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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baggage Claim

I lost two of mz baggages today, I was annoyed because I had to wait 3hours for the bus but with the lost baggages, I can say I had a quite hectic morning-

Departing from Amman went smoothly, I had to do several phone calls waking up people (which is becoming my favorite habit lately)... Thank you guys for your patience. :)
I spent the 4,30 hours sleeping peacefully... missed the breakfast and opened my eyes just before landing.
As the flight was landing the Captain said that FRA airport has some traffic with so many flights landing at the same time so we started to fly in circles. This took us 20 minutes and I was thinking, this is a plane for God s sake not a car!
Finally as I was about to step out, I was asked as a LH staff to take one of the old pax to SFO gate as he only speaks arabic. The man was above 60 and kept telling me he would die if he`´s not to smoke a ciggarette before taking SFO flight!!!

I managed with a guy who came out of nowhere (but must admit he was very useful as he turned out to speak German fluently) to take the old man to his gate.
Going to pick up my lovely bags, this is when the real shock hit me, they were lost (this is what i was told, and cannot be tracked)! So I made a baggage claim, and now I understand exactly how it feels. I was MAD, ANGRY, and so close to going crazy... The guy kept asking if there´s anything unusual in the bags, i said NO only clothes and shoes, lots of them...
No1 Lesson: Always keep the address in your shoulder bag!
I told him I was staying in LH training center, but with no clue about the exact address or even the telephone number.
This stranger stayed with me, it was really funny, he gave me his business card and asked me to call him and do something together on the weekend (haha, as if i would do such a thing.. al ya3ni)!
But anyway, i dont want to be mean, he was there at the right time... without him i´d definitely panic and start sweating suffering from sudden stomache pains... I know how things are with me when i start to lose control...

We said our goodbyes, and i rushed to the supermarket to buy urgent things since my bags are gone, then i went to the body shop as i believe shopping is the only thing that can lighten up my mood in the shortest possible time... I bought a body butter and an eyeshadow set. Then went to the camera place...but still i need Sabri´s Hakim advice to do the final decision... (many thanks Sabri)
I was so desprate but decided to go back again to the baggage claim area just in case they found out something... And there they were!!! My lovely baggages, the yellow one was the first to draw my attention... and i had this awefully huge smile on my face... I was even about to hug the baggage guy...

So you see, it was so quick... I´ve always told you LH people are profissional, reliable and so efficient!

I miss you guys already.. imagine! Keep checking my blog for more updates.
And one more thing, it´s crazy here, with all the world cup souvenirs... Oh God I need a separate budget for that!


  • At May 29, 2006 , Anonymous Abu 7amarneh said...

    7aram,, poor guy,, althought we know how girls think when we give them our business cards, and we know what they do to it later,,, but we still cant resist being so nice and helpful..

    just kidding,, 7amdellah 3ala salamtik

  • At May 29, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    7amzeh... lol but he's an engineer in DaimlerChrysler (so this makes me thinking... ) hahaha jk!

  • At June 01, 2006 , Blogger Firas said...


    I always take mom's advice: Keep valuable things like books, documents,whatever in your hand bag!

    Now here is tip for getting your luggage safely delivered and be the first person to taken them out! ARRIVE LATE, and I MEAN IT LATE!
    You'll get VIP treatment, since they'll be saying: You are Firas ?Firas is here (speaking on their walkie talkie)Thank god you showed up, okay skip all the routine, just hurry up! lol and your luggage will be placed the last, which means when they empty the plane, they'll get them first,even before business class :p!

    Enjoy your stay in Germany!

    Buisness Cards!That's smart! He's such an inspiration. I'll go and print some cards,does NASA sounds good or too geeky?

  • At June 01, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    Firas... imagine that i was the last one arriving to the check-in,i was there 5 minutes before it's closed! And i thought this is the reason why my bag didn't arrive :P Nasa... ummm! Sounds good enough for me :) oh yeah!


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