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Monday, April 17, 2006

A piece of ART

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, thought it's a way to keep memories alive...I loved photographing and believed it's the most expressive kind of art...

But the way Sabri Hakim takes his shots is incredible, I admire his work and blieve in his great talent.
His pictures are taken with passion, I enjoy his work and think his last Jara picture was one of the best things I've ever seen.

The way the colors mix and the look on the clown's face with the red hair all combined with the clothes and the background, I see it as a piece of art... it's so maigcal!

This is a picture taken in a Ren Chai Kitchen, he reflects things in an artist's eye. Everything is photographed in a unique way... it's amazing.

For more of his awesome work visit All pictures are published with Sabri's Approval, Im so proud to have them on my blog, seeing these two photos makes me SMILE :) So full of life! Life would be a thousand times more beautiful if seen with those eyes!


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