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Monday, March 13, 2006

funny yet shocking

It happens always with our passengers, they just miss the flight! They get confused since our flight leaves at 3 am in the morning! so if one is booked for monday 3 am... he'd call to make sure that he's to start heading to the airport sunday night! I've always found this so easy and simple... and was wondering why the big fuss... there's nothing to ask about it's crystal clear!

But not anymore... since this confusion happened to me today! For a week and I thought im' flying out tomorrow night, had everything unprepared and my bag still unpacked thinking i still have time... the big shock was when boss came to tell me that i'm to issue the ticket since my flight is tonight!!! 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat'? tonight as in tonight.. or tonight as in tomorrow night!!!' Still can't believe at this time tomorrow I'll be shopping in Frankfurt and eating Chinese...

I remember first time I had a course, I did all the packing a day earlier... but with time, - the packing would be done the same day,,, and now packing is done (if done) a couple of hours before leaving to airport!!!! Whether it's a day earlier or same day, my bag's size stays the same... I still have a problem with all the clothes i take with me... my bag is still my moving closet!!!


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