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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Home sweet Home

It's always great getting back home, to your room, bed, pillow and own pc! It's like everything is back to place again... your life stopped at a certain point and now it's back to the old routine, being your own self! It's funny the way it feels being away... you'd feel you're a small tiny person in a huge strange country, where there's nothing that connects you to your home except this tiny little device (mobile)... getting out of the plane first day- the fastlink connection needed nearly four hours to work... and this is when i started to panic, it's strange because even if anything goes wrong calling home would not really help, yet still it feels safe to have your mobile with you.

Talking about flying business class with dull people, well this time it was so much different! The 4hours flight went really fast, i didn't even have time to sleep! The passenger sitting next to me was far away from being boring... :) We had a delay in FRA airport and this was because of the funniest reasons you can ever hear of... (passengers we would like to inform you that there will be delay on the flight and departure will be at 9.15 pm instead of 8.30 pm this is because we have the aircraft ready and all but the crew including the captain is missing)... imagine hearing such an announcement... i couldn't but smile!

What really bothered me, buying two football worldcup lighters to two special people and finding out that they were taken by the security men without even telling me! Being away doesn't mean blocking everything that has to do with home, there were many times when i see things and i remember certain people... or when enjoying my time and thinking i wish i have X or Y with me... so there's always something that attaches you to home no matter where you are or what you do... home would be the place you'd keep missing...


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