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Monday, May 29, 2006

Gemini’s CraZiness

I am a Gemini, but you know what? I love it! With all my moodiness, i love it... so for all of you who think being a Gemini is ugly, it’s not... you can call it craziness, or stupidness... you can call it anything, but im coming back for two days only, and that’s to spend my bday with my friends! Im flying Friday night and arriving Saturday morning to Amman, then flying out again to Germany Sunday night just to spend the 4th of June there... there’s no place on earth i’d rather be, though i know i could’ve made it to Lisbon or maybe to Italy with all the free tickets i have... but I care for the people more than the place.. to be with you guys would make my day! Won’t call it a bday if it’s to be spent with strangers...

3amroush: you are the brother I didn’t have, i’ve known you for years and years now, and i remember all the times i made up silly fights seeking attention, all the times i was mad and yelling with or without right just because I was feeling down, and with all this and that… everything I did, you were there… you were still there! all the times I called you in the morning and woke you up just because i felt like it, and you were there, didn’t hang up, and never turned off your mobile… for me it was something I enjoyed although I knew how bad it made you feel, yet you didn’t yell, you didn’t tell me not to call again, but instead of that you kept on spoiling me! And I still remember the day when I called you late at night and was crying on the phone, and you were the one I chose to call at that worst moment in my life… it was you who I turned to! So you’ve seen it all, the best and the worst in me… and you’re still there! Im lucky to have you in my life and there’s this place in my heart for you, which you’ll own forever…

Miso: I still remember the day when we were sitting on the swing at your place, and I just kept talking and talking and talking for hours… I kept repeating the famous painful story over and over, you never complained, never told me to stop or to change the subject! On the contrary, you encouraged me to keep talking till it was out of my system. You were there to listen and to support, made me stronger and gave me all the explanations, felt my pain and misery… and you made me go on! Telling me not to compromise, to have high standards and to move on!
I admired your strength, the way you looked at life… your view and your logic! And I still remember the times when you told me to call you before I feel like doing something crazy…something stupid! All the efforts you did to make me stop, to make me rational, to protect me from getting weak and screw my life up… the times when I was alone and needed someone to listen, to understand me, you were there, and you did understand, never gave up on me, kept telling me how precious I am… I owe it to you, what I am and all the strength I gained… it was because of you

Medo: The fact that you exist in my life is a big relief! You gave me my self confidence back at a time when I didn’t have any left… you made me realize that there are good people in life even if sometimes you get to meet bad ones! All the self esteem, and the power you gave me… it affected me deeply! You’re very dear, and so close to my heart! You are ‘classy’, someone who gets respect from everyone around simply because you can’t be treated but with respect, so rare are the ones with such high manners and ethics… you are one of a kind

Shoush: I can’t count what you did, maybe it’s easier to count what you didn’t do! A shoulder to cry on, someone to cheer me up no matter how shitty life is, no matter how bad my mood can get, no matter how nervous I can be, how mean… it would always be ok! And you’d be there with a big smile, assuring me that it’s all alright! The times we spend, even when it’s only a drive, and singing (nancy ajram- Ayman’s favorite song…) :P are just priceless! All of it…whether it’s at my place or yours, in school or just in one of our (sha67at)… And I do believe everything happens for a reason and your return from Dubai at exactly this time, happened for a reason too! You have this energy inside you, and freshness that you reflect on everyone around… it’s unbelievable! So many memories,,, and still many more to come…

Munzi & Saed: I am honored to call you my friends.

Rana & Asem: Seeing you together as a couple, makes me realize that real love still exists, and that there should always be hope… I remember there was a time when seeing you together did hurt, and I was avoiding it, but then I thought it shouldn’t be this way… I should be happy for you guys! And here I am, I enjoy every minute we spend together, and keep remembering dancing in the car, and infront of my place,,,- Asem’s serious problem with food and diet, and it just makes me laugh so hard!

Handsome Wael: my German class partner! Wether you’re in the states, Germany, or here, it’s always the same...I know i can count on you no matter where you are! You give me those sweet nicknames!(and yes im counting the years... 4 more years to go) !!! ‘The legend has said his last goodbye! Thx Zidane says:
but not in the sence of women are the bets and men are pigs ... I feel women are under represented, under estimated , and under respected’ this is what you wrote for me the other day on msn and I LOVE YOU for that!

Sus & Khaled: you make me so happy, and I can’t imagine going out anywhere without you guys, it’d feel as if something is missing! you just make everyone’s mood lighter… and there are still many bbqs to do guys :)

Anas: Remembering the first time we’ve met brings back bad memories, but Im glad it happened… All the times I needed someone to talk to, at times when I was so desperate and weak you made it a thousand times easier… you kept calling me & checking on me (when asem didn't) :P haha ... and even when you were in Sudan talking to you was so much fun! Listening to your nagging, wasn’t so bad after all :P hehe... each time i see your name on my mobile it draws a big smile on my face!

Aboud: I appreciate our chat sessions (therapy), they’re the best… I’d be able to open up and say what’s on my mind, because you just seem to understand it all, you’re so sensitive and transparent and this is what I like the most in you…

Christophe: the cutest, greatest, sweetest Pilot on earth... my Portuguese / Belgium friend, with such a charming personality... although we're far apart yet you're closer to me than many people i know.

*** You've turned the bitterness to sweetness... all I can say is that im blessed to have you in my life, as i wouldn’t/couldn’t imagine it without you guys! ***


  • At May 29, 2006 , Blogger Maijaury said...

    I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the most touching entry I have ever read, and I think will ever read. Not just because I was praised in it :) (khkh..)
    You wrote this from your heart Dima.
    This post describes YOU Dood more than it describes us! It shows what a great person you are for the ability you have to see all that in ordinary people.
    I really admire the sweetness you hold, it is what makes you DIMA :)

  • At May 30, 2006 , Blogger ABOUD said...

    You are really blessed to know an extraordinary person like ME :)

    Wallahe don't know what to say, I just can't find the words.

    Coming back to spend your birthday over here is something.

    Hope that you are going to have the best birthday ever this year.

  • At May 31, 2006 , Blogger Haider Droubi said...

    gemini..gemini...gemini...we never get be honest with y ..although some people hate the fact that i am gemini..i find this fact the best thing in my personality..once y know yr self accept it and accept the 'twin thing ' becomes so much fun..we 'twin=me' even some times enjoy walking just the both of us in a new city..or going to the movies...u know what i am talking about ,,right?
    cos maybe others ould think i am going crazy...
    thx for the nice post ....gemini

  • At May 31, 2006 , Anonymous Lailoot said...

    This is really sweet :)Reading this post drew a wide smile on my face :0)

    Good friends r what life is all about...At least I've solved one of life's mysteries!;)
    No seriously,it's really nice knowing u have a friend who'll be a friend forever...

    I find it really nice of u to chose to spend ur Birthday among ur friends.Hope u'll have a Birthday to remember!

    Amman is awaiting u with open arms :)

  • At June 01, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Haider Droubi... I know exactly what you mean ;) I enjoy it too!

    Lailoot... hey, nice seeing your comment :P see you soon!

  • At June 01, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    7ubbyyyy we miss you like hell!!! really i dunno how am i gonna spend my friday tom!!!
    u said we are all great people but usually great ppl become great because there is someone to provoke them to act great...if you werent "dima" no one would have been and acted the same way he did believe me you are the one who moves the good side of us inside ....i really love you and am definite we all do...
    and u know that all our days together are like birthdays because we do not only take care of each other only on special occasions so if you know you will have amazing time being in venice or in paris (i prefer venice u know why ;) just go there and enjoy and be definite that we will party with u whenever you are here and definitley always just know that whatever decision you take we will be with u
    love you dear

  • At June 02, 2006 , Anonymous SUS said...

    damdoom 7aboobati.... i just read this section and felt like crying... started remembering our days together since the camp... but dont worry babe... we still have more and more things to do...

    love ya

  • At June 05, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sra7a i know all the ppl your are taking about and 7abebtee you dont half your friends....

    by the way you forgat Amr im sure he is an angel :)

  • At June 05, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Anonymous... are you Amr or what? why's the Anonymousity???

  • At March 05, 2007 , Blogger PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

    omg i have a best friend also named miso and soooooo looks like ur miso and also we used to sit on the swing at her place and talk for hours! im in awe!


  • At March 06, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    PŕōuđPāŀĩ... LOL it's a bless to have those rare kind of the MISOs :)

    I used to talk to her when Im down .. repeat the same subject again and again till i got over it.. and she never ever complained or asked me to stop! An angel.. really!


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