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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday in Crumz

Going to Crumz today was a good choice... most of the times it's a quiet place we'd feel like going to, but today the three of us were extremely hyper so we thought saturday in crumz is what we need... the place was very crowded and we were lucky to have a table...

Asem has to be in every single picture!!! Don't ask me about the pink... thought it goes well with the background.. :)

My favorite page in Crumz menu... Caramel is the best, Choco is good too, strawberry is not bad, mango is ok...the rest I haven't tried yet.

They have delicious home made ice cream, caramel is my favorite but there was only chocolate and strawberry!

Thought an ice cream was enough, then looking at all the things Rana and Asem ordered thought a ceaser salad is a good idea... but I was so full and as usual Asem ended up eating the whole thing

Asem's attemps to show his dimple (thinking the diet he made and the kilos he lost made him have a dimple... though I believe it's the opposite, gaining weight is what makes dimples!!!)

It took Asem 15 minutes to decide what to order, he ended up having chocolate cake, grilled chicken, and cheese sandwich.. and half of my ceaser salad... (and of course he's still on diet)


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