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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Tomorrow morning I will be flying to Dubai for a 3 days workshop. Three days are not enough, as there are so many things to do there! But the flight back to Amman is full, and im on the waiting list with two tickets on two different airlines ... so with some luck, I might get stuck there and stay one more night... or maybe two more extra nights, who knows!!!! And then i'll be there for the weekend!
This time there will be skiing in the Emirates mall for sure, and next time the safari.

Flying to Dubai, is awesome...
with all the things you can do, time flies so fast in a weird way! And the unique view you get to see from the flight when landing, you won't be able to see it when landing anywhere else...

It's amazing, the lands are divided in such an organized incredible way... all the long towers, and huge buildings with swimming pools! I'll try to get some pictures when landing... hopefully!

Preparations for the workshop took quite a lot of time, as there's a presentation that I had to complete before getting there... Im looking forward for it, we had a target of 50 new members and we achieved 188 so far! There's a lot to talk about... There's nothing I enjoy more than talking about victories, achievements and success!

This presentation was all what's in my mind for a week now, and I know it will stay this way till it's over... Im not scared of presentations anymore because with our working environment it becomes a normal thing, but what really matters for me is to give a strong impressive and interesting one... wish me luck!!!


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