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Monday, August 31, 2009

No Title

my anxiety is making me sleep deprived!

But I don't mind it.. I have so many hours during the day to do more things and be super active and I am so liking it.

I need to buy a new book... one that is big enough -cause I am a fast reader- and can capture all my attention!!

Any suggestions?

Ramadan Kareem


yes or no?

Not Making a Decision IS Making a Decision


Someone smart enough did it. No need to wait for Candy man anymore.. they're selling it in stores just like chips! for all the Cotton Candy fans out there .. ENJOY


Sunday, August 30, 2009

,,you made my day,,

You made my day! thanks, thanks and thanks. The coolest gifts ever... For you to remember what I like and think about me while away.. you're the besT! xx

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

only for me.. TO READ.

People might abuse my kindness but I don't mind, cause I can handle being abused...hold my head up high... start all over. but I can't handle to be the one to abuse. I prefer to live with a clear conscience. This is the way I have been raised.. and it is my choice of believing that it is the right way.. Maybe because I truely believe in a fair God and in what goes around comes around..

Two phone calls changed my life forever! It is funny how this stupid small device can be such a strong influencer. How it can achieve what all the face to face words and actions couldn't. Do we focus more on a phone conversation? Can a person feel more cruelty in a voice alone than in a voice & a face?
A face can be an emotional factor.. a reminder of the good and bad. But a voice alone doesn't lie... The words lay there, harsh, rigid, strong, tough and very very cruel!

Words alone without a face can draw images in the mind... they can make a huge impact because they stand alone, with no face that holds kindness behind the glassy shawdowy blank eyes.

Smile and the World Smiles Back at You, this is my motto for today and every day from now on...

I may not have achieved what I wanted to, or I may not have left a positive impact.. but I know that there are other places where I can do all of that.. there are other people who still have faith and they do still believe in me..

I will keep looking for the warm sun to guide me and make me feel safe once again, I will get rid of my fears, I will keep writing more words. Healing words. Deep words. Words with no meaning for some, yet with all the meanings for me.
Words that will make me have stronger determination to move on. Words that I will read in years to come and feel proud. Words that can bring me closer to my old self. Inspiring words not to people whom I love or have loved, but to myself as I need them the most. Now more than ever before.

The difference between me and most people is that I am not ashamed of my weaknesses and maybe -to know those and accpet them- brings the best in us. They make people see the light deep within.. the special us, and have faith in us at times when we have faith in nothing and no one anymore.

A phone call can bring the end closer, it can make us more accepting yet -oddly enough- at the same time more in control. To cause pain is something but to cause bigger damage after the pain is just something else.
There are different types of people but I pray to God I will never have to meet another bitter person. A person who causes pain and hurt intentionally. I see those as sick because I believe that we are all born as good people...

It's a new day, a new everything... with a morning coffee, sun rays and wet grass- present. Fairuz songs in the mornings, laughters, love and love and love, kindness, caring, warm - future.
And just like a couple of years ago when I chose an encouraging password for all my accounts with a 'new start' and 'life goes on', today I will find stronger words that will always remind me of the past only to give me a push not just for the few coming couple of years but for as long as I breathe and live.
Only because one thing I know for sure.. I will never ever run out of words..

Cheers to a New Beginning.
warm people are always capable of creating homes from houses, they are always capable of creating the magical touch and an ever lasting memory.. Ramadan is a month full of blessings.. and now I can see all the twisted strange ways, reasons and factors behind all the growing and maturing.. I can look at those, identify them, accpet them and just smile.
Smile for my present, for the future and even for the far deep 'not painful' but 'inspiring' past.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

FUNKY walls

Taken for a hairdressing salon in Glebe, Sydney

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