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Saturday, October 27, 2007


There is more than sitting behind a computer screen... There is a life to live.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

what a pause!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Too Salty

In yesterday's lecture I was talking about the dead sea products when -to my surprise- the LECTURER didn't really know what Im talking about ..

Not only that.. but as I was explaining to her that it's the lowest spot.. blah blah.. and that the water is too salty so nothing lives there.. no fishes.. etc (things which I 've thought she already knows)!

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She said.. but WHY! How come!!!? Fishes always like salty water!

I felt sorry to open the subject from the first place.. HOPELESS case.. really!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life.. Oh Life!

I got an e-mail from my friend talking about a school reunion, and she was comparing last year to this year.. !!!

"We were 5 girls at school. But now, M is in Michigan. B is in Bermingham. N is in California. and D is in Sydney!! Im the only one left here"

Life .. Oh Life!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free Time

Finally.. Im having some free time.. well it's not a real free time, but It's sometime off before the real mess starts.. my final exams. I can't believe the first semester is almost over. It started with an assignment, and all I know now is that Im almost done with the first semester.

So now I want to catch up with what I have missed .. and what I miss the most, which is blogging! It feels as if I want to keep blogging forever, I know that I will be busy again.. and will be away for another while.. not that I want to, but because I have no other choice really.

I want to start to have a routine, where I do things everyday at exactly the same time, I think this way my life would be more organized and I wouldn't feel so busy. It's crazy how some people live here.. they work, study, shop, not only that but spend some hours swimming at the end of the day.. !! I wish I can be just like that.. I think I will, I have to.. otherwise I wouldn't really be enjoying things..

I also realized that Im not dancing in the streets anymore which is a strong evidence that Im getting used to living here.. (dancing in the street means: when you see someone walking towards you, you move to the right (instead of left)... it took me a while to find what's the problem with me not being able to avoid hitting people when walking), now I move to the left immediately.. but then a friend of mine said when I go back home for a visit, it'll be a problem as I'll start to do this dancing thing again.. but that would be with moving to the left instead of right!
it's really confusing.. !

My pinky little notebook (which is quite famous here, many people actually ask to see it during the lectures) with the assignments' deadlines, is in front of me now.. reminding me that maybe I should go back to start with... I don't know from where to start.. the marketing presentation?! Decision Making assignment? online strategic relationships forum? or Leadership case study?! ummm... Im glad the 3 months summer vacation will start in no time.. but my only concern now is that would it really be a vacation?!! I doubt it..

Why I LOVE Facebook

I have read many posts but with a different title .. those who are against it.. with the 'Why I hate Facebook', but I have never really understood why!!!

I used to like it before coming here.. but now I just love it!

the reason is simple.. it's the easiest and most convenient way to stay in touch with everyone.. all the time.

Im seriously glad that this thing was created before I got here.. It's the fastest link to everything that happens back home, and everywhere else.. and since I have an issue with taking photos and posting photos.. It's always fun having 29 albums with God knows how many photos.. it was great sharing some of our wedding albums with friends all over the world..

I don't need to memorize e-mail addresses, or to save them anymore.. I don't need to download photos and send them in e-mails, and think about something to write in those e-mails..

It's all cool.. but what I really like is the limited profile thing.. so you don't have to make everyone sees everything you post there.. and you can also have limited access to photos.. which is even greater!

It makes me feel closer to everyone.. despite the fact that Im not! And the greatest part of all is that I don't feel Im missing a lot.. I know what's going on back home, I know everyone's news.. I really can't get why some people don't like it!!!

Though what I have noticed recently.. even for those who were so against it at first.. saying I will never ever have a facebook account or such things, are finding it hard to stand against the temptation for long, and they're just giving up.. Im getting so many surprising friends invitations from ones who were so anti-facebook !!! I guess they have been feeling left out or something... funny ha!!!?