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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The problem with Guys

I got this email with the subject (the problem with guys) it's so very true, girls would be nodding their heads in approval while reading, though guys... Im not sure...

If U TREAT him nicely, he says U are IN LOVE with him;
If U Don't, he says U are PROUD.
If U DRESS Nicely, he says U are trying to LURE him;
if U Don't, he says U are from KAMPUNG.
If U ARGUE with him, he says U are STUBBORN;
If U keep QUIET, he says U have no BRAINS.
If U are SMARTER than him, he'll lose FACE;
If he's Smarter than U, he is GREAT.
If U don't Love him, he tries to POSSESS U;
If U Love him, he will try to LEAVE U
If U don't make love with him., he saysU don't Love him;
If U do!! He says U are CHEAP.
If U tell him your PROBLEM, he says U are TROUBLESOME;
If U don't, he says that U don't TRUST him.
If U SCOLD him, U are like a NANNY to him;
If he SCOLDS U, it is because he CARES for U.
If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do so.
If U SMOKE, U are BAD girl;
If he SMOKES, he is a GENTLEMAN!
If U do WELL in your exams, he says it's LUCK;
If he does WELL, it's BRAINS.
If U HURT him, U are CRUEL;
If he HURTS U, U are too SENSITIVE!! & sooo hard to please!!!!!


  • At August 29, 2007 , Anonymous natalie said...

    so very true, men are............ they suck.
    unfortunatly(im married to one):D
    i forgot ur name cuz its my first time here but i really cant stand the fact that men change after marriage!im away from my familly uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh forget it

  • At August 29, 2007 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    That was a post I wrote or maybe copied from a forwaded e-mail (im not so sure) long time ago!!! But i definitely don't feel this way now :D


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