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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Byebye Dubai...

For me travelling is the joy of life... I enjoy every single phase! starting from the packing part, then going to the airport and the waiting part as a holder of a stand by (subject to load) ticket, flying is the best part of all (of course),,, and later on getting to your last destination and in this trip --> Dubai.

The shocking event was when leaving Amman's sunny airport and getting to Dubai's rainy cold one!!!

This is the very first time I feel i'm sick of travelling! And I really wonder is it because I have been to Dubai earlier so nothing is new..or because of the fact that when you get to do something so often at some point you lose all the excitement.

What made things worse is the fact that it was a business trip which means a two days workshop from 9am-7pm, with only 45min in between for lunch! And whether it's Emirates or Lufthansa, (Dubai or Germany), it is the same, a duty trip has only one meaning- open your brain and concentrate...

For me Dubai means = No matter what you have done and enjoyed there... there is always something new and a new place to go to..i think this is what makes it different! With all the nationalities, all the big huge malls and tall towers.. I see it as a loud wild crazy city.

But with every trip there are always those little memories that makes it special, it sticks to the mind so that whenever someone says anything about this country all the memories come back again!

What was funny in this trip is the flight back to Amman, I keep having this feeling from time to time that when i get to a flight i'll ask someone to switch his economy class ticket with my business classone.. and if you ask why? Simply for the fact that business class passengers are so annoying, so old and boring! The man who was sitting next to me, not only took his shoes off but also his smelly red socks!!!Flying business class with smelly socks? YES, it made me surprised too!
And to add more fun to my lovely flight he kept on snoring during the whole journey!

To distract myself from this I decided to watch one of the movies, and it happened to be a sad one, so I ended up crying all of a sudden!!!

But I know for a fact that those little silly details are the ones which make a trip-a trip,,, and a flight- a flight!

Skiing in Emirates mall- a piece of art

Me with Lufthansa (Egypt and Lebanon) colleagues

Ibin Batouta Mall- Dubai

pictures taken by and life goes on...®


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