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Friday, April 07, 2006

The other side of the Story

Checking out all the novels in dubai's airport duty free on the way back, I've chosen (the other side of the story) for Marian Keyes. And that was for two reasons (I had no time to read the comments on the back cover) so I just picked it up depending on 1. The fact that it was a bestseller 2. The cover- thought it's different and funny. Covers really make a differece especially when it's a 647 pages... you'll have it with you everywhere! Hairdresser, work, Goethe, even in the bathroom... so it should be cool.

It turned out to be a wonderful, hilarious and nearly impossible to put down novel that makes you bubble up with happiness inside.
It talks about two main characters Gemma and Lily who were best friends until Lily stole Gemma's BF. (don't be surprised- not so weird, can happen in real life too)

It starts by saying that 'Life is a circle, and what goes around comes around'
Gemma writes her own story -painfully and hilariously-... it's when sad things happen in life and you start to turn those events and twist them by making fun of the whole issue, as if it was a stupid silly joke.

Gemma's last words to Lily were very strong 'remember the way you met him because this is how you will lose him', and it's the guilt feeling that killed Lily from the inside...she felt she's cursed!

And she says 'Even though I made my choice, I shall never forgive myself. This sounds wildly melodramatic, I konw, but I mean it simply as a statement of fact. There are many times- to this day- when I wish I had never met him. Its the most dreadful thing Ive ever done, and even now, though we're together I keep waiting for a catastrophe. Building one's happiness on someone else's misery is no foundation for long-term stability'

It's a great novel, that combines all the elements (thrill, romance, mystery and fun)... it feels sad reaching the end, so im saving the last twenty pages for later... it's so rare to find a book that can have you in tears and laughter at the same time.


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