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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Walk the Line

It happens so rarely that when you watch a movie it stays there, and even after it ends and all, you keep reviewing the whole story over and over again.

'Walk the Line' was one of those movies, and although i REFUSE to watch or read anything twice, for this one I would definitely make an excpetion.

The movie shows Johnny Cash music, it shows his loneliness, and, ablove all, his aching, and yearning for June Carter. It shows his anguish, his shame, and his hope of redemption in the way he walks, the way he holds his shoulders and turns his head, and especially in the way he looks at June. He helps her find her voice as she helps him find peace.

The name of the movie is taken from the song 'Walk the Line', and it was June who inspired him to come up with this lovely song. Saying he will walk the line for her...

One thing crossed my mind during the whole flight watching this movie.. 'is there such a thing that's called true love,the kind of love that Cash felt for June?'... I DOUBT IT... :S


  • At March 03, 2006 , Blogger R.J. Morgan said...

    walk the line was actually a song caash wrote for his first wife vivian promising never to cheat on her.... he then did so with june carter.


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