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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today was one of the crazy days at work! We had this 2 days off for Easter (I wish we didn't), because in this field it's not acceptable- 'days off' means heaps of work piled for you to do later on. So it's usually during your 'vacation' when you start to panic about the 'after-vacation'.

My day started with this mad traffic in Shmeisany infront of 'arab bank', where I get to suffer every morning. The lights go green-orange-red and then again red-orange-green with nothing happening and no cars moving!

Having our phones system on at 8.05 am the first call we got was at 8.07, so you can imagine all the fun we have especially when we get such calls in the morning before even getting your first nescafe.

Three major problems occured today, first one was with this woman who lost 60000 points from her Miles and More program and 'without a notice'- the way she describes it. (She changed her PoBox 2 years ago and started to blame us NOW after the points got expired for not getting any news), no surprises we are always blamed for everything! She went crazy knowing that she can get 4 free tickets to Europe with those lost points.

Second case was with this woman who keeps coming sweating to our office because she comes walking from Jabal Amman- Shmeisany since she doesn't like to take taxis! I don't blame her for that, but anyway, she won this auction ticket to San Francisco and want to go to do an operation there, had everything scheduled.. and when she came to check with us bang bang!!! She Discovered that there are no seats avaiable.. YES and we're still in May! Shocking i know...
I wonder how more stress there will be starting from June (the beginning of the high season).

Third case was with this M&M member (they always think by being members they own the Lufthansa and the staff) he wanted to fly to Denver and again no available seats, but I admit he was a nice guy saying ok he'll postpone his return trip from the 21st May till the 03rd Juli.. weird? :S I thought it's weird too! :)

As this all was happening- in the background, all our lines were ringing the whole time, and people were waiting on the queue, some of them got sick and decided coming to our office is easier and the rest who were waiting started to send us e-mails. I have 35 unread e-mails in my address and guess what? I don't have time to read any...

I had this lady calling asking about her Hamster, she wants to take the Hamster with her and wanted to make sure he'll get attention, food, and all the special care... this is when i started the stress relief exercises I learnt in one of the courses!!! Take a deep breath, think of something nice and just ignore...

Crazy day at work means forgetting the cheques inside the photocopier by mistake! It also means the refunds are reported (IN - bank operations) instead of OUT by mistake too... It means lots of running in the office, and sometimes forgetting people on means your mobile ringing without having time to answer, or simply reject and then forget to call back! I know that it's a crazy day when I have 3-4 people sitting around me waiting for their turn and me talking to one of them and on the phone with Germany at the same with 5 other things i'm wroking on simultaneously... my office is so full of papers that sometimes i keep having papers falling down with every move i do, or with every move passengers do when sitting anywhere close to my desk. And then i'd be thinking i have to arrange this mess soon... someday soon, but it never comes! Work never ends.
So I thought it's silly, a person must separate between the two (his personal life & work life) but here i am sitting at home with papers and work that i need to complete so as to start a hopefully calmer day tomorrow.

Now it's the Lufthansa world we live in, one of our bosses said something really interesting the other day, he said each one of us repeat this word so many times in each and every day! Oh so true! And now I pay extra attention... pens, pins, stickers, uniform, beach towel, flip flop, calenders, key chains, wallpapers, toys, caps, nescafe mugs, radio, alarm, bags, hair band, socks, even my tooth brush...everything says Lufthansa... !!! And what happens later when a person leave? They ask him to get everything back, the yellow ID and even the USED uniform! Everything! Or keep the uniform but give them all the buttons with the Lufthansa Logo... you're not part of it anymore... :) Hard Luck!


  • At April 26, 2006 , Anonymous Abu 7amarneh said...

    mmm,,, good luck,,,

    h3h3h3 its really weird to postpose 6 weeks,,

  • At April 27, 2006 , Blogger Firas said...

    Sounds crazy!

    So lots of people are travelling these days?

    I felt bad for that lady going for a surgery.
    You must see ashkal alwan!

    The guy might be going somewhere else while he's waiting, or his trip is not that urgent. It happened a lot to me.

    The Best part is when you go to the check in counter and they'll tell you there are no seats although you have booked months ago (it's because the guy gave a GARABAH your seat!

  • At April 27, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Hamzeh... thanks and yes I thought so too :)

    Firas... lots of people are travelling these days, tickets' prices are going up, fuel charges are going up too and we're not even in the high season! This 'garabah' thing is funny... haha it doesn't really go this way, in the high season June-End of September, the flight is always over booked... people would be booked and confirmed all the way but if it's over booked with a low percentage of 'No Shows', this will lead to what's called (denied boarding)- a passenger would be confirmed but can't have a seat on the flight- though he will be compensated! :) and we had many fights in the airport when there's a 'denied boarding'- some passengers simply prefer to get off the flight, fly next day and get some money! haha


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