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A star or a rainy cloud,,, realistic or a dreamer,,, tough or emotional,,, a butterfly or a dolphin,,, it is all about me reflecting the transparent me!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let it be

One of the major things that I truely enjoy about blogging is


It sounds weird! But seriously, for me- this is the fun part! Especially when I think of the title (as I see it) the most important part and the one that gets all the attention. Why?

Because there are few blogs which I check on daily basis and those are the ones stored in my Favorites. All the others I have a choice to read or not to read- and this depends ONLY on the TITLE.

The strong ones are the titles which betray the reader! It makes me SMILE when I read a title that has nothing to do with the post itself.
Then I'd be thinking, if I was the one to write this post what title would I be choosing...

The funniest titles and the most interesting are the ones which say exactly the contrary of what the post says! This I found stimulating.

The most creative ones can make you click to read the post without a second thought, just because you'd be so curious to know what it is all about.So I believe, the victory lies in the fact that someone clicked on the post just because the title triggered the curiosity nerve, and whether the first paragraph only was read or the whole post it doesn't really matter!
Well it does in a way or another, but the point im trying to make is that people have different tastes, so it is ok if someone started to read and then stopped.

People, be creative with titles, let it be engaging, catchy and interesting. Someone might not be interested to read what you write just because you've chosen the wrong title.
And yes, titles like 'Untitled' is mysterious, it is untitled but still makes you want to read.
What I call as questions titles are also mysterious, since it makes someone reads the whole post to get to the answer.

A title makes the absolute first impression. If the title does not encourage someone to read further, what's written will never be seen.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I respect

I respect someone who looks straight in my eyes and says, 'I want to be with you now, and i'll do my best for us to be together tomorrow,

BUT I just can't promise because no one knows what will happen in a few hours, days, or years!'

I respect him for the courage, for the honesty and for the fact that this doesn't make me feel less loved... it just makes love more realistic, true and real.

I disrepect someone who looks straight in my eyes and says, 'we will get married in whatever years time, in the winter/summer/spring/autumn, in the year of 20**.'

This is what I call an open invitaion to live a lie.
And anything that is based on a lie has only one destiny... a miserable ending.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Getting over my FEAR

It's a common one I guess! The same old fear! I still can't .. and I repeat CAN'T, and don't think will ever be able to get this fear that keeps haunting me...

Oh God, still 4 more days to go and I just can't stop thinking of my coming Monday dentist appointment!


Well it's quite simple, every time I go to the dentist for a normal check-up, (and I expect by normal: easy- quick- simple), I keep hearing the question I hate the most 'what were you doing with your teeth since the last time you were here?!!'.

I'd start blushing -of course-, and then after a pause, I'd say 'Oh, but I believe this time it's better than the last time, don't you think so?'. -with a smile.
This would be answered by a look that says it all- the unspoken word 'NONO'.

So far, four normal teeth and two wisdom teeth were all pulled out. And I seriously feel I don't think i'll be able to lose more, so I better take care of the ones which are left!

I just have no clue why is it that everytime I go for this 'quick' check-up, not only I stay for a minimum of 3 hours but I would be forced to do another follow up or two other appointments in the same week.

I have a feeling that this Monday won't be any different! No wonder why I dread going to the dentist and keep postponing the whole thing till it just gets out of control.

Dentists can be a real nightmare. Can't I just be put to sleep for my dentistry?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

How long will it take?

- When I came back last night, I discovered that my checked-in bag was broken.

* Ok, then please come to our office to get compensated.

- aha, but how long will it take you to fix it>?!!!!!

ummmm... !

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My colleague's Affair

Not all affairs are healthy... my colleague's affair with the heater ended tragically after ruining her one and only uniform jacket!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It hit me TOO

Finally, the very famous tag! Ok, for a while I thought Wooohooo Im Safe! But not anymore I guess... I have been tagged by Nido

So the 5 things you might still not know about me:

1- When it comes to chupa chups... I am weak! Give me a milky chup chup and make my day... I have an affair with sweets,,, I'd have desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't mind it really! I am a 'strawberry shaped candy' addict.

2- I used to be a tomboy with a boy cut and very big wide shirts and pants for a while then I became the braces shy pigtailed girl for another long while.

3- I have an issue with skirts (short ones), good tip- if you have skinny legs, and don't have a perfect shape in all the other areas- short skirts ALWAYS make you feel slim no matter how much weight you gain!

4- I used to be in the National Music Conservatory Orchestra and Band! I was a percussionist player and even played in the Jerash Festival. I was a nerd with 99.9% up to 9th grade, when I started to go to a school that was full of super smart nerds, so I just stopped being one for a change... :)

5- I am TOO emotional and TOO sensitive! Watching a drama movie with me is so much fun, but Tissues should be bought first and then the caramel popcorn with salt. I always run away and hide when it comes to farewells.

I tag SUS, and any blogger who has not been tagged yet... though I doubt it, it seems everyone else already did it!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Regrets!

I don't really believe that a person can live and not regret a single decision, choice, act or even word he's said!

No matter how wise we are, strong or confident... a day comes when this would be felt- 'if time goes back, I would've done things differently or reacted differently in certain circumstances'. No matter how sure you were at that specific moment when you did this or that, there might come a time when you look back and say oh I wish I didn't...

People might waste years of their lives with the wrong person... the wrong career, the wrong choice... the wrong degree,,, and when they finally realize that it's the Wrong thing or one.... - they make themselves and others believe that lessons would be learnt from it all... nothing is wasted!
I agree.
This truely helps and makes it easy to comprehend and digest many of the things that happen in life and make us wonder... why did it happen in the first place!?

BUT deep inside.. there's always the 'IF'... no matter how hard we try ...

If I could go back in time, I would've acted differently... wouldn't say what I've said,,, wouldn't be as open as I was !

It might be true that letting things out helps in healing whatever there is to heal.. but I now firmly believe that regretting words that were said causes much more pain and sorrow!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

a VERY tough day!!!

I had the longest, most stressful, most annoying, extremely weird, most actionful, very surpring and shocking, most eventful day ever!

It all started at work, and it happens so often that when you start a day with an unpleasant event, you just say... if it starts like this then it will only get worse... all the signs are there for a bad day!

I had a problem with a visa card with one of the banks, I was promised to get one and asked to cancel the old one.. and after I cancelled my old one and insisted on that, ignoring all the attempts the lady at the bank made trying to convince me to keep it at least till march... I called my new bank and they simply told me that my request is rejected! What! Rejected???
But I already cancelled my old visa... damn, now I have to start all over again with all the stupid papers and requirements they ask to get a new one!

The guy who cleans our office decided to throw my jacket when I was in the bathroom -accidently- on the wet dirty floor... and since I have a BIG issue with cleanliness plus this wasn't the first time for him to do such a thing... I was extremely mad and was about to tell him that next time i'll make sure to wear my jacket to the bathroom when he's there! ... !

My colleague got some REALLY SERIOUS THREATS- and had to report them to the police! I really wonder how stupid can some people be to think that we own the company! We're employees for God's sake... we follow rules we don't invent them..!
This made me think how dangerous it is to deal with such mentalities... and now i know for a fact that everytime im parking my car, I have to wait for someone to come so as not to be in the elevator alone early in the mornings... or not to go down to the -2 alone after work when it's late and dark!

I had things in my car that I needed to drop off... so I drove all the way and ended up going back home with them still in the car making all the ugly noises while driving on the nice- well fixed streets... just because I forgot!

The most shocking, and truely dreadful phone call I got today was from a friend who told me that our close friend's dad (who's also my dad's friend) has passed away!!!
May God bless his soul and provide courage to -her and her family- to bear their irreperable loss with fortitude. I am speechless!

The end of my day wasn't any better, as I was in my favorite ice cream place, I've seen someone who.... someone who... well I am speechless again.. I'd rather not continue... !!!

I'd better go to sleep! Hoping for a better or at least normal tomorrow!

Can I at least have a peaceful sleep for a change?!!!! Well,,,ummm,,, just wondering...!

No one KNOWS

Being Nosy can sometimes be too much for me to handle!

Some people's curiousity bothers me to the degree where I'd get extremly annoyed simply because ...
my life is mine..

and if you show the slightest sign that you're interested to know the smallest detail then hard luck..
i'd be super duper secretive!
The crazy thing is that Im the kind of person who really respects other people's privacy... I believe that each one's life is for him/ her to live, not for others to witness or capture ...

if there's something to share then it's up to you.. if there are things to be kept hidden then it's totally up to you too.. and in both senarios I am happy.. in both cases I am content and wouldn't- not even for a second- think that the unshared things mean a weak friendship ... it doesn't make it less precious- for me!!

I believe in the proverb 'curiousity kills the cat', as a person should really control the way he reacts to certain circumstances. Especially when it has to do with other people's lives.

I call them 'ones who live on other people's life stories'...
it's really simple, If you have a life of your own you wouldn't have enough time to think about others'.

And I admire the ones who know their limits.. if they have an opinion they'd say it politely without trying to force it. If they have a thought, they'd share it BUT with respect!

We are adults... and everyone is free to do whatever he believes is right...
decisions to make, life to chose, dreams to pursue, paths to walk...

As no one knows where YOUR true happiness lies more than YOU do...
and No ones knows what makes you happy... more than you do!

Friday, January 12, 2007

What a SMALL world

Two months ago, I've got an e-mail from a familiar name... after reading it again i've realised it's from one of the girls who was with me in 'Salopia 94'- a camp in England (Shropshire) back in 1994.
She found my e-mail address from my blog, and my blog from Jordan Planet... I guess.

It made me smile as it always feels great to hear from old friends.. to make sure they're ok...

Im a strong believer in the value of old friendships..

But what was really surprising and thrilling at the same time,,, and made me SUPER happy.. as I was at work yesterday, busy trying to get rid of the piles of papers on my desk... here she comes- the same girl...

It turned out that she was coming to our office to change her date of travelling out of Amman (she lives in the states).. and for some reason- might be my blog or hearing my voice- she knew it was me and came to say HI...

It felt really nice, as the last time we've met was 13 years ago!!!

Oh my God, I was in 6th grade... and a totally different person... SHY , SHY and SHY! Hardly talks... and so isolated from everything and everyone! Hiding in the tent and keeping all the walls up to whomever decide or not decide to be friendly...

We've decided to meet again before she leaves.. hopefully we'll do, as there are LOTS and LOTS to share... it's always exciting to regrow old friendships!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Is it so Expensive!?... Why are you so Annoying?!

We had this passenger who's travelling to London with a stopover in Frankfurt and then continuing to Boston and then back to Amman. (after 6 months)

So she was getting two tickets, one to London and the other one to Boston using her *mileage* and a hotel in Frankfurt on the way back. When I told her that this ALL will cost her 425 JOD = 600 USD, she got extremely mad and was complaining that this is way too expensive!!!!

Nothing annoys me more than the kind of people who fly around the world and get a really high status in our Mileage program (which proves that they can afford all the travelling they do), and then they make a big fuss out of every penny they pay and cause us a nightmare each time they decide to fly... !!!