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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a post with a big fuss

Sitting in Barnies drinking Strawberry cooler, we were discussing Ammar’s latest post- the one that made the big fuss. And for a person who always stands by his friends and always defends them it is sad to see such rude comments on a post that was misunderstood. Knowing Ammar for nearly 10 years now, I just feel speechless… not only because he was misunderstood- it’s because some people write just for the sake of being rude thinking they can write whatever they want and hide behind the Anonymous mask.

For the people who write such things they should have enough courage at least to show their real identity otherwise there’s no point in whatever they’re writing. To write such stuff and be a coward…this is a contradiction.

The real courage is when we accept such comments to be posted when we can simply reject and delete them!

It’s funny how a small joke can cause such results! A blog is a place where a person can put his thoughts, ideas, whatever he’s feeling- and should feel free to do so… it’s like an escape from real life’s stress,,, a place where you can call ‘Home’ and feel home, so for people to come and ruin this feeling this is not acceptable!


  • At March 08, 2006 , Anonymous Ammar Ibrahim said...

    This post really surprised me, It somehow explains what I feel many times when I get these comments. I second to the idea that the real courage is in allowing people to speak freely when we have the power to supress them. Thanks habeebty, it really gave me a boost :)

  • At March 08, 2006 , Blogger ABOUD said...

    Dear Diman,
    why are you insisting on the name thing???
    It is because you want to start judging people.
    Thats we do here, we jusdge people for the way they look, for the names they have.
    Judge people for what they feel in their hearts, what goes in to their souls, and comes out from the mouths and for the way they thinks.

    And as Shakespeare said "A rose in any other name would smell the same"

  • At March 08, 2006 , Anonymous Miso said...

    I liked the post alot Dood. Very supportive of Ammar. I agree she should have mentioned her name bas she wanted to rude, she knew she was being rude fa she skipped the name part. You should expect ppl to reply haik 3ala web logs, its the internet! Just ignore them,after all we face such ppl in real life kaman.

  • At March 09, 2006 , Anonymous Abu 7amarneh said...

    how supportive and aggressive post,,, as far as I know Ammar,, I dont think he gave a damn to that comment,,, bil3ask,, I think I heard him laughing as reading that pointless comment,, H3H3H3

    Arrivederci ;)


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