huge smile on her face, and says, you're my daughter's friend... How are you? You used to play together when you were kids!!!

And then you'd be confused.. thinking, where exactly am I!? who's this lady? Is she really talking to me?

Looking at her huge glowing smile and twinkling eyes,,,
you can't but say
YES, I guess it's me!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


The worst feeling ever is when you have high expectations about something.. and what you get is so bad that it was not even something you'd imagine happening!!! ouch... That hurts!