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Monday, March 06, 2006

Another tough day at work

Another tough day at work, as the count down started for us to get the Airbuss330! It is a big success for our small office which consists of 6 people only including the boss, a big plane with a real business class and a first class- this is a real advantage with huge revenue (hopefully).

And even with all the pressure and tension- the preparations and all the endless work that has to be done, (even my dad has his share in this as he wrote in Arabic an article about this new flight that will be published in the newspapers everyday starting from tomorrow)- some people don't feel any, it's like nothing is happening around them, as if they’re not even part of it- simply because they come to office just to listen to music, do silly phone calls, and spend the day in the kitchen as the day starts with a nescafe, then a delivery from KFC and then some dessert afterwards... and at the end of the month they get their salary like everyone else or even more than everyone else...
But the question is do they really feel they earn it? The hardest feeling is when you get a salary for a work you don't do...
And the toughest when you work in an environment where there's no challenge and no one to compete, it's like you're competing yourself and working as an individual more than a team.

Those people bother me a lot, but what bothers me more is when they cross the lines and start to get others do their work too-simply because others just don't complain and are always helpful... as for me I'd rather do more than I can handle and stress myself to the extremes than hearing anyone saying Im not doing my job or Im not earning my salary.

In such environments you MUST be rude... it's not an option! If you don't stop them or put some limits they would just use you and make it a habit.

Those are the times when you blame your parents for raising you to be this polite person, and to feel with others, help others... etc! There are many situations in which you need to put everything your parents taught you aside and get out the worst in you...

Work is more fun than school and university(it's the real world...not a pink Barbie world), but there are times when I start realizing how much work changed me, and changed my thinking... not only you get to feel with your parents and to appreciate money more, but it changes the way you see things too... it gives you this feeling of maturity, of being responsible and although I'm bad in financial issues concerning how I spend my money and on what, but I believe as long as I feel independent it is ok to spoil yourself from time to time.

Work is like being in 'survivor', you need to be strong to survive and to fight for your rights because if you don't, then it's your loss, no one else would do that for you... I've learned this the hard way but Im glad at least now I have the courage to stand up for my rights and to say NO to things I don't have time to do and say a big NO to people who deserves it...


  • At March 07, 2006 , Anonymous Ammar Ibrahim said...

    That's why in the future people like you will be something big, and others will stay where they are.

  • At March 08, 2006 , Anonymous Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

    Now I regret quitting my previous job, one of the major things pushed me to quit was being abused by such colleague,,, i should iv done something else. i admit that i failed to draw clearly the red lines around my career,,, but anymore..

    GOOD LUCK DIMA.. keep up


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