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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A mistake!

I had no idea today, when i asked rana& asem to drop by my place that this would be something I would regret! They both said that they had a heavy lunch (mansaf), so I thought that would be a total relief as there was only diet pepsi and my real rescuer in such times- the microwave popcorn! I really admire this invention, there’s nothing as easy, open the bag and pay attention to the ‘side up’ sign then set it on 3 minutes and 3 seconds... and that’s it! But with Asem this trick was of no real use, as the popcorn just made him hungrier!

And this was the beginning of today’s long journey with food.
As we were in the kitchen, Asem started to study the options...

As he was looking closely inside the cupboard it's then when he decided he needs some help! So rana of course was giving her opinion (reminding you again that this all took place in my place, my kitchen)! And to have a mom who pays extra attention to cleaning, organizing, etc issues, I was thinking how lucky we were with the fact that my parents were travelling.

A debate session started, as rana wanted to have something sweet, shireen wanted to have fruit salad, and asem had more than one opinion... he wanted to have everything! So he was voting for all...

Finally, after many arguments because Asem wanted Fool, eggs, hotdogs, french fries, all at the same time, we convinced him to go for hotdogs and rana would start preparing this kind of sweet that requires to be kept in the fridge for many hours after preparation, but in our case it was left for10 minutes only!

My sister joined us, and she just lost it all... her strict planned diet ... ending up joinging the club!

The ones who were enjoying the show the most, were our cute little water turtles, those are the most adorable creatures one can ever have...

They're so quiet and peaceful that sometimes you'd forget they even exist!


  • At May 21, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    walak amjad ya bagarah
    miss you man
    sho l a5bar
    rana betsallem 3laik kteer
    w ya 7aywan batalet balf
    sort kteer n7eef w zai l shalamouneh w zai l farasheh hehe
    ranaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa & 3asooooom missssss you

  • At May 21, 2006 , Blogger Dar said...

    Men wein hadool el turles ?!?!?!
    and what kind of sweets did u make ? CheeerZ!

  • At May 22, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    dar... the turtles have a funny story, was bought to my sister as a gift from her fiance! the sweet was made by rana, i enjoyed watching! im not into cooking, but it was good, i ate the rest today at lunch... it was made of biscuit and choco .. haik ishy lol

  • At May 22, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ya3ni aswa2 tal3ah b 7ayate ;)
    thanks dima jad i had much fun m3 ennni kont shab3an ;)

  • At May 22, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    asem this would be a real problem if you ate nearly everything we had when you were not really hungry.. i wonder how would the case be with you if you were hungry :P

  • At May 22, 2006 , Anonymous Rebecca said...

    They're so cute! I want a turtle!


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