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Monday, March 27, 2006


According to Wikipedia 'Jealousy' is an emotion experienced by one who perceives that another person is giving something that s/he wants or feels is due to them (often attention, love, respect, or affection) to an alternate. An adult may become jealous if they observe that their lover is flirting with someone else, perceiving a threat to their relationship.
The jealous lover desires that the affections of their lover be directed exclusively to themselves and would not be assuaged by an equal share of attention.

I believe jealousy has nothing to do with insecurity, it has nothing to do with low self esteem, and has nothing to do with trust... it is this unexplainable uncontrollable sudden feeling that drives you mad and crazy!It's not a single emotion, but a mixture of anger, fear, hurt, betrayal, anxiety, sadness, paranoia, depression, loneliness, feeling powerless, and feeling excluded.

What I found most convincing between all the articles Ive been reading about Jealousy is the one that says 'it's the fear of the unknown and of the change'... It's about trying to protect your world and your surrounding from any threats!Jealousy is what spices up the relationship, it's what makes someone says 'S/He is jealous because S/He cares'.
But like all the other things in life when excessive it would turn things upside down and create all the troubles, as jealousy can be combined with aggressiveness.

For some people jealousy = love, as it is hard or rare to see someone who's in love yet doesn't know what jealousy means.

To test your jealousy, there's an online test, it's fun, simple and quick... To know how jealous you are (if currently in a relationship) or how jealous you can be. I've tried it myself but my score is a TOP SECRET :) (people who knows me well don't need any scores) hahaha


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