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Thursday, March 02, 2006

01 Mar 06

I started my day with this phone conversation:
X: I want a free hotel booking for my wife
- This is not possible since she's flying with a free M&M ticket, free hotel bookings are not offered with free tickets
X: But she's flying First Class
- Yes I can see that but we follow rules
X: Why do I always get a bad service from you
- Me as in me, or as in lufthansa in general (this was a really funny thing to say, I discovered this later from his crazy reaction)
X: You as from YOU, everyone else in the office helps me but you

This pax is very luckyI was in Dubai's 'communication skills' workshop just this week, otherwise I would have seriously lost my temper! They should know that it is easy for us to be rude too.

The funny thing was that no one in the office know this guy, not even me! This was the first time he talked to anyone from our office.. who said passengers don't lie? We always have those weird stories especially with excess baggage! some people just go to the airport and claim to be our relatives so as to get help with excess weight issues!

Got home and then to my German course where I had my final test, we learnt this new word (Mist)= Shit... this is a very useful word I guess... and to learn it in the last class this was special.

Work,,, work,,, work! But it is the only thing that makes the person goes on. And although it is better to separate between work and after work, yet we always end up taking our work home with us... thinking of the new bidding website for our A330 offers, or the new breaking all records 330JOD offer to the states, or even of that crazy call. I am glad I really enjoy what I do,,, otherwise I can't imagine how dull my life can be!!!


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