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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So we had this really nice auction prepared, i've been working on it for nearly a month now... with everything planned and advertising in newspapers, we decided to send people msgs as part of the advertising plan.

The Message that was sent to 12000 people (who were chosen accoding to high standards) was as follow:

the message had the sender as Lufthansa: 'Germany, Europe, United States, Canada & Far East @33 JOD only. For more details visit Lufthansa AUCTION website OR call 065200180.

The fun part was people's reaction to this message.
1- We had this lady calling us saying 'I got a message from Lufthansa that says I should call you on this number'
2- A man was saying 'I got a message which i understood nothing from but this number'
3- A girl was complaining that she understood the whole thing but her one and only problem is the fact that she has no E-MAIL!!!
4- A man asking if the auction can be 'face to face'!!! :S :S :S
5- An Egyption worker who called twice in different days asking if he will win a SCHENGEN with the Auction ticket!
6- A girl who called and said I received a call from Lufthansa that says you have job vacancies!!!
7- A man who was mad because he wants to get all the auction prices up (and ruin our auction) but he doesn't want to end up buying the ticket!!!
And YES, all of those stories are REAL and none is from my wild imagination, cause i know i have a wild one! haha

All the rest who were calling and asking in general what our msg meant didn't even check the link, some of them wanted us to do the job for them (register them, bid for them ... etc which is crazy)!

I have nearly 112 people registered which is a good sign! Even with all those weird dissapointing phone calls still there is hope!
Two more days to go, Im sure we'll be having other funny stories, I'll keep you updated :)


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