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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Venice or Paris?!

I was thinking, with two great people in my course, an Indian and a South African... they keep putting this idea in my head... why not to go to Venice or Paris for the weekend? and then Ziyaad (SA) was telling me how many people would get the chance to spend their bdays in Venice or Paris?! not many.. ! so this makes me think... im so confused! I know I need to get back home for more winter clothes and money :S but on the other hand i've always wanted to go to Venice... Venice is for lovers- this is what they say, but i don't believe in this... Im confused!!! But at least now I know my next destination would be South Africa, for so long it's been my dream to go there... now i know i can go there, and someone would book the safari and the hotel and all those things for me, plus i'd get an upgrade for sure... this is definitely tempting :)


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