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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Photos... a way to remember!

Most of the photos were taken first day I got there, was on my own, course did not start so there was no way to know who will be there with me... but it was so much fun, being alone gives you time for yourself, you'd get everything and everyone out of your mind... and yes, sometimes it's good to be selfish.. this is needed to appreciate yourself more!
Looking at those pictures now, it makes it all so real, as if everything happened yesturday!

Left- the bus that takes us from Airport-Seeheim, Seeheim- Ariport... with yellow flags surrounding the whole area... Lufthansa's World!

Righ- an upper view from of one of the towes

On the top of a hill, showing the whole surrounding area... it's the best place for relaxing and forgetting life's stress and tension... id give up the whole world for the sound of birds in the mornings and such a view!

Those pictures were taken on the way to Darmstadt for shopping, we had to go down the hill as the training center is somewhere in the middle of a big forest on the top of a hill... it was a real adventure especially that going up the hill is not only tougher than the roughest exercises but it was so dark with no lights at all and we had to walk through a cemetry too at 10 pm!

Seeheim is a an old simple town, old people only would enjoy living there as it's so quiet... most of its houses are old and age a hundred years or more... looking like the photo on the right...

The bed is really tiny, and is hardly comfortable for one... but it has white clean sheets with a good smell, and this is what counts the most for me! The room is very narrow and small that when you open the closet you’d block the whole area… but still Germans found a place for a painting! Thought this is quite funny!

While waiting for the bus... a silly attempt to take pictures with a reflection on a window!

closer photos... the weather was lovely, cold with a minus zero degree but sunny! a nice combination... snow from last week's strong storm was nearly gone... behind me is one of the 5 towers of the training center
pictures taken by and life goes on...®


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