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Thursday, March 16, 2006

a quick post from Seeheim

although it feels like ages, it's been only a couple of days! Im enjoying my time in a very strange way... usually when i travel i keep counting the days till i get back home, but this time it's different! it feels great being here... everyday there are new things to do! Starting the trip with a huge problem in Amman's airport i thought how cool it is, if this is how it started then i can guarantee how bad the whole thing would be... but it seems bad beginnings have happy endings!

People in my course are so friendly, although non of them are from the same country and non of them are arabs (we always have Egyptions in all courses, Egypt's office is quite huge)- but it's a nice combination! there's this Japanese guy who keeps nodding his head the whole time, even if you're not saying anything he'd just look at you and nod his head.. i kept laughing at first, but now i'm starting to get used to him and starting to do the same too.. nodding my head and join his club! What's really strange, is that everyone here keeps telling me that i look like Gabriella from "desprate housewives", and i don't really know who's this Gabriella, so if you know please tell me.. is she cute or what? haha

First day i got here, i went shopping alone (first time alone), and what's so funny i forgot the bus schedule paper in Seeheim... so i had to do my shopping early so as to get back to the airport and wait for the bus to come!

Second day was great, met the people in the course, we spent the night bowling!

Today it was a real adventure.. we went to Darmstadt and had to walk in the forest, the scary part was when coming back and walking up the hill without lights!

And finally I had a taaaaaaaaan! In Germany?? Oh yeah, I used the solaruim, and i like it so much to the degree that i feel by Friday i'll get totally burnt! I already have a red burnt face, so i look different even for people here.. i wonder how would everyone back home react to the new changes!

I took many pictures of course (my favorite part), so just keep checking my blog... if you are interested! :)


  • At March 27, 2006 , Anonymous Amrooo said...

    Hell ya Gabriella is cute... but i can't get the resemblance...maybe it's the caramel complexion...'re cute in ur own


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