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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Memories to be Treasured Forever (BBQ2)

The fact that we all work in closed places, is one of the reasons that makes us spend our weekends with outdoor plans- enjoying the trees, and the fresh air.

Today's bbq was different ... Rana, Asem, and Natasha joined! As always it took us a long time to meet, but all in all it was amazing. We had a long drive searching for a nice spot with trees as the sun was burning, and we ended up in Madaba.

This time i must admit i was not late and was on time, as Asem & Rana picked me up instead of Ammar... :)

Everything was prepared a day earlier as it gets easier with all the experience we have, it's simple now to decide what we need.

On the way... sun is shining... life is beautiful!
Have you ever seen 'jaranek' as big as this! It was a clever idea asem.. especially that we started to eat the REAL MEAL at 5!

Mais setting up her full package of a table and chairs

The guys are trying to figure out how to handle the fire

Good job guys, not only a fire, but a BIG one too! with everyone running away haha

We had to get some water, and good thing we had a soap to wash our hands- it was a unique bbq in all aspects wich reminds me- medo- of the (Roman Period) ah!!!!

again we (girls) had to do all the 'shak'- the hardest part, i wonder if there will ever come a time when guys have their share of this too!

Was delicious, and defenitely worth the effort!

We had some company :)

Asem can't move... i wonder why? haha

Can't call it a bbq without pink marshmallows

This is what I call... memories that last forever

pictures taken by and life goes on...®


  • At May 06, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    damdoomty wish i was there ! i bet was fun but dont try to compete with my shat7a bag :) me and laila are enjoying in syria too...
    love you
    ilfarasheh :)

  • At May 06, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    shoush... it's time to come back waleh!!!

  • At May 06, 2006 , Anonymous Ammar Ibrahim said...

    First of all, I was the first at the meeting point! so Don't blame being late on me :P

    It was so much fun, the best BBQ I've ever had in my life. Your photos are amazing as well!

    Hope we could do it more often...

  • At May 06, 2006 , Blogger Dar said...

    Shahetooni :)

  • At May 07, 2006 , Anonymous al said...

    dude! it's been a really long time since i went on a bbq trip! can't have bbq here, well not yet; it only started warming up the last coupla days! plus, ppl here don't know how to make yummie bbq :( and they don't have the right equipment to make it the way we do.. hmmm, have to figure out a way to do it!!

  • At May 08, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    al... still in Italy? long time no c :)

  • At May 08, 2006 , Anonymous Abu 7amarneh said...


    ya hala wallah!! miss u guys,,

  • At May 09, 2006 , Anonymous Amjad said...

    Walkom 3asemmm natashaaa ranaaaa!!!!

    Are these you ???? haaaahaaaaa we7yat allah eshta2telkommmm.....

    Sorry for using your blog to salute my ppl :) i saw ur link through 3aboud's blog...

    wallak 3assssoooooom..wallak ya balfff eshtagtellak!!!

    natashaa.....ranaaa..walkom BLESSSSSS !!!!! :)

  • At May 09, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    amjad... iza 3ashan rana & 3asem khod ra7tak :P u're welcome anytime! :)

  • At May 21, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    walak amjad ya bagarah
    miss you man
    sho l a5bar
    rana betsallem 3laik kteer
    w ya 7aywan batalet balf
    sort kteer n7eef w zai l shalamouneh w zai l farasheh hehe
    ranaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa & 3asooooom missssss you


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