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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a day!

This is exactly how I feel after only four hours sleep, getting out of the flight to attend the eight hours course immediately!
Now I feel dizzy! But it was a great day, I got here to find a surprise! And this made me really shy, to have this done by ones who I met only a week ago!

They had a "happy birthday Dima' written for me on a big board inside the course room! I was astonished... And as I was sitting on my computer again I was surprised to see this on my computer!

The real shock was when the teacher came, she didnt only have a cake, but with candies and a rose too!!!

This year, I blew the candles twice, and I had to do two wishes... It took me a long time to think of any, as Ive got everything I want... and theres nothing more Id ask for... Im healthy and happy! What more would I want!!! Nothing... nothing more...


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