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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Weird Inquiry

Today I had this really weird phone call:
X: im speaking from the ****** Embassy, and i have here an ***** guy and a ****** lady, we just need to know if those people flew with you guys and they were sick or let's say there had been an accident would they be compensated?

- What kind of accident? a plane crash??? haha

X: yeah

- whaaaaaaaaat?!! (my question was supposed to be 'ironic', and to get such an answer that was a real surprise)

X: yeah, NO, no um let's say an accident.. the question here is there a life insurance kind of thing for people who fly with you?

This phone call was reported to the staff in airport, for security reasons!

What an inquiry!!! Then I learnt later on that such fraud cases happen so often, some people would act as if they got food poison and so on... what a mentality! And the fact that there are ones who are specialized in this makes me just wonder, how crazy our world can be!


  • At May 11, 2006 , Blogger Firas said...

    Yeah that was really weird!Freaks...but nice question you've

    Actually thanks for opening my eye on such business!
    Free tickets here I come!

    Hella seriously, do you guys insure for cases like me getting stuck beside this Lebanese tete and her husband who not only annoyed the #### out of me for the next 14 hours, but actually were after me in the airport?

    What makes it worth afterall is the lovely chit chat with flight attendants, they are really nice folks, and when you are a nice passenger (i.e. polite, not annoying,not a pervert and "good looking" :o) they'll treat you well, that's my secret ;)

  • At May 11, 2006 , Blogger and life goes on... said...

    bacbac... you don't have to read, you don't like what i write, simply don't read it! this is my place, my world, im free to write whatever i want and it's not of YOUR business.
    If you have things to say start your own blog!!! Someone should teach you what does RESPECT mean.
    It's a 'SIMPLY ME' blog, that talks about things happening in my world, you don't like this, DON'T READ. You have a choice...

    Firas... hey :) i liked your last post, it's quite funny! RJ flights from the states are so 3aj'a! and them being after you in the airport kaman.. that was too much! haha
    oh yeah flight attendants, you guys always talk about this :S next time you should try LH though :P
    I liked the "good looking" part!!! :) :P


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