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Thursday, March 09, 2006

certain things

There are certain things you need to have in your room...when you wake up you look around and if it's not there you feel there's something wrong and missing.

Empty walls bother me alot, gives a feeling of loneliness... I have a thing for 'Canvas' paintings, they're very creative and modern... some people go for dark paintings, others prefer bright ones... on both cases paintings always have a magical touch.

With time you start to feel there's a bond created between you and each and every item in the room... so that wherever you go, you end up longing for your room.

Things that should be there...

A nice corner for your computer, we spend most of our time sitting there... this should be a very cozy place, some people would prefer a more quiet corner but I like it this way with all the stuff hanging down around the screen :)

A wall calender, I know this would make some people laugh since Im really bad with birthdays and all kind of occasions... but hopefully this thing will help. :P

A big wall watch, this was a dull one... I just had some papers cut from different magazines to make it colorful. And here we go... it even has my name!

A mickey mouse disney tie on a closet!!! It looked funny at first... but now I can't imagine not having it there...

Chinese paper lamps, are a big mess if working...
but they add a nice touch, so it's worth the mess i guess...

This was done by me and miso, we made two... one for my room and its twin for mais'! The bright colors make the room warm even in winters.

Photos' Board, this is very impotant.. it has the
most special shots and greeting cards.


  • At March 11, 2006 , Anonymous Miso said...

    I have always loved what you did to your room.. but now seeing it on the net in photos haik walla made me jeolous! I may need some help from you now im moving downstairs coz Majd, Muneer, and JAna are coming! YAAAY! :)


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