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Monday, May 29, 2006

Gemini’s CraZiness

I am a Gemini, but you know what? I love it! With all my moodiness, i love it... so for all of you who think being a Gemini is ugly, it’s not... you can call it craziness, or stupidness... you can call it anything, but im coming back for two days only, and that’s to spend my bday with my friends! Im flying Friday night and arriving Saturday morning to Amman, then flying out again to Germany Sunday night just to spend the 4th of June there... there’s no place on earth i’d rather be, though i know i could’ve made it to Lisbon or maybe to Italy with all the free tickets i have... but I care for the people more than the place.. to be with you guys would make my day! Won’t call it a bday if it’s to be spent with strangers...

3amroush: you are the brother I didn’t have, i’ve known you for years and years now, and i remember all the times i made up silly fights seeking attention, all the times i was mad and yelling with or without right just because I was feeling down, and with all this and that… everything I did, you were there… you were still there! all the times I called you in the morning and woke you up just because i felt like it, and you were there, didn’t hang up, and never turned off your mobile… for me it was something I enjoyed although I knew how bad it made you feel, yet you didn’t yell, you didn’t tell me not to call again, but instead of that you kept on spoiling me! And I still remember the day when I called you late at night and was crying on the phone, and you were the one I chose to call at that worst moment in my life… it was you who I turned to! So you’ve seen it all, the best and the worst in me… and you’re still there! Im lucky to have you in my life and there’s this place in my heart for you, which you’ll own forever…

Miso: I still remember the day when we were sitting on the swing at your place, and I just kept talking and talking and talking for hours… I kept repeating the famous painful story over and over, you never complained, never told me to stop or to change the subject! On the contrary, you encouraged me to keep talking till it was out of my system. You were there to listen and to support, made me stronger and gave me all the explanations, felt my pain and misery… and you made me go on! Telling me not to compromise, to have high standards and to move on!
I admired your strength, the way you looked at life… your view and your logic! And I still remember the times when you told me to call you before I feel like doing something crazy…something stupid! All the efforts you did to make me stop, to make me rational, to protect me from getting weak and screw my life up… the times when I was alone and needed someone to listen, to understand me, you were there, and you did understand, never gave up on me, kept telling me how precious I am… I owe it to you, what I am and all the strength I gained… it was because of you

Medo: The fact that you exist in my life is a big relief! You gave me my self confidence back at a time when I didn’t have any left… you made me realize that there are good people in life even if sometimes you get to meet bad ones! All the self esteem, and the power you gave me… it affected me deeply! You’re very dear, and so close to my heart! You are ‘classy’, someone who gets respect from everyone around simply because you can’t be treated but with respect, so rare are the ones with such high manners and ethics… you are one of a kind

Shoush: I can’t count what you did, maybe it’s easier to count what you didn’t do! A shoulder to cry on, someone to cheer me up no matter how shitty life is, no matter how bad my mood can get, no matter how nervous I can be, how mean… it would always be ok! And you’d be there with a big smile, assuring me that it’s all alright! The times we spend, even when it’s only a drive, and singing (nancy ajram- Ayman’s favorite song…) :P are just priceless! All of it…whether it’s at my place or yours, in school or just in one of our (sha67at)… And I do believe everything happens for a reason and your return from Dubai at exactly this time, happened for a reason too! You have this energy inside you, and freshness that you reflect on everyone around… it’s unbelievable! So many memories,,, and still many more to come…

Munzi & Saed: I am honored to call you my friends.

Rana & Asem: Seeing you together as a couple, makes me realize that real love still exists, and that there should always be hope… I remember there was a time when seeing you together did hurt, and I was avoiding it, but then I thought it shouldn’t be this way… I should be happy for you guys! And here I am, I enjoy every minute we spend together, and keep remembering dancing in the car, and infront of my place,,,- Asem’s serious problem with food and diet, and it just makes me laugh so hard!

Handsome Wael: my German class partner! Wether you’re in the states, Germany, or here, it’s always the same...I know i can count on you no matter where you are! You give me those sweet nicknames!(and yes im counting the years... 4 more years to go) !!! ‘The legend has said his last goodbye! Thx Zidane says:
but not in the sence of women are the bets and men are pigs ... I feel women are under represented, under estimated , and under respected’ this is what you wrote for me the other day on msn and I LOVE YOU for that!

Sus & Khaled: you make me so happy, and I can’t imagine going out anywhere without you guys, it’d feel as if something is missing! you just make everyone’s mood lighter… and there are still many bbqs to do guys :)

Anas: Remembering the first time we’ve met brings back bad memories, but Im glad it happened… All the times I needed someone to talk to, at times when I was so desperate and weak you made it a thousand times easier… you kept calling me & checking on me (when asem didn't) :P haha ... and even when you were in Sudan talking to you was so much fun! Listening to your nagging, wasn’t so bad after all :P hehe... each time i see your name on my mobile it draws a big smile on my face!

Aboud: I appreciate our chat sessions (therapy), they’re the best… I’d be able to open up and say what’s on my mind, because you just seem to understand it all, you’re so sensitive and transparent and this is what I like the most in you…

Christophe: the cutest, greatest, sweetest Pilot on earth... my Portuguese / Belgium friend, with such a charming personality... although we're far apart yet you're closer to me than many people i know.

*** You've turned the bitterness to sweetness... all I can say is that im blessed to have you in my life, as i wouldn’t/couldn’t imagine it without you guys! ***

My Sony Cybershot DSC-W100

Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally! Oh im happy! This will keep me busy for weeks now... I wanted a red camera but a silver is a classic *according to Sabri. With this there will be more and more taken pictures... :) And it was a great bargain, I guess im lucky! Got it with a special offer for a 100Euros less!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

EXTRA nice!

mmm im confused... people here seem to be extra nice! this is my day 1 here and i was already invited to a drink, and invited to a dinner... and guess what? the Egyption cooker here told me he'll make me a cake for my bday! i really feel special.. i am happy! wherever i go people seem to smile at me... I have this energy inside me, i don't even feel like sleeping! it's like i want to enjoy every minute.. so far it's great, and i didn't even get to meet the people in my course *including Juan from Spain^! wow!

Baggage Claim

I lost two of mz baggages today, I was annoyed because I had to wait 3hours for the bus but with the lost baggages, I can say I had a quite hectic morning-

Departing from Amman went smoothly, I had to do several phone calls waking up people (which is becoming my favorite habit lately)... Thank you guys for your patience. :)
I spent the 4,30 hours sleeping peacefully... missed the breakfast and opened my eyes just before landing.
As the flight was landing the Captain said that FRA airport has some traffic with so many flights landing at the same time so we started to fly in circles. This took us 20 minutes and I was thinking, this is a plane for God s sake not a car!
Finally as I was about to step out, I was asked as a LH staff to take one of the old pax to SFO gate as he only speaks arabic. The man was above 60 and kept telling me he would die if he`´s not to smoke a ciggarette before taking SFO flight!!!

I managed with a guy who came out of nowhere (but must admit he was very useful as he turned out to speak German fluently) to take the old man to his gate.
Going to pick up my lovely bags, this is when the real shock hit me, they were lost (this is what i was told, and cannot be tracked)! So I made a baggage claim, and now I understand exactly how it feels. I was MAD, ANGRY, and so close to going crazy... The guy kept asking if there´s anything unusual in the bags, i said NO only clothes and shoes, lots of them...
No1 Lesson: Always keep the address in your shoulder bag!
I told him I was staying in LH training center, but with no clue about the exact address or even the telephone number.
This stranger stayed with me, it was really funny, he gave me his business card and asked me to call him and do something together on the weekend (haha, as if i would do such a thing.. al ya3ni)!
But anyway, i dont want to be mean, he was there at the right time... without him i´d definitely panic and start sweating suffering from sudden stomache pains... I know how things are with me when i start to lose control...

We said our goodbyes, and i rushed to the supermarket to buy urgent things since my bags are gone, then i went to the body shop as i believe shopping is the only thing that can lighten up my mood in the shortest possible time... I bought a body butter and an eyeshadow set. Then went to the camera place...but still i need Sabri´s Hakim advice to do the final decision... (many thanks Sabri)
I was so desprate but decided to go back again to the baggage claim area just in case they found out something... And there they were!!! My lovely baggages, the yellow one was the first to draw my attention... and i had this awefully huge smile on my face... I was even about to hug the baggage guy...

So you see, it was so quick... I´ve always told you LH people are profissional, reliable and so efficient!

I miss you guys already.. imagine! Keep checking my blog for more updates.
And one more thing, it´s crazy here, with all the world cup souvenirs... Oh God I need a separate budget for that!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

For all the guys hiding behind MASKS...

Guys who claim to be religious when in reality they're nothing but bastards...
there are thousands who are just like Ahmad Fishwai or even worse...
For all the victimized women everywhere... for the justice...


I love the summer, it's in my blood... I Love the fact that we're closer to June... Oh JUNE JUNE JUNE,,, my favorite month...

picture taken by and life goes on...®

Monday, May 22, 2006

The real reason...

Ok, for a very long time now and I was trying to solve the mystery! The real reason behind the continuous depression I was facing or trying to run away from... the ugly feeling of being so overwhelmed.

I guess I know it now or at least i know the big part behind it... it's not about sitting home or going out, not about having new friends or losing some, not about changing the way you look at life, not even about CHANGE... it has nothing to do with having a busy schedule, or travelling...
it's not about buying new things, or having new hobbies!

For years the closest person to my heart have been going through hell... from bad to worse... nothing looked bright.. not even life itself! And as an extremely sensitive person who feels with others' pain and misery, I had my share of that as well...

The kind of life she's having now and all the hard decisions she's making, her determination and real strength, the right tough actions she's finally taking, the faith, all this makes me so proud of her...
So this is for her... to tell her how much i love her! How much she means to me, and how much im proud of her... She's finally on the right track... I've been there, through it all, and i know it's time... it's time for you to have some happiness because you deserve it! Im glad life is treating you well, and giving you some of what you deserve... because you have the kindest heart, the purest spirit... you deserve the best of the best! Good luck, it's finally happening....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A mistake!

I had no idea today, when i asked rana& asem to drop by my place that this would be something I would regret! They both said that they had a heavy lunch (mansaf), so I thought that would be a total relief as there was only diet pepsi and my real rescuer in such times- the microwave popcorn! I really admire this invention, there’s nothing as easy, open the bag and pay attention to the ‘side up’ sign then set it on 3 minutes and 3 seconds... and that’s it! But with Asem this trick was of no real use, as the popcorn just made him hungrier!

And this was the beginning of today’s long journey with food.
As we were in the kitchen, Asem started to study the options...

As he was looking closely inside the cupboard it's then when he decided he needs some help! So rana of course was giving her opinion (reminding you again that this all took place in my place, my kitchen)! And to have a mom who pays extra attention to cleaning, organizing, etc issues, I was thinking how lucky we were with the fact that my parents were travelling.

A debate session started, as rana wanted to have something sweet, shireen wanted to have fruit salad, and asem had more than one opinion... he wanted to have everything! So he was voting for all...

Finally, after many arguments because Asem wanted Fool, eggs, hotdogs, french fries, all at the same time, we convinced him to go for hotdogs and rana would start preparing this kind of sweet that requires to be kept in the fridge for many hours after preparation, but in our case it was left for10 minutes only!

My sister joined us, and she just lost it all... her strict planned diet ... ending up joinging the club!

The ones who were enjoying the show the most, were our cute little water turtles, those are the most adorable creatures one can ever have...

They're so quiet and peaceful that sometimes you'd forget they even exist!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why 'Fridays' are Special?!

So it's another Friday, I remember a year ago, Fridays meant nothing to me... another day at home! But I had this turning point, when I started to cancel the typical Thursday's night hanging out, after a long stressful week at work it was simply not possible!

What was extremely funny is that today while we were in a shop, the guy who owns the place happened to have a monkey and had him infront of the shop as a way to attract people I guess, and it worked! This monkey was so friendly to the degree that he kept pulling my pants and trying to climb on them!!! I didn't scream as I was so shocked trying to understand what was happening at that time... I've always wanted a puppy, but a monkey is definitely an option now!

How cute, looking busy, concentrating, eating the peanuts.
The sky today looked like a portrait, it was one of the days when you look at the sky and admire all the mixture of colors and think 'sub7an allah'...

The weather was cold in the evening, and Shoush got her grandma's clothes...

So i couldn't not take some shots showing her lovely taste and style :P

W- looking handsome wearing grandma's jacket
One thing that will always be there... is

We spent the whole time, eating, eating and eating... was it because we all had a cloudy mood?! maybe...
pictures taken by and life goes on...®