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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Unexpected Return

It was so dissapointing, the fact that I left Germany at a time when everyone else is flying there. I had this unexpected change in schedule, and had to cut my 3 weeks stay to two! At the airport, there was this really big change... Im not only talking about all the world cup souvenirs which were in nearly every single shop (as this started two months ago), im talking about people travelling wearing teams' shirts... and about airport security and employees standing along with hundreds of passengers infront of the TV screens that were distributed everywhere! Everything had to do with the world cup even the normal tissues... the cabin attendants also had the football pin on their uniforms.. and this I found creative, a box that was given to LH passengers with two choco (football shaped).

The flight was ok, i really like flying at night.. im not sure if this is because im used to it by now or it's because I find it more conveniet as you'd end up sleeping...
Unfortunately a quite funny story happened today, as i was about to sleep, I started to hear this loud noise... I thought there's something wrong with the engines as the noise starts and stops then starts all over again! Only to find out after so many attempts trying to analyze the source of this noise, that it was the snoring of one of the passengers... I think he was the only one sleeping tonight, all the others were waiting for him to wake up so that they'd be able to sleep!

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  • At June 10, 2006 , Anonymous hareega said...

    baseeta thank god you're not in america where games start at 6 am abd nobody knows about the world cup


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